Oerth's Blood Part 4

After we collected the second and last crystal from pumping station
zero (where the shadow aboleth was holding court and the “Duke of
Death” was running an illicit Eorth’s Blood mining station), we spent
the night in Aldebaran’s Magnificent Mansion. Beyodar AGAIN spent the
night glowing while “someone else” stood watch in his body.

In the morning, Tarl put on the Mantle of Caelestian and used his
badge to contact Doc. Doc tells us that hordes of daemons attacked
Caer LaForce. The Silver Swan Plane Shifted to an unknown plane and
had to shut down to regenerate.

Also, the elven kingdom is in civil war after Prince Brightflame and
Princess Kymbala declared their intention to take the throne.

We head to Rook Roost where the human mage managing the teleportation
at the Eorth’s Blood mine fled.We track down his teleportation point
to a manor on the outskirts of Rook Roost. It is owned by Baron
Degaton, He and his family are involved in trade and smithing.

The guy currently in charge of Rook Roost is Duke Muertos.

Anatoli communes with the body and spirit of Bucknard, and determines
that the last piece is on the moon Luna. We use Malta’s Pattern to
get there. On the first try, we end up on the wrong moon. There are
indications that the drow have a base there. We don’t investigate much
though and head for the other moon.

Once on Luna, we find a keep with the symbol of Mescaline, the vampire
member of the Bone Heart. Anatoli sneaks into the keep. There is a
caravan leaving carrying something small and heavy. Inside the keep,
clerks are keeping records on aedamantite.

Anatoli goes to the top floor. He finds a vivisection lab with a
living drow who has been skinnned and organs removed. The lab manager
comes in and talks to the drow, making it clear that she is keeping
him alive so she can harvest more parts. The lab manager is wearing
Vayne’s boots.

Jet does a Commune with Nature and gets a chatty connection with Luna.
Luna is riddled with passages, underground “infestations” of drow, a
city of undead, one undead in the keep Anatoli investigated, a
visiting Promethean dragon (Promethean dragons live in space between
the spheres), no permanent elemental gates, but 4 gates to other
planes including one gate in the keep. There are four clusters of
aedamantite, including the caravan, upstairs in the keep, downstairs
in the keep, and in the forge.

Beyodar scries the keep basement in the past. He sees three coffins,
and three weapons mounted on the wall – sword/shield, two-handed
hammer, staff, and other gear. The room is set up as a living area.

Jet summons an earth elemental, the same one who came last time. He
now has the symbol of Lugh engraved in his forehead. He says he is
permanently attached to Jet. His name is Stonedar. Jet tells him
about the Eorth’s Blood being mined. He goes away and informs his
lord. Stonedar returns and says the situation is problematic and has
been left to Jet’s discretion.

Stonedar takes us through the eart to the basement. It is protected by
an anti-magic field. Maximus uses his club of cold obsidian to break
in. We steal the sword, which Anatoli identifies as the Blade Which
Cuts Too Deep. Beyodar Waypoints us back to Boccob’s temple.

Anatoli reassembles the three crystals into a star. Bucknard appears.
He wishes his sister back to “normal”. Brecca comes back. Bucknard
says “there is something still wrong with me.” Anatoli asks Bucknard
to fix his bag. Bucknard pours all of Anatoli’s stuff on the floor
and leaves.

Brecca says there is a darkness in Beyodar. She moves the darkness
into Beyodar’s eye. Beyodar is in terrible pain and pulls out his own
eye. The eye contains an amethyst, possible part of the Eye of
Boccob. Brecca tells the gem to find its own place. She blows on it
and it goes away.

Aldebaran summons Tensor, Bucknard’s best friend. Tensor warns us
that we need to go after Bucknard immediately. Aldebaran tries to
identify the items Bucknard left behind. The star is a material
component for divination, increasing divination by 100%. The sword is
a sword of sharpness. When it contained Bucknard’s crystal, it
drained levels and bestowed them on the wielder.

Anatoli takes us and Brecca back to Bucknard’s Fortress of Solitude.
We are surrounded by crystal golems which Beyodar Shatters. “Mother”
confronts us and Maximus kills her.

In the summoning circle upstairs, Bucknard meditates in midair.
Maximus steps into the circle and starts meditating as well. Tarl
looks at Bucknard with True Sight. Bucknard is covered with the worms
of Kyus. Tarl Dispels Evil. A revenant form separates from Bucknard.
We kill the revenant. Maximus asks for divine intervention. Brecca
runs into the circle and hugs Maximus. The evil power is destroyed.

Anatoli asks for his bag back. Bucknard now pours his own stuff out.
He gives the bag to Anatoli. Brecca says it is named Fido. It is made
from the skin of a demon dog and is inhabited by a demon spirit.
Stuffing gems in it gives it indigestion. Stuffing big gems gives it
constipation. The spell effects you got were the equivalent of gas. I
got the impression that the bag could give much more impressive
results if you made friends.

Bucknard sends us back to the Temple of Boccob. He and Brecca are
headed out to see “Mother”.

Jet summons Stonedar and explains that Eorth’s Blood is the blood of
the elemental kings mixed with the elemental magic of the First
Prison. Stonedar has summoned 4 elementals (earth, air, water, fire).
They destroy the dam and fill in the Eorth’s Blood mine.

We head to Caer LaForce to see if we can figure out where the Silver
Swan went. The area is littered with hundreds of bodies of hordlings
- demon creatures. Staff is still trapped in the basement, besieged
by demons which rebuild themselves out of the parts of previously
dismembered demons. Regis Pellucidar contacts Jet and tells her is
remotely manning the defenses. We destroy the demons and rescue

The Silver Swan is too damaged to leave the plane it escaped to – the
Plane of Concordant Opposition – and life support is failing. Maximus
remembers the derro crystal savant, and we go there. We force the
savant to come with us and heal the Silver Swan.

The Silver Swant teleports us back to Caer LaForce. Beyodar uses the
crystal ball to see into the past to find out what happened. A fruit
seller came to the castle and sold some fruit. After he left, he cast
a spell and the fruit turned into monsters. Then he cast another spell
and created a collar. He put the collar on one creature. Wherever
the creature with the collar went, the hacked up monsters reassembled
and attacked again. The collar is still there and bears the symbol of
Hexus, the son of Euz and the god of pollution.

Oerth's Blood Part 4

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