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Ground Zero

Anger Management

After the week of celebration of Beodar’s life, everyone splits up for some downtime. Aldeberon makes a Limited Wish scroll. Tarl train for his 16th level as cleric. (Go, High Priest Tarl!) Approximately 6 weeks of time passes in total.

Jet goes to Dr. Derro to get Shui repaired (she was damaged in Atlantis, breaking free of the docks), but he wants to have her for one day a week in perpetuity. Jet doesn’t like that idea. She believes Shui is psionically connected to her (Jet), and Dr. Derro is a psionic and a crystal savant. There is no way Jet is going to give an evil jerk (who by the way wants “his” crystal back and has a reason to specifically dislike Jet) regular access to her mind. Nope. So she heads to the psionicist guild (Guild of the Mind) and spends 5 weeks there trying to repaid Shui. Some of the damage is apparently fixed but not all of it.

Maximus keeps an eye on Jet while she is at the Guild of the Mind. After that he heads to to the World Serpent Inn to frolic with Struva in her suite. After 18 hours or so, Maximus takes a nap, and wakes up to the sound of someone pounding on the door. The bed is bloody and one of his swords – the left side one – is missing. He grabs the other sword, and puts on his pants and boots (editorial note – I love an experienced adventurer) and goes to answer the door. On the way, he sees Struva dead on the floor, impaled on his missing sword. He checks and she appears to have been dead for a little while.

He goes to the door and opens it. There are two Valkyrie there and he implores them to help Struva. They are shocked. The senior one says “How could we not know our sister is dead?” and sends the junior one for Brunehilde, the leader of the Valkyrie. Maximus’ Detect Magic suggests that Struva was outlined with Fairie Fire. He also thinks there is something odd about the moose head on the wall. He notices with his Detect Magic that his cheetah fetish has some new, necromantic enchantment one it. He takes it off to examine it further and the remaining Valkyrie yells “Blasphemer. You are in league with Hel” and attacks him. He knocks her unconscious, and puts on the necklace from Struva, and starts calling for Odin.

There is a noise in the hall? and he sees Fred, one of the gnomes running the bar, and pulls him into the room. Fred is horrified/terrified. No one is supposed to be able to be killed inside the World Serpent Inn. Maximus demands that the gnome get a list of all the people in the bar. Fred runs away.

A squad of Valkyrie show up. The lieutenant, Hilga, says the cheetah fetish is a symbol of Hel. She send the rest of the squad outside and asks him to allow himself to be taken into custody. He refuses. She offers to share his fate – whatever that might be – if he will go quietly with them. He refuses again and they fight. He takes her down to 2 hit points in a single round, and she gets one hit on him. His small wound burns, and she says that only happens when she wounds a minion of Hel. Maximus then uses a Teleport Stone (from Aldeberon) to take him and Struva’s body to his bungalow in Greyhawk. He calls Aldeberon, and Aldeberon calls the rest of us. Al itemizes Struva’s body.

Jet Shape Changes into a Nordic looking woman (like the rest of the Valkyrie) and Anatoli makes the rest of the group also look like Valkyrie. The sky is beginning to look stormy so we hurry up and leave. We go back to The World Serpent Inn to do more investigating. Jet goes to the front bar and sees Fred. She demands the key to Struva’s room and Fred passes it over. She also demands the list of names. He says he is workiing on it. We all head for Struva’s room.

The door is locked but the key works. We see that Hilga is now dead – with six wounds instead of the five that Maximus gave her. Jet tries Sensitivity to Psychic Impression, and sees (from Struva’s perspective) Maximus kill Struva, then Maximus wake up and see Struva’s body, and Maximus fight Hilga, and the unconscious woman wake up to see the dead body of Hilga and run away, and some psychic event when the cheetah fetish activates.

Fred brings us a list of people who had rooms and a list of people who various waiters remembered seeing. The room next to Struva’s was rented to Barry Bintawanty, even though it looked like Fandrel – a guy that Maximus knows.

We head to Celene to ask our old friend Thyvar to use the Eye of Thera to see what happened in the past. Normally, you can’t scry in the World Serpent Inn, but then normally you can’t kill people either. Tarl uses the Eye to find the correct room (and we see that the room is now filled with Valkyrie), and then Thyvar uses the Eye to go back into the past and see Maximus kill Struva, fight Hilga and leave, and come back – fully dressed and clean – and kill Hilga.

Al Identifies the cheetah fetish item. It was created by at least a 9th level cleric of Hel. We look over the names of people who entered the World Serpent Inn under the protection of Hel / Hela. There are three names – Marquesas, Claveron, and Janaea. The skies are getting stormy again, so we head to the University of New Critwall to find a sage who can tell us something about the Nordic pantheon and Hel. There is a librarian, Veejay (sound of theme music from Indianna Jones), who specializes in old Oeridian Artifacts. He suggests that Hela might be collecting Valkyries, since she is bitter about only getting the dregs that don’t go to Valhalla. Tarl also picks up some cold iron, since that is effective against some members of that pantheon. Storm clouds are gathering here too, so we leave for the World Serpent’s Inn.

In the front room, we run into Marquesas, who apparently just got badly beaten by some Valkyrie – another thing that is not supposed to happen here. They are also looking for information about Struva’s death. We hear the Valkyries calling, so we head to the main bar. The room is empty! which we have never seen before. The squad of Valkyrie come in, lead by Strega. Strega says Maximus must go into custody. Maximus refuses. Tarl asks if he could assume a bond for Maximus, assuring that he would return. He offers a World Serpent’s Inn coin of his own god – Moradin – as surety and gives his word as a High Priest of Moradin that Maximus will show up. Strega accepts the coin and Tarl’s word.

Maximus speaks up. He says he did not kill Struva. He has always taken responsibility for his kills so if he says he didn’t kill Struva, then he didn’t kill Struva. He picks a fight with Strega, saying he will prove he did not kill Struva. He attacks with the maces of Cold Obsidian, intending to hurt but not kill Strega. He gets in one round of combat. Tarl uses a symbol of Persuasion to prevent the combat but it does not affect Maximus or Strega. Aldeberon uses a Wall of Force to separate Maximus and Ground Zero from Strega and the rest of the Valkyries (That 21 Intelligence really came through there!) and succeeds. However, Maximus is enraged and uses the maces of Cold Obsidian to take down the Wall of Force and attack Strega again. This time, Strega dies, even though Maximus did not intend to kill her. The rest of the squad back off, chanting.

Maximus is devastated. He has killed a Valkyrie – one of Struva’s sisters. How can this be?

Aldeberon uses an Elixir of Life, which just barely restores Strega to life, but not consciousness. Maximus picks up Strega’s body and takes it to the Big O – Odin’s nudie bar. The Big O is empty. Baldur comes in. He says that Odin is away, looking for his missing grandson. He suggests that Maximus’ anger fueld the maces of Cold Obsidian and that the maces are eating Maximus’ soul. Perhaps Loki is behind this, trying to change Loki’s fate? We put Strega in one of the chairs, and then bring out Struva and put her in another chair. Baldur frowns and says that body is not Struva. Tarl’s True Sight on the body reveal a normal person.

