The Link

Many years ago Aramath Laforce created a set of magic items which allowed Ground Zero to communicate mentally with each other. The original link items were destroyed (link adventure here)

While Anatoli Bridgewrecker recently had the use of a Book of Infinite Spells allowing 4x Alter Reality per day, he decided to recreate The Link without the use of items. He linked the members of Ground Zero directly.

Now, no tapping of the amulet is required (although it is force of habit for some). The new Link is silent and supposedly cannot be spied on. No confirmation on range. Ground Zero is pretty sure it will work on the same plane. Cross-Quadrants communication is TBD. Cross-plan communication is also TBD.

Current members on the Link:
Aldeberon Orion
Jet Laforce
Maximus Elrod
Tarl Ironrock
Anatoli Bridgewrecker

Note specifically that Eljay Oakthorn (a previous Link member) has not yet been included in the new Link.

The Link

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