Trashing the Gnomish Lab

We were on a quest to find the Oerth’s Blood that had been mined from Oerth,
destroy the supply chain, and return whatever Blood we could to Oerth.

While we were waiting for the chunk of Oerth’s Blood on display in the “Miner
Forty-Niner” bar on Luna, we checked out a dragon temple, with a spring of
purified water. We took some of the purified water. We learned that Jet’s
mother had broken the pact by not bringing a child to the temple. The dragons
will be coming after Jet’s children in revenge — after the dragons take a nap.

Anatoli begins to investigate the “Laughing Gnome” brand to find out who
was behind the Rough Riders delivering Oerth’s Blood. The Rough Riders have
been corrupted by “starios” – many-armed psionic creatures which can live
inside both human, humanoid, elemental, and crystal creatures.

Sven gets away, but we clean out Anatoli’s uncle’s lab. (Darn it, what was his
name? He was the arch-lich Lysander’s minion for ages.) Some of the people are
carrying stario embryos. Other people are carrying adult starios. Tarl uses
a Holy Word to get rid of all the starios in the telescope chamber. The log
book indicates that the telescope was used to deliver starios to all the
major power brokers on the continent, including Mordenkainen.

We all warn our families about the corruption, learning that attempts to
deliver corrupting items went to all of them.

The starios are called “Children of Hexus” by the dead mage that Beyodar

After the fight for the lab, Maxximus and Beyodar experiment to find a cure for
stario infestation. Uncle ??? develops a delivery mechanism for the cure -
purified water and a dose of a potion of fresh water.

After the people are are killed or cured, Jet collects up the psionic crystal,
including the lenses in Anatoli’s telescope that sees through anything. She
telepathically assembles them to locate/concentrate the taint of Hexus and
remove it, using the cure Maxximus and Beyodar developed.
She then disassembles them, disassembles Shui to get rid of Shui’s taint,
and reassembles Shui with all the crystal. (Beyodar “holds” Shui together
during this. Jet thinks that this was a very, very bad idea.)

Maxximus calls Aramath to get the Silver Eagle for transport, since Shui has
been “hurt”.

Uncle relocates to the Cairn Hills.

Anatoli leads a raid on a Rough Rider starjamming ship (1 of 6) to find out
where the Oerth’s Blood weapons are being picked up and delivered. (He thinks
that the records in Sven’s office which implicate King Ivid the Fourth are
faked for him to find.) He steals some navigation scrolls and other stuff
and sets a fire to cover his theft.

We follow the logs to a floating city in the middle of the Bottomless Sea.
The city is built in rings. The outer ring is new and gnomish. The middle
ring appears to be of a city long submerged. The inner city is an
industrial complex. At the center is a moon pool. There are thousands of
gnomes, many bearing the symbol of an illithid looking/squid headed guy
known as the Master. The Master is looking for a book. We believe that
book may be the Codex of Infinite Planes.

In the moon pool, gnomes are brings up boxes from underwater. We investigate
to find a gate to the plane of water underneath. A sea monster comes after
us and damages the Silver Eagle. The derro savant heals the Silver Eagle.

Trashing the Gnomish Lab

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