We head back to Struva’s room. Tarl now says, this room is now in Niffelheim, Hel’s realm. We go in and exame the moose head. Tarl taps it with cold iron. It turns into a dark elf – of the race of Svartelfar – named Malkeith. Malkeith says Struva was kidnapped and a human substitute killed. Anatoli notices that Veejay is listening outside in the hallway. Apparently, he followed us from the University Library. Tarl’s True Sight (which was not enought to penetrate Malkeith’s moosehead disguise) also can’t see anything about Veejay.

We decide to follow the trail of the kidnappers from the door of the kitchen which leads on the grounds of Niffelheim. Veejay decides to go too. We ride on Aldeberon’s Disks, except for Maximus who is on the ground tracking the four sets of prints (three smaller and one much larger and heavier). His tracking skills avoid a huge pit trap (antlion?) and later another trap (mechanical spike trap) and eventually the tracks split up. 2 of them (one very large and one smaller) lead us to a set of small camps (3 camps of firbolg, 2 camps of verbeeg, one camp of Fomorians) and a central encampment of Norse giants. Anatoli scouts (invisible, wraith form) and sees two women who look like Struva and Hilga walking around free, but in armor with Hel’s insignia.

We decide to backtrack and find where the other tracks lead. There is a good sized walled keep, manned by many Svartalfar guards. We go in (Invisibility 10 ft radius, Aldeberon’s Discs, Aldeberon’s Force Sculpture (protecting us from above and from the side, but resting on one disc, so that we can jump off the disc and go to the ground if we need to get off/out/away) over the walls and find a quiet corner. Jet Summons Stonedar, to take us to the basement of the castle, guessing that is where they would keep the prisoners.

Stonedar takes us to the basement, but is sent away when he reaches it, due to protections on the keep against elemental incursions. We examine the dungeon to find xorn, black dragon, shadow dragon, various other creatures, a blond guy hung in mid air, a brunette woman chained to kneel on the floor, with her hands bound inside a metal block, and Struva.

All the cells are protected by three glyphs (Paralysis, Death, and something else). Tarl uses ? to see them and Nolzur’s pigments to obscure them on Struva’s cell. Anatoli uses Nolzur’s Pigments to get through the locks, because they are solid and not pickable. Maximus comes into Struva’s cell, revives her with a potion of healing and says, “My name is Maximus and I am here to rescue you.”

Jet thinks that is funny, so she persuades Tarl (after a lot of arguing – she finally has to remind him that Odin was looking for someone) to use a Detect Alignment on the other humans in the cell blocks. The guy is chaotic good and the woman is chaotic evil. We free the chaotic good guy, and Jet gets to say. “My name is Jet and I am here to rescue you.” Nobody else thought it was funny, though. His name is Magni and he is Odin’s grandson. Jet persuades him to help us find the missing Valkyrie Hilga. Score one for Jet!

Veejay gives Struva a sword and she rides a disc with him. Maximus and Magni sneak up and kill the guards to the Dungeon. Anatoli disguises us as Svartafar guards escorting prisoners. Struva thinks she can feel Hilda in a particular direction, so we head up there and kill some torturers mutilating Hilda.

Magni thinks he has done his job helping us and it is now time to go berserk and find/destroy Malkeith – whose castle this apparently is. He starts beating his way down through the floor. We can’t teleport or plane shift away from this room, so we decide to fight out way out of the castle. Passwall and Stone Shape do not create openings in the outer wall. Jet tries Animate Rock to make a hole in the wall. It does not pierce the thickness of the wall, but does give Jet a 12 ft tall stone golem to lead our charge out the front door. Tarl uses ? to animate a statue of Malkeith to also draw fire, and our two stone critters lead the way.

We fight out way out (druid spells are great for taking down castles) and hide underneath a Hemisphere of Force until the castle stops falling on our heads. Magni comes and clears the rubble off of us. Magni is too big to take with us, so Jet decides to stay with him until his berserker rage goes away and his normal intelligence returns. Tarl takes the rest of Ground Zero and Veejay and Struva and Hilga back to Bloodhaven. A squad of Valkyries riding pegasi show up and take their sisters back.

When Magni is back to normal, Jet asks him how he got kidnapped. He says he took a drink that a pretty lady handed him. She asks him if he can get home from here. He says yes. She knows he would be embarassed if he actually did get rescured by a girl, so she says goodbye and moves to the Elemental Plane of Earth, and then back to Caer LaForce.

Maximus goes to the Shrine of Ehlanna and meditates for a while.

48 Hours
Beodar's Quest Fulfilled

48 Hours (The increasingly misnamed length of time in which Beodar is checked out of jail by Aldeberon to track down the miscreants plaguing Ground Zero)

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, Al had requested that the Queen would grant Beodar’s parole to investigate the problems besetting us. Al pledged to the Queen of Celene that he would make sure Beodar returned to jail in time for his trial for the crime of high treason, i.e. laying hands on the Queen.

We starting by asking the priest named Corellon (who is also the high priest of Corellon, and who had been charged with defending Beodar in the upcoming trial) to help us discover why Beodar’s Waypoint spell did not bring them to Celene, but instead sent him and the queen to Atlantis. We also point out to the priest that Beodar is a priest of Lira Nevasere, which indicates that Celene itself is in danger.

Priest Corellon asks us to participate in an elven ritual spell, Life Story. It starts with the life of Maximilien B. Thornblade from birth
to his death on Acheron. Then it switches to the life of Derron, priest of Hextor, on Acheron. Then it switches to the reincarnation
of the two spirits as Beodar, being summoned into being by Lira Nevasere, elven goddess of protection and stability, to protect the
elven people. The ritual continues through Beodar’s life.

Next we ask priest Corellon to perform a divination, to determine more about the problem with the Waypoint. We learn that Beodar interfered with Beodar’s Waypoint, that Beodar has a counterpart (as do all of Ground Zero – excluding Samshee who is a very recent addition to our party). When we try to find out the location of our counterparts, the priest starts to bleed from the eyes and ears. The Commune confirms that Beodar is the Champion of Lira Nevasere. Beodar staying in Celene is not a threat to the elves, but it is unknown if Beodar leaving Celene is a threat.

Maxximus spars with Beodar and Beodar mirrors Maxximus’ style and apparent fighter level (based on a True Seeing by Anatoli). The same mirroring happens when Samshee spars with Beodar.

The priest Corellon tells us that some memory of Beodar’s, shared during the Life Story, is being blocked. We invite a half-elven
psychic surgeon (Mina) to find the blocked memory in Al’s mind. Mina plunges her psychic spear into Al’s brain and pulls out something. She shoves it into Beodar, and he now remembers what happened when he was re-routed to Atlantis. The counterpart Beodar met him there and fought him. Only by doing the unexpected (Poison Touch) did our Beodar survive and cause his counterpart to flee.

Mina tells us (I have no idea why) that when the berserker lost his battleharness and Anatoli used Alter Reality to pull in a copy from
another reality, that Maxximus’ hunger sent out a ping that connected to another berserker.

We decide to go to Atlantis to investigate our counterparts. We take Shui through the waterways of the aboleth tunnels. (Samshee is invisible.) When we arrive at the location we decide first to go to the floating city that we did not investigate before. Shui connects
with the city network and identifies herself as a garbage ship.

While she is docked and being loaded, Jet asks Shui for a dongle so she can continue to communicate with Shui while we are outside the ship. Jet gets a spinal implant. We disembark to “go get our orders”. We are directed by Shui to command central where a whole bunch of people are dressed in white uniforms, sitting at computer terminals in an ampitheater. The guy in the middle has arcane magic user symbols on his robes, and is referred to as the Weatherman

We log in (Shui is connected to the network and guides Jet through entering the commands). The system does not recognize some of our classes, but identifies Al as a Weatherman.

