Archaeologist and historian working at the New Critwall University


Vijay (or Veejay) depending on who is writing it, is a late 40s human male of Baklunish origin. He is an accomplished archaeologist and historian specializing in Ancient Oerth related issues. He was recently given a visiting professorship working with the library staff at the New Critwall University by Eljay. He last hailed from the area near Rel Astra but has fled due to the growing influence of King Ivid IV on the area.

He dresses quite casually when teaching but still has adventuring gear that he wears when investigating some new site that might contain information that he considers vital to his research. He first met Ground Zero when they sought his aid researching some information on the Nordic Pantheon. He was enamored with them and secretly followed them and in doing so, got caught up in one of their adventurers. He proved useful for information and equipment but this other skills remain to be seen. He is believed to be a bard but has not formally revealed his class.

He is left handed and wears no obvious armor but carries a large broadsword, short sword and dagger. He usually wears a bandoleer in which holds more esoteric equipment such as bandages, coins, etc.


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