This is the web page of a 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragon campaign that has been around for over thirty years! It started with a small group of friends that were students at Georgia Tech in 1986 and has managed to keep going until today. All using the 1st (and a slight bit of 2nd) edition gaming system. Despite its flaws and foibles, it’s still a great system for telling stories. This website is meant to help capture the 20+ years of campaign lore and information to make it easier for new and old players to keep track of what has happened. Only I and one other of the original players remain. Others have come and gone but the campaign continues.

Most of the relevant lore is located in the Adventure log but other info is in the wiki.

It’s worth noting that the player character portraits for Aldeberon Orion, Anatoli Bridgewrecker, Jet Laforce, Tarl Ironrock, Maximus Elrod, and Samshee were all created by Rick Jackson, an astounding artist and former member of the campaign. You can find more of this astounding work here

Ground Zero

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