The head guy berates us for being “slow” and “still in native garb” and tells us to report. Jet apologizes for being slow, and asks if we
can go clean up first. He says yes.

Since we are all logged in, Jet asks Shui to download the logs and reports on the network. Maxximus creates a distraction to give Shui time to get the data. He casts “Uncontrollable Laughter” on a guy in a different tier. When that guy touches another guy, the spell appears contagious. Many people are laughing in terror, when the Weatherman calls for them to be isolated and sanitized. Partitions come down, and then go back up, with cleaning bots fills with liquid leaving. We think the bots liquified the people.

We leave to get cleaned up. Shui processes the download and says that Atlantis was hidden to protect itself from the effects of magic. A magic user named Lord Arian cast some spell that killed all the mages. The bones of all the other magic-using people (such as clerics) began to liquefy. They put most of the population into cryogenic stasis. The few left awake periodically send out spies to find ut what is happening in other parts of the world. We (in our Greyhawk garb) were taken for some of those spies.

Spells being cast in Atlantis cause “white events” that damage Atlantis. White events occurred when Beodar and the queen arrived and when the queen Succored away.

We head for Shui. There are workers clustered around her. The invisible Samshee pickpockets one of their
guns/tricorders/wands/whatever. Jet has Shui fake an announcement that they need to leave the area, but they discover that one of their guns/tricorders/wands/whatever is missing and sound an alarm. We bum rush them and board Shui, but she is prevented from undocking. She rips herself loose and we run for the beach where we showed up last time. Shui can’t disconnect from the network, and they are tracking her, so she turns back into a hairpin.

We ride Aldeberon’s Disks (land speeders in this place) to the hotel. We check the guest book – Opel, Sirius, Maximus, Totenkanz, Krunk and Giovanni have signed in. These are the names of the twisted version of ourselves that we thought were created by Hexus when he tried to prevent us from leaving after we killed his father.

Soon, black helicopters show up. Anatoli throws out a programmed illusion of a red dragon, that becomes a real and huge red dragon. The helicopters take it out with one missile. Anatoli Purple People Patternizers us back to the tunnels. Jet summons a water elemental to keep the party from drowning. Beodar Waypoints us back to Oakthorn Manor.

The counterparts follow us to Oakthorn Manor. Counterpart Maximus (monk) tells Maxximus (our ranger) that Totenkanz died. Sirius (Al’s counterpart) reincarnated him as Beodar. Beodar tells the priest of Correllon that he has been brought back as a priest of Lyra Nevasere because of the threat to the elven nation. The priest of Corellon laughs at him, so he kills the priest, seizes the elven throne, destroys the armies of Iuz besetting the elven nation, conquers the lands of Iuz, intimidates the other nearby nations such as Furyondy by slaughtering their ambassadors, and creates a dead zone (via his druid Opal) around Celene to prevent other attacks. (NOTE: their group was called the Boneheart.)

For no apparent reason, their Beodar thought our Beodar was a threat so he brought his party here to kill him. They tried to kidnap our Beodar in Atlantis but he got away.

Maxximus (ours) tries to convince Maximus (theirs) that we are not a threat to them. He says that “what the druid protects is the greater threat.” On that enigmatic note, he leaves.

We ask Beodar (ours) why the Queen went to the Hold of the Sea Princes. He thinks she was looking for the man she was betrothed to just before she was selected to become queen. One night, he just disappeared. Not even the Eye of Thera can reveal what happened to him.

Beodar goes back to jail. The rest of us head to the World Serpent Inn to talk to the red-headed human barbarian barmaid who goes by the name of Lilly, but who we think is an avatar of Lyra Nevasere. Mitchifer is still away from the bar, looking for his mother Fate, who left the bar some time before.

Samshee asks Lilly if she is ever called Lyra Nevasere. Lilly snorts and says she doesn’t have time for this. Samshee decides to go
pester, seduce, and/or interrogate Boccob, the blindfolded guy sitting in a corner reading a book with blank pages. He is called “See-more” in the bar. He tells her that everything interesting is written down in books. He seems entertained to share his fries and gravy with her. She asks him about her lineage, and he says her lineage is interesting because of her parets, and grandparents and greatgrandparents, but the most important thing is who she thinks she is. He invites her to come back for more French fries and gravy later.

The rest of us talk to Lilly for a while. We ask her if there are ways to help Beodar. She tells us we could challenge the queen, ask
her why she did not defend herself when Beodar touched her. If we win, we could end up in charge of the elven kingdom. The challenge can only come from one of the 12 noble houses, so Aldeberon would have to do it. Lilly says that the elves are a danger to themselves, they have lost passion and love, and they are in danger of extinction.

We go back to Beodar and tell him what Lilly said. He sends Jet and Al away with a transparent request for chili cheese fries and wheat beer from the Tombs. We recognize that we are being sent away to keep us from interfering in the trial. We get it, and give it to the guards, since Beodar has already gone to his trial. We take pictures of them throwing up to take back to the Tombs.

We head toward the courtroom. Beodar left a message with Samshee that we should not interfere “don’t stop the bleeding. it isn’t as bad as it looks.” Beodar has dismissed the priest Corellon, and is defending himself. He looks regal in his Cavalier garb. He pleads innocent to the charges (kidnapping, assault, treason), on the basis that he never intended harm. He calls on the woman who laid down her crown to testify. The prosecuting attorney (Thyvar) tells her she must testify. She takes off her crown. He asks her if she wants his death. She says she does. He asks her if she wants anything else. She looks confused. He says no further questions and hands her back her crown.

He calls for an expedited sentence. He is found guilty within minutes. The queen sentences him to execution and a permanent death. His last request is for the queen to kill him herself, immediately.

They bring in the Moonlight Blade. She asks for his wrist. He lays aside his armor and opens his shirt for her to strike his heart. Then
he takes her hand and gently guides the point into his chest. As he dies, he wraps his arms around her and kisses her cheek.

Everyone is crying. Even though he is a criminal and a traitor, all the heads of the 12 noble houses bring the symbols of their house and lay them at Beodar’s feet. His guard wrap Beodar in his flags and carry him away. Thyvar asks if she is still the queen without a
consort. She says, “In honor of our fallen comrade, I am still Queen.”

Only Beodar’s elven guard and Ground Zero attend the body. Jet sits with the body and fasts (water only) for 7 days. His body stays warm and looks regal.

House Oakthorn declares a week of remembering Max and Beodar. For 7 days, the elves celebrate his life. It seems that the elves have declared Beodar to be a king posthumously – an elven custom with great generals who died in battle. Kymbala comes to pay her respects.

On the 7th night, the queen comes in. “How could he love me and do that?” A tall red-headed woman comes in and says, “Oh, my daughters, it is so hard for you. He answered a call he did not have to. He did what he was born to do. He redeemed everything and saved the elven race. He rests well and he is not lonely, there is still one part of his story left to tell. Fear not, everything happens in threes.”

Jet perhaps hallucinating, she has been fasting for 7 days thinks the red head reaches out to the body and Beodar rises and goes with her – but when she looks, the body is still on the bier. However, the body is now cold.

