Ground Zero

The Order of the Stick

This follows directly after “Anatoli vs Jumper”. I am calling it “The Order of the Stick.”

Anatoli calls us over the link. We find him with burned clothes. His skin is not burned but is bruised everywhere. Two thirds of his bones are cracked, he has a severe concussion, and his overall condition is so bad, Tarl thinks that a Heal would fail because it would think he were dead. Tarl starts with Goodberries, and targeted Cure Light Wound spells, and works his way up to stronger spells and then a full Heal.

The field around him looks as if it were burned in a Meteor Swarm. There are a number of different types of terrain, as if a Chaos field had affected the area. Jet’s Detect Balance confirms that a Chaos field is still in effect. Her Dispel Magic can reduce the field in a limited area. There are also four Soul gems, which Aldeberon (later confirmed by Tarl) determines contain the souls of the four illusionists of the Order of Illusionists (Medeeka, Brandelon, Oto, Al-Uhir).

Anatoli tells us of the battle in “Anatoli vs Jumper”. We see that his Suelese Rod of Command has 4 new lines of runes down it. Samshee looks at the languages of the runes and determines that they correspond to the homelands of the four illusionists. Aldeberon looks at the area around the locations of the Soul Gems, and thinks the devastation was caused by the illusionists breaking their staves in retributive strikes.

Samshee goes to the nearby farmhouse, and finds a non-responsive mother and father, and two terrified children. Tarl uses True Sight and sees that a boy (maybe 14?) is stuck on the near Ethereal Plane. We use Plane Shift to get there. The boy, some cows and a plow are there, but turned to stone. Jet decides to push the stone boy, cows, and plow back to the Prime Material Plane (our plane, Oerth). She has just pushed the boy, when the rest of the party sees an approaching group of Kelmane. Jet decides to push a cow back to the Prime, while Aldeberon brings the rest of the group back to the Prime using Teleport, No Error. Maximus teases Jet about how good that steak is going to be — because it is well-marbled…

Aldeberon casts Stone to Flesh on the kid. The kid turns back from a statue, but dies from system shock. Tarl uses Raise Dead to bring the kid back to life. We head over to the farm house. The sight of her son rouses the mother from her catatonia, but the father remains silent with his eyes closed. Samshee pries open the guy’s eyes and
they are solid purple. Al gives the father an Elixir of Health. The father starts throwing up purple goo. The quantity of goo is greater than a person’s stomach, so Maximus cuts the farmer’s throat. The blood starts to meld with the vomit, and the vomit begins to move. Samshee pushes some furniture to block and contain the vomit’s motion. A psychic scream paralyzes all the party except Maximus and Jet. Jet uses Purify from the Aboleth harness and the blood stops melding with the vomit, but the vomit continues to issue from the guy’s mouth. Maximus uses his gloved hand to hold the guy’s mouth closed to stop the flow of vomit. Jet tries a Dispel Magic. The vomit stops moving. The paralysis lifts.

While holding his Rod, Anatoli casts the binding spell again — the one that the Order of Illusionists cast during the recent battle with Jumper. Four gem sized slots appear in his rod, lined up with the runes from the four illusionists homelands. Anatoli puts the Soul Gems in their corresponding slots, and uses the rod to vacuum up the vomit. The rod also sucks up more vomit from the farmer, leaving him a shriveled husk.

We think that Jumper is now bound into the Rod. It no longer radiates magic, but Anatoli can still cast spells from it.

Al wants to restore the farmer, but Tarl is exhausted from the Raise Dead on the kid. Al and Maxximus get into a verbal fight about it, with Maximus saying that if Al cares so much he should use Limited Wish. Al agrees and uses Limited Wish to bring the farmer back.

Anatoli thinks that this is no longer a good place for the farm family and gives them some money to relocate elsewhere.


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