Strike Force Silver

An elite force of Guardmen designed to be a tactical strike force under the command of Aramath Laforce

Currently members include:

Lt. Sarban Arday AKA Staff. 12th level Fighter – LN

Donovan Mulraven AKA Snare 10th level Fighter (previously a 6th level thief) Special weapon: Lasso -N(G)

Nubo Klatt AKa Sling 11th level Fighter. – LN

Arthur Stonewall AKA Club 12th level Fighter – N

All Guardsmen are issues a fetish called a “shield”. The shields are small brooches approximately 3 inches in diameter and made of some sort of metal that is coated in silver. They each have a 5 pointed star engraved in their center. Each guardsman’s codename symbol is inscribed therein. The 5 points of the star are accented with crystal fragments from Brianthorn’s Retreat.
Each star is linked to a summoning chamber in a special summoning room in Silver Mansion. A conduit through the Astral Plane does the actual movement.

The Silver Star has the following powers:

Summon Armor
Phase in a suit of armor ranging from padded to full plate. This armor must be placed in a special receptacle in a special room in Silver Mansion. Only the wearer of the star can do this. Other items can be summoned as well as long as they are properly treated and placed in the summoning source chamber. Other possible items are special helms for breathing underwater.

Summon Silver Weapon
Each wearer has a special silver weapon that is his codename. The star allows the wearer to summon his weapon from the special room in silver mansion if it is present. Also, it can send it back. It takes one segment to either send or receive an item.

The star allows the wearer to communicate with all other star wearers. This is thought activated but requires spoken words to transmit.

Using a modified version of PlaneShift coupled with a Malta’s pattern transport, the star wearers are able to “move” to the special room in Silver Mansion. From this room, you can also move to any location of any star wearer. Thus the wearers are two jumps away from each other at all times. It takes 1 round for each jump.

Spell Use
Each star can cause the following spell effect’s:
Strength 1/day 12th level use (badge wielder only)
Cure Light Wounds 2/day (non-badge wearer only)
Slow Poison 1/week (non-badge wearer only)

Autonomous Action
When the wearer of the star goes below 0 hit points, he gets the benefit of a Death’s Door automagically. If the person goes below -10, then he gets to make a system shock roll. If successful, then the person’s soul is stored in the star as per an Amulet of Life Protection for up 3 days.

Defense System
When not worn, each star can have the effect of a Wyvern Watch spell to protect it from use by others if the codename wearer so chooses.

Strike Force Silver

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