The funeral procession goes by all 12 noble houses. Outside each, a single guard holds a flag at half mast. Only Awen and Ground Zero attend the interment of the body. The graveyard is the only elven graveyard, and it is the courtyard of Lyra Nevasere’s temple. Beodar is the 19th of her cavaliers to be buried there. His monument has the symbol of the House LaMagier, which Awen says shows that LaMagier recognizes Beodar as a king.

After the Ceremony, Gideon shows up. He claims his son always surprised him and there are surprises left.

Experience Point Awards

The Search for Briarthorne (3200 each)
People were fish. turned to stone, offered a job to Ford at Questor

I regret nothing (6600)
Samshee meets the group while being chased through the World Serpent Inn
Coreon lifts curse and Geas’s Aldebaran
Jumper shows up and challenges Anatoli to a wish war.
Bounties on us
Aldebaran’s Lack of Forethought +1,000

3 Lese Majeste (Al’s Quest) (4000)
Bring Back Queen of Selene

3.5 Spying in the Pomarj (5,000)
Samshee and Maximus alone

4 Festival of Lights (9170 each)
Sculpting contest
Desaad kills Eljay
Demon Prince is slain
Anatoli +2,000 bonus for creating mecha
Maximum +2,000 for becoming a mecha

5 Love Conquers All (24,000)
Rescue of XanYi, the Wind Goddess
Samshee +2,000 for setting off the volcano to stop the Titan

The Winds of Love

When last we left our intrepid adventurers…

In the previous episode, Eljay had been killed following the epic battle between a gigantic demon on one side and an animated building (controlled by Eljay) and a giant-size Maxximus (size change courtesy of Anatoli’s Alter Reality). The apparent instigator of the chaos and perpetrator of the murder was called Desade. 15 or so years ago, Desaad was the name of a high level assassin and medium level priest of Iuz who worked for/with the Iuz’s priests.

Tarl uses Augury to check if it would be good to bring Eljay back with a scroll of Restoration we got from Malachi (priest of Tharziduun). The idea checked out, so he did. Then Tarl used True Seeing to see if anything wrong got revealed. He only saw that Eljay’s alignment was trending from chaotic neutral to chaotic good.

We head over to the building that was storing the enchanted stone. There is no rubble in an immediate square around the building, even though everything else in the city is littered with rubble. We speculate that someone had a Cube of Force.

Inside the building is a thaumaturgic circle with a scorch mark breaking the circle. Maxximus and Samshee follow some boot prints from this building back to Eljay’s lab. Maxximus and Samshee notice from the dust marks on the shelves that 4 items have been removed. Eljay tells us that they were the statues of the four wind gods of Karatur. He was investigating them for Juarnez Starcote, who thought they had something to do with demons being contained. When he assembled them into a particular configuration, a cyclone starts up. He also had identified some affinities:
1. Statue of a lady with fans – West Wind – slow
2. Statue of a man with double scimitars – East Wind – fast
3. Statue of an archer – North Wind – cold
4. Statue of a man with a staff – South Wind – heat

Anatoli Dreams about the four figurines. He wakens in a room with paper walls, wearing a kimono. He wanders into a room set up for a tea ceremony. Uncle Grezayne wanders in and performs the tea ceremony. There are four statues on the table to honor the wind gods of the house. There is a fifth statue in the center of a lady with a scepter. Grezaine says that there were once 5 winds. He says that the winds prevented a demon prince from coming to this world, by binding it along with other spirits. “Even though this is not your story, you must finish it anyway.” Anatoli asks whose story it is. “The being behind the door. The greatest stories are always about love.” Grezaine also says “You don’t want to drink from the cup, but you must.” Anatoli wakes up with clean feet, wearing sock-shoes (tabi?).

Samshee knows a fan dancer in Greyhawk, named Mama Zuzu. Mama Zuzu is a little old Renae woman who lives on a barge guarded by a bunch of big eunichs. Samshee asks about a wind goddess who got trapped. Mama says no new wind gods can be born while she is trapped. An oni fell in love with the wind goddess and was going to invade the mortal plane to capture her. He was bringing his friends – the ice and fire demons.Although the wind goddess told the other gods about the invasion, they did not believe her. She and her children stood alone against the invaders. She lead the oni back inside the gate. Her children sacrifice some of their power to close the gate. The wind goddess’ name was Xinye. Her sister was Xanye, perhaps the same goddess we know as the psycho fan dancer, the patron of Zuoken (the monk god), and the goddess of psionicists.

Jet visit’s Taki’s assistants, who were from Karatur. She asks them about Xinye. They say she was in love with an oni and created a gate so they could be together. Other demons came through the gate, so they sealed the gate to protect the mortal world.

Next we head to the temple where Zuoken was recovering from his imprisonment in the God Trap, under the care of Keoghtom. Jet uses her token of Zuoken, to get an audience with Yifeng. Anatoli does the team ceremony, putting the 5 statues on the table. Yifeng is favorably impressed. Anatoli says he seeks the end of the story and he is willing to drink from the chalice. We all drink the tea that Yifeng prepares. We ask Yifeng where the gate is. He says he does not know, but the central temple of the winds is next to the building housing the Celestial Bureaucracy. He thinks the Bureaucracy would know. He spends three hours writing up the properly-worded request for information.

Aldeberan casts “Teleport No Error” to get us to Karatur to present the request. After 14 hours of standing in line, we get an envelope. The presenter tells us not to open it indoors, or in fact, in the city. We go outside the city to a hill. We open the envelope and are surrounded by a swarm of buzzing, winged creatures, wielding javelins. They ask if we are worshippers. Anatoli says no, but we are seeking the lady of the West Wind. They attack. Anatoli asks me to bring in Stonedar, and uses
Stonedar to create a Mirage Arcane illusion of a cavern in the Elemental Plane of Earth. They are intimidated, and make a deal. One
of them takes us to the Lady and the rest can go.

Our guide is named Aerion. He points us east, and we fly Air Shui. Eventually we end up on the plan of Air. There is a cloud palace,
guarded by cloud dragons. Jet introduces herself with her cloud dragon lineage. The Lady of the West Wind agrees to meet with us. She is 20 feet tall, dressed in ribbons. Anatoli tells her he must drink from the chalice, even though he doesn’t want to. She tells us that she can bring us the Cup of Immortality. One sip will allow a mortal to touch an oni, which is otherwise not possible. Too many sips and a mortal will fade from the mortal plane. She gives us sips of the Cup of Immortality, and tells Aerion to guide us to the gate. She also tells us that each of the statues need to be destroyed by an appropriate weapon. Fan – fire, staff – crushing, scimitars – cut, bow – missile weapon.

We follow Aerion to the gate. It is in the caldera of a volcanic mountain. The bottom of the caldera is covered by an icy mound, even
though the air is too warm to sustain ice. Beneath the ice, is a stone door with metal bands. Maxximus scouts the four peaks of the mountain. Each has an empty niche about 7 inches tall – large enough to hold one of the statues.

Jet’s Commune with Nature reveals a live volcano, lots of dragons (white and cloud), and one more human than can be accounted for by our party. Stonedar says the person is in the stone, and expells him. It appears to be an unconscious Desaad. Samshee pats him down, removes his stuff, and ties him up.

The gate starts to open. The figures were in the niches already – just invisible. We retrieve the statues but it does not stop the gate
opening. Stonedar tries to hold the opening minimized. Anatoli casts Tempus Fugit so that we can be in the effect, but the gate not in the effect. He also casts Dispel Exhaustion. Jet assembles the four figures, hoping the figures would hold the demons in. Tarl casts Protection from Evil. An epic battle occurs.

Round 1 – 6 mycodemons
Round 2 – 4 yagnodemons and 3 hydrodemons
Round 3 – 5 piscodemons
Round 4 – 8 demodans
Round 5 – 19 dretch
Round 6 – no demons, so Maxximus throws the bound, unconscious Desade into the gate using Telekinesis
Round 7 – no demons, but Desade starts to crawl out of the gate. Maxximus shoots him in the head with his Deadshot Arrow
Round 8 – creeping fog
Round 9 – stone golems, apparently an illusion
Round 10 – 3 ultrademons
Round 11 – no demons

We hear “Help, help”. Aldebaran send in a Wizard Eye. He sees a woman chained to the wall. We ask Aerion if he would recognize his grandmmother. He rushes into the gate to talk to her. After a few sentences, he starts trying desperately to break her free.

Maxximus rushes in and breaks her chains with the Cold Obsidian maces. As they leave the gate area, a booming voice yells, “Where is she?” A titan starts coming out. Tarl uses Dispel Magic to close the gate. Samshee throws one of Eljay’s Delayed Blast Fireball Crystals (she just happened to liberate from his study) and uncaps the volcano. The goddess aids our escape from the eruption with a hefty tailwind.

The goddess’ children and grandchildren come to us. We give them the four statues. They leave us at an estate that takes care of us for a week, because we are completely exhausted from the effects of the Tempus Fugit.

Samshee is peeved because she didn’t get paid. She asks Aerion about it, and he gives her a reed whistle. If she plays it in Karatur, he will answer it.

Now, all this while, Beodar is in prison for treason – kidnapping the queen and laying hands on her. He is being prosecuted by Thyvar and defended by the priest Corellon. Beodar won’t leave the jail without the Queen’s permission. He is starving himself to death in protest. Aldeberon asks the Queen to give us Beodar to help us on our quest. The Queen grants his request, but makes Aldeberon personally responsible for Beodar’s return in two weeks.

Beodar uses the Eye of Thera to see into the past. He sees Desaad at the volcano, having placed the figurines in the niches. A guy in a cloak on a flying carpet gives DeSade a bag. When Desade turns to leave, the guy uses a wand. A bolt strikes Desade and Desade falls down and INTO the ground.

When Beodar tries to scry for the guy in the cloak, he gets nothing. Jet wonders if the guy in the cloak looks like WArnes Starcoat, whom she has never met but is supposeedly currently a member of the Circle of Eigtht.

The Lost City

During the Founders’ Week Celebration, in the fight at the warehouse with our twisted doubles, Maxximus lost several key pieces of his equipment. Anatoli used Alter Reality to restore the ranger’s Girdle of Giant Strength. Anatoli used Dream to restore the Suelese Battle Harness. Finally, we travelled to the Oriental octant to retrieve the Cheetah Speed fetish.

Anatoli used 4 Alter Realities to create a safe haven for us to use as a retreat. Each of us donated a personal item and blood to create an attachment between ourselves and the “bubble” off the Prime Material. We each got badges (except for Jet who wanted a tattoo instead – remember that she shape changes) which allow us to enter. We can also use our tattoos to lock the bubble if we please.

Next we decide to investigate the basement of Critwall City Center. The first room contains the 40 ft pool, surrounded by glowing runes. The runes are the catechism of the various alignments in their corresponding alignment language. Touching the runes for an alignment allows the person to see all the people with that alignment. Concentration allows the scryer to pick a specific person of that alignment. Beodar finds that a person can touch the runes for a different alignment. Jet checked on Mordenkainen, who appears not to be able to regrow his skin. Jet thinks the pool is like a pool on the Astral Plane which allows transport to what is being scried.

In the next room, the words “From nothing we came, to nothing we shall return” are engraved in thousands of languages. When Tarl was here before, he case Stone Tell and asked who wrote these sayings. The stones replied, “The first one, a two headed being made of light” People who touched runes in the scrying pool room can see the alignment aura of other people.

We decide to touch our personal alignment runes and recite the catechisms of our alignment. Now we see a door and a sign . Each person sees the sign in their own language, elvish, dwarvish, common. “All who travel may not have a destination, but will arrive somewhere anyway.”

We go through the newly revealed door and find a city filled with many races of the types which travel the Astral. Some greet the gnome as the Messiah. Noseless, but otherwise human looking guards (possibly golems?) identify Aldeberon as the Defiler. They start to attack so we bravely run away.

We wander through a marketplace. The city is apparently huge, perhaps the size of a country. We take a tour. The name of the city sounds different to each of us, “Clandestine”, “City of Gold”, “Lost City”, “The City which protected itself by moving itself”. We take a walking tour with a professional tour guide to learn more.

The tour guide tells use that the noseless people are guardians bound to the city. They regenerate. They enforce the rules, one of which is no murder.

The guide also tells us about the Messiah and the Defiler. The Messiah. is supposed to be the one who returns the city to the Prime Material Plane. The city was originally lost during the original war between good and evil. Good had an advantage so all the evils joined together to summon the ultimate evil. The ultimate evil (sound like Tharziduun to anyone?) was so bad that good and evil both joined together to imprison it. The city is the lock on that prison. People can come to the city at any time, but they can never leave. There is apparently a writ of leaving that people can apply for, but it was not clear to us what that would do.

The guide also tells us that people who come to the city will eventually get sick and die, unless we go to an administrative building and have soul gems for ourselves. He also says that eventually our magic will stop working. Most people trade their soul gems to other people in order to get various things. The holder of your soul gem can compel you to do various things. If you resist, you suffer.

We notice during the tour that the city appears to be laid out in a fashion similar to New Critwall.

We try Waypointing back to the point where we entered the city. There are runes covered with tar. There are thieves cant warnings not to uncover the runes. The whole long hallway leading up to the door is a killzone. We decide not to try to open the door.

We decide instead to go to the City Center. If it is similar to New Critwall, then there should be an Astral Pool in the city center basement. Anatoli forges papers to get us into the City Center. Then he makes us invisible and we sneak down and into the basement. There we do find a pool room. Maxximus casts Reflecting Pool and scries for Caer Laforce. We all hold hands and step back onto the Prime Material Plane.

Tarl uses Augury to make sure that the lock (Clandestine) is still working to imprison He Who Must Not Be Named.

Tarl is excited about making a Girdle of Giant Strength. He gives us a list of components to obtains (giant, reptile, bullette) and some optional component parts (giant spider webbing and carga). We decide to go to Nogreheim to pick them up. We pay the hunting license fee in Geoff, and Shui to do air reconnaissance and find a giant encampment. The ranger observes for a while, and then decides to follow a hunting party. We wait until the hunting party is engaged in killing a wild boar, and then kill the leader. We take the boar head for the tusks and components from the giant.

Some bugbears come by and scavenge. Then a walking dreadnaught (paleosynchus?) comes up and we kill it and grab some plates. A walking plant (wolf in sheep’s clothing) inches its way up, but Jet keeps it away with an Anti-Plant Shell. Just as we are getting ready to leave, a guy comes up pursued by a posse of lizardmen. We use entanglement to stop the lizardmen. The lizardmen tell Jet that the guy was the last member of a hunting party which came to their village while the men were away and killed all the women and children. The guy confirms it. Beodar Waypoints us away, leaving the guy behind at the mercy of the lizardmen. Al is very upset, but Beodar points out that the guy went into Nogreheim and killed women and children of his own free will.

We give the components to Tarl.

Jet asks Anatoli to use a Dream to restore Mordenkainen’s skin, without resubjecting hims to the curse/brain slug which he got rid of by getting rid of his skin.

The druid checked on Mordenkainen in the reflecting pool and found that his skin does not appear to be healing. She asks Anatoli if he is willing to do a Dream to restore Mordenkainen’s skin, minus the curse that caused him to wish it away in the first place.

Also, Jet is interested in a road trip. Over the course of time, several locations on the continent have been the site of magic events which caused the area to feel odd to the druid. There were the Chaos fields during the Rod of Seven Parts adventure, the forest of Mirkwood? during the Dragon Cult adventure in which the energy of the forest was drained, the location in the Amedio Jungle where they were mining the Oerth’s blood and image of the little girl (an anthropomorphization of the area) appeared starved. Also, having studied the leyline books and having a theory that the leylines are both elemental blood and the roots of the Great Tree Yggdrasil, Jet would like to compare a bunch of areas to see what the leylines are like in them.

Jet wants to drop by, do a bit of aerial reconnaissance, Commune with Nature to see how things are feeling, and make sure the areas are recovering properly. If everything is fine, this could take 5 minutes of game play. If anything is amiss, it could be an adventure. Is anyone interested in coming with Jet? If no characters are interested, then the druid Jet will take some downtime.

I regret nothing

Hey, Anatoli. Jet is happy to help him out. She has done a couple of big favors for the bards recently, and she pours money into the Rel Astra sages group, so hopefully she can find the right entry points.

You are probably expecting this … “When last we left our intrepid adventurers…”

The adventure is tentatively entitled, “I regret nothing.”

Aldeberon, sitting in the World Serpent’s Inn, has just asked his god to remove the curse on the Iuz Bane. Apparently, his god agreed, and said that the quest will be sent later.

Seconds later, we hear a crashing noise in the World Serpent’s Inn. There is a big fight. Five sword wielding orcs wering the sign of Grummush (the god of orcs) are chasing an thief acrobat down the hall. We intervene, capturing the orcs.

Given the “no fights” policy in the Inn, we are surprised and ask Mitchifer. Mitchifer does not know why or how these orcs go into his bar. (At this point, we are not merely surprised. We are shocked silly. Fate herself resides in the bar, and Mitchifer is her son.) Mitchifer asks the orcs – who are wearing Grummush’s symbol – how they entered. They say they are under the protection of Sym the Slayer. Jet knows that Grummush killed Sym, so she is confused. Mitchifer checks and tells us that Fate has left the bar. Scary news.

We catch up to the thief, Samshee, as she is being chased by kelmane. They walk through anatoli’s illusion, through Al’s Wall of Force, and through a wall after Anatoli used Nolzur’s Pigments to erase the door. Tarl PlaneShifts us to Bloodhaven. The kelmane try to follow us through the Plane Shift. Tarl Dispels the link to his Plane Shift.

Tarl uses the Eye of Thera to see that Samshee has been travelling with the circus. She spent some time in Greyhawk’s Garden of Heroes, in front of the statue of Sym. When she brushed up against Sym’s sword, the kelmane showed up. The kelmane had the symbol of Sym on their weapons.

We interrogate the orcs we captured. The orcs say the high priest of Grummush thinks Samshee is Sym’s daughter and has put a price on her head. These orcs got the contract from the high priest Uthar in the bar, The Weeping Skull, in the DMZ.

We go to the Weeping Skull. Maxximus demands Uthar. An orc comes up and they scuffle. Maxximus is hit by a Harm from an item. The orc then uses Word of Recall to leave. Anatoli uses Alter Reality to bring him back. Al Stuns him and Jet Feebleminds him. Al Itemizes the moron and puts him in a pocket. (Perhaps Al is hoping that the orc has a
brother, and he can pull the itemized moron out of his pocket and say “I’ve got your brother right here.” Ahem.)

Next we head to Uthar’s keep to investigate. Maxximus asks Samshee who she is and Jet’s bloodstone earring – gift from Sym – gets warm.

Uthar’s keep is on the Road of Skulls. Stonedar takes us into the keep basement. We slay all but two of the guards. A Delayed Blast Fireball comes bouncing down the stairs. We send it back. It comes bouncing down again. We send it back again. Halfway up the stairs it goes off.

We head up the stairs and see a Prismatic Sphere. Maxximus shoots an arrow into the center, and Al Dispels it. It was an illusion. In the center is a dead priest of Euz, tied to a post, pierced with arrows.

We go looking for the person who cast the Delayed Blast Fireball. We find Renfield, a crazy guy who says he is waiting for his playmate. Samshee says she will kill Renfield. Renfield finds that …. attractive. (editorial comment. “Boys.”) We ask him what his
playmate looks like and he changes shape into Jumper, a very high level, very crazy illusionist. We ask what Uthar looks llike and he changes shape into the priest we Feebleminded.

Renfield says that he came up with the idea of the priest getting power by marrying one of Sym’s descendents.

It turns out that the playmate Renfield was waiting for was Anatoli. Renfield was Jumper. Jumper says he thinks Anatoli is finally ready for the big leagues. Anatoli People Patternizers us away to Bloodhaven.

We decide to investigate Samshee’s parentage, since she was left as a baby with the circus. We go to the Garden of Heroes and look at Sym’s statue. It was put up to honor his contribution in defending the Shield Lands. There is a secret compartment containing a magic amulet that Max gave him. It made Sym look very impressive, with billowing
smoke, red eyes, and an effect of Fear. The amulet glows when Samshee takes it. Behind the plaque is an inscription, “To my true hero. JM” Perhaps this is Sym’s assistant, Janna.

Samshee notices that the sword held by the statue is a real sword. Tarl notices that this is the sword that Tarl made for Sym to fight Euz. Samshee picks the lock that releases the sword. Tarl uses Stone Tell to find a hollow beneath the statue.

Jet Animates the stone statue to move it out of the way The statue’s eyes glow red, and a spirit possesses the statue.It starts to attack. Tarl encases it in stone and uses True Sight to learn that the statue is animated by an Abyssal spirit. Tar tries a Dispel Evil, which fails. Jet’s Dispel Magic sends the spirit away.

We retrieve Sym’s bones from the ground beneath the statue base. Then we put the statue back.

We head to the Crypt, Sym’s favorite bar. We hope someone there will know where Janna is. The owner of the bar, Gunnar, welcomes us and we reminisce about the old days. Then we talk about how a half orc would figure out their parentage. Gunnar suggests an orc shaman ritual or asking the Magic Users Guild. We also ask if he has heard of Janna.
He thinks she is out at Sym’s and Max’s beach house.

We go to the back room where Sym and Max used to hang out. Sym’s symbol, the red fist, appears over the door and appears faintly magical. It is missing the swords though.

Many swords from legendary swordsmiths line the room. There is also a whetstone, and Samshee starts to sharpen Sym’s sword. It is already sharp, so she sharpens her dagger instead. There is also a manual of Kilanen, which Jet reads.

Jet asks Anatoli to restore the symbol of the red fist to Sym’s Symbolof a fish holding a sword. When he does that, all the swords on the walls rattle. We head to the back door, and it leads into the World Serpent’s Inn.

We decide to head to the Nyr Div to talk to Janna. She has adopted two half-orc boys. She says she still hears Sym’s voice.

Samshee decides to visit an orc shaman that used to follow Sym. Fuchs is a shaman, still fighting in the army of the Shield Lands. he agrees to divine Samshee’s heritage to see if the bones we bring are from her ancestor. In the ritual, the spirit says that Samshee is a cousin of the bones.

Fuchs uses Divination to learn why spirit warriors came after Samshee. A spirit Kobold comes to say that Grummush claims a debt against Samshee as a relative of Sym. The Shaman says that the god must come in person or send a mortal champion to collect the debt.

Road Trip Part 3: The Search for Briarthorn
Search for Briarthorn

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, they were still on a road trip.

Anatoli gathered the Rough Riders together and announced the “Year of the Practical Joke” for the gnomish nation. Practical Jokers must wear Arab costume (including apparently pantaloons and a turban) and must have their joke independently verified. Jet is worried.

Beodar is off spending time with the Queen of Celene. Apparently, she has been dreaming about him for a hundred years.

We (minus Beodar) head to Briarthorn Keep in the Celadon Forest. Stefan the ranger has been based in this area since Jet gave him the deed to the keep. The area around the keep is overgrown as if no one has been there for several months. There is a psionic moss creature in the trees. There is a taint in the waterfall next to the keep. Jet summons a water elemental. The water elemental says that the water unbinds her shape and so she will meet us underground where the taint begins. The fish in the pool at the base of the waterfall have a magic aura of alteration. Jet tries to Dispel Magic on one and gets Shanna Deepburrow, halfling Fighter Thief. Shanna and her comrades were searching for the missing ranger Stefan. Aldeberon uses several Dispel Magics on the rest of the fish to retrieve the rest of her party (normally lead by Simon Kincaid). Genna LaFay (Cleric/Fighter), Sol Wellington (Thief/Acrobat) and Nathan Deepburrow (Druid). Anatoli uses Phantom Steed to send them to the nearby town of Nellix.

Before they leave, Shanna gives us Stefan’s bow and amulet so that we might be able to track him with augury. We use Pass Wall to go to the caverns below the house, and follow the stream bed.

We find a stone statue that looks like a person turned to stone while cowering in terror. There is substantial water erosion at the base of the status. We notice a man-bat and Maxximus kills it. Al Itemizes the statue for later.A vargoyle shows up, followed by a pack of more vargoyles. We kill them.

Paintings on the wall tell a story. A dark gate has creatures come through. Other fight them. They block the gate. A statue is left to
guard the gate.

We use the Eye of Thera to scry for Stefan. He is in a cage underground. Augury says we should continue down this path to find

We find an area infested with Charysmals.. We kill a bunch, and scamper through a hidden door before a whole bunch more show up.

Behind the door are cyclops tracks. We follow them into a killing field of traps. Tarl uses Find Traps to get us through that. I the
hallway is a very stereotypical blind mage sitting in a bamboo chair. Maxximus kills him.

Anatoli reads the pictograms/kanji on the chair. It tells the story of a demon prince cast out by his father. The exiled prince became
friends with a cyclops. When the prince returned to fight the father, the father blinded the cyclops. The prince leaves to find a cure for the blindness.

Aldeberon uses Polymorph Object to get the turned-to-stone adventurer back. His name is Ford and he is traumatized by the centuries that have passed since his enchantment. Al offers him a job at his keep as a guard.

Since we did not find any clues about Briarthorn at the keep, we use the Scrying Pool i the basement of New Critwall. Jet uses Reflecting Pool and sees the druid bear. We visit the bear and he says go away so we do

Next we decide to investigate the curse on us. It appears to affect the original Iuz Bane, named in the Peace Treaty ending the
Greyhawk-Iuz War. Maxximus’ research indicates that Iuz directly cursed us. We head to the World Serpent’s Inn. Al casts Contact
Other Plane. He tries to contact Zuoken, who suggests asking Correllon and Mordain and Cuthbert. Al tries to contact Mordain and gets “ask one of my avatars” He tries to contact Corellon and gets a knock on the door. Aldeberon humbly asks the elf at the door for help in removing the curse onn the Iuz Bane. Corellon asks if he was speaking for the rest of the Iuz Bane. Al says, “For this matter, yes.” Correllon says “Done. I’ll send you the quest later.”

XP Awards

What happened after “The Death of Iuz … Again”…

Beodar disappeared after he killed Iuz with the Spear of Geb. Igwilv
offered to wish Beodar back if we gave her “her stuff” (her hair) from
the Malta’s Carpet that Anatoli had inherited from Maxx. The rug was a
welcome mat from the World Serpent Inn. Jet Pristined it and Fate
removed the fringe that Maxx had added to the rug.

Beodar was dying in Celene. Anatoli used Zelation Starfire’s wish to
get us to the Lost Temple of Boccob. The fountain there restored Beodar.

An Uncivilized Civil War – The wild elves had declared war on Celene.
The instigators of the problem with the wild elves were using portal
stones to transport trouble makers. We tracked that back to Castle
Greyhawk. The cavern there contains a temple of Nerull, and evidence
of several different conspiracies and plans to attack Greyhawk,
including the Boneheart (Vayne), Utmar (cambion with enmity toward
Anatoli), and drow (house of Zanzibar Nomen) Beodar uses that
evidence to get the elven house of Lamagier to stop acting against the
wild elves. Maxximus lead the effort to calm the wild elves down.
25,000 XP total, 5 adventurers
5,000 each
Bonus of 1000 to Maximus for diplomacy

Mystery of Eternal Happiness – Aldeberon’s Birthday Party
50,000 XP total, 5 adventurers
10,000 XP each
Bonus of 1,000 to Aldebaron for figuring out the puzzle

Anatoli Goes to War
60,000 XP, 5 adventurers
12,000 XP each

Mages’ Retreat – Mordenkainen Goes on a Cruise
75,000 XP, 5 adventurers
15,000 each

Ground Zero At Ground Zero (The Walking Devastation)
100,000 XP, 5 adventureres
20,000 XP each

The Founders’ Celebration in Critwall. (This is a really long arc,
ending with destroying some equipment in the Howling Hills and
freeing? Hexus?)

The creation of Haven – Anatoli with time, money, power, and unlimited Alter
5,000 XP. Anatoli only

The Lost City – Ravensbluff/New Critwall center basement, apparently a gate
to Clandestine, the prison for He Who Must Not Be Named.- You can check in
any time you like, but you can never leave…
10,000 XP, 5 adventurers
2,000 xp each

Hunting Trip – Trip to Nogreheim, acquiring parts for a girdle of giant strength
10,000 XP, 4 adventurers
2500 XP each
Bonus of 1,000 XP to Maximus for being Uber Ranger
Bonus of 1,000 XP to Aldebaron for passing alignment check
Bonus of 1,000 XP to Tarl for forging armor
Bonus of 500 XP to Beodar for forging armor

Jet asked Anatoli to use a Dream to help Mordenkeinen regenerate his skin.
Bonus of 1000 xp to Anatoli for an act of kindness

Road Trip
– Part 1 – Dyvers – Yuan-ti trying to recover their stolen artifacts
10,000 XP Total, 5 adventurers.
2,000 XP each
– Part 2 – Fen – Lizardmen & the regenerating bone of the demon lover of
the Chaos Queen.
50,000 XP total, 5 adventurers
10,000 XP each
– Part 3 – Mirkwood and the Cult of the Earth Dragon – nothing happened here
– Part 4 – Amedio Jungle – moving the sarcophagus to the abandoned derro city
5,000 XP total, 5 adventurers
1,000 XP each

Experience Points
What happend after "The Death of Iuz....again!"

Sorry. I accidentally hit send. Now, to continue.

What happened after “The Death of Iuz … Again”… I don’t have titles for most of this but.

Beodar disappeared after he killed Iuz with the Spear of Geb. Igwilv offered to wish Beodar back if we gave her “her stuff” (her hair) from the Malta’s Carpet that Anatoli had inherited from Maxx. The rug was a welcome mat from the World Serpent Inn. Jet Pristined it and Fate removed the fringe that Maxx had added to the rug. Beodar was dying in Celene. Anatoli used Zelation Starfire’s wish to get us to the Lost Temple of Boccob. The fountain there restored Beodar.

The wild elves had apparently declared war on Celene. Maxximus investigated.

Aldeberon’s Birthday Party aka the Mystery of Eternal Happiness. The instigators of the problem with the wild elves were using portal stones to transport trouble makers. We tracked that back to Castle Greyhawk. The cavern there contains a temple of Nerull, and evidence of several different conspiracies and plans to attack Greyhawk, including the Boneheart (Vayne), Utmar (cambion with enmity toward Anatoli), and drow (house of Zanzibar Nomen) Beodar uses that evidence to get the elven house of Lamagier to stop acting against the wild elves. Maxximus lead the effort to calm the wild elves down.

Anatoli Goes to War

Mordenkainen Goes on a Cruise – aka Mages’ Retreat

Ground Zero At Ground Zero (The Walking Devastation)

The Founders’ Celebration in Critwall. (This is a really long arc, ending with destroying some equipment in the Howling Hills and
freeing? Hexus?)

The creation of Haven – Anatoli with time, money, power, and unlimited Alter Reality.

Critwall City Center basement, apparently a gate to Clandestine, the prison for He Who Must Not Be Named.- You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave…

Trip to Nogreheim, picking up parts for Tarl to make a girdle of giant strength.

Jet asked Anatoli to use a Dream to help Mordenkeinen regenerate his skin.

Road Trip
– Part 1 – Dyvers – Yuan-ti trying to recover their stolen artifacts
– Part 2 – Fen – Lizardmen, and the apparently regenerating bone of the demon lover of the Chaos Queen.
– Part 3 – Mirkwood and the Cult of the Earth Dragon – nothing happened here
– Part 4 – Amedio Jungle – moving the sarcophagus to the abandoned derro city

Road Trip Part 2: Chaos Zones
Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Demon Bones

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, they were still on a road trip.

Ground Zero picks up in the middle of the adventure near Dyvers. We had killed some yuan-ti and sent their priestess and her guard back home. We were investigating whether the artifacts that the yuan-ti were trying to recover needed to be retrieved for them.

Beyodar cast an Augury to check if the crown should be returned to the yuan-ti (yes), the dagger (no), the shield (no), and the staff (yes). Anatoli stole the staff from Psirus. All put Remove Curse on a spell stone and gave it to Psirus. Psirus collapsed. While he was unconscious, Jet cast Dispel Magic to remove the enchantments on the stones in Psirus’s crystal shop.

Aldeboran Itemized the staff and crown. Anatoli Shadow Moled them to the yuan-tu priestess with a note, “Leave our continent alone”. Anatoli watched the delivery through the crystal ball and they seemed to be happy to have the items returned.

Al cast Remove Curse on Psirus. We also tracked down Barbarella (on a rampage in the Adventurer’s Bar) and Al cast Remove Curse on her as well.

Next we headed to the Chaos field near Dyvers. The chaos field appeared to be growing in power, possibly being fed by a leyline. The leyline was associated with growth. There was a temple in the center of the chaos field.

Jet Summons Woodland Creature, and gets a Lizardman of uncommon size, strength and intelligence, named Slythevar.

We are attacked by a mutant purple worm. When hit, it exploded into thousands of crab-shaped creatures. Anatoli and Maxximus accidentally swallow some and are “infected” Al stuns Anatoli, and Tarl knocks out Maxximus. Beodar Flames the area. Slythevar gives Anatoli and Maxximus a grass/ichor paste which makes them throw up the parasites. He said the creatures have a hive mind, and are collectively called the Creep. It/they live only to infect others.

Giant green spider monkeys follow us us through the fen.

Slythevar takes us to the female lizardman shaman and tells her that we are investigating the magic that causes the Creep. She says that they moved here and found a magic bone that they cooked. The food healed her people. She does not answer any questions about whether the bone still feeds her people.

We go back to Haven and the guys spend the night carousing. Jet goes home as normal. In the morning, we all have a Hero’s Feast.We go back to the Chaos field. Jet tries a Commune with Nature. She mentally shows u in a cave with a dryder whose legs are caging a little girl. The little girl cries out, “It’s too strong.” Jet Summons Stonedar. The early element tells Jet the area is linked to Pandemonium. Stonedar says he will show Jet the focus. He strides up to the dryder and pulls out a rib, just before the dryder destroys him.

We think the bone might be the last remnant of the demon killed by Max with the Rod of Seven Parts. Perhaps the bone is being used to regenerate the demon, using the power of the “growth” leyline.

We decide to use Max’s Magic Mirror to pull the bone to us and Disintegrate it. Beodar gets the bone halfway through the mirror, and them something pulls it back. Anatoli uses Codex Killer to cut half the bone off. Tarl uses Dispel Evil on it and sends it away – to end up in the Abyss.

Jet Summons Earth Elemental to take us to the cavern where the rest of the bone is. The dryder from Jet’s Commune is standing over the half bone. Beodar and Maxximus attack and the dryder leaves. Tarl Plane Shifts the half bone to the same plane as the other part of the bone (the Abyss). We hear people running toward us, and the earth elemental blocks the passage from them to us.

There is a pot of ickiness where they were cooking the bone. We destroy that (Disintegrate, maybe?)

Anatoli finds a secret door, leading to a long spiral passage down. At the bottom of the passage is a huge cavern with a planar gate to the Steaming Fen, the home plane of the Chaos Queen. A bunch of dryders show up. Jet collapses the cavern with Rock to Mud.
(My notes don’t say, but I remember something about either the gate being closed, or the leyline being diverted so that it no longer flows through the gate. Anybody?) The lizardman village was directly above the cavern so most of it got destroyed.

Jet finds Slythevar, and explains what happens. She invites him to travel with us, but he refuses.

Next we head to Mirkwood, where the Cult of the Dragon was sucking the power of the forest to convert dragons into dracolichs. Everything there looks normal and the druids of the area seem to have things well in hand.

Next we go to the Amedio Jungle, where the Oerth’s Blood Mine was operating. Jet’s Commune with Nature again puts her in touch with a little girl, but the girl is mute. A series of yes/no questions reveals that nature wants the sarcophagus moved so that the archeologists in the area don’t find it. We move it to the abandoned derro city below Tarl’s home in Bloodhaven. Anatoli works some powerful mojo to prevent the sarcophagus from ever being found/accessed.

Next stop – Finding Briarthorn. The Hierophant Briarthorn has been missing for a very long time. Where, oh where, could he be?



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