The Unsung

The Unsung are a group of mecenaries or heroes depending on who you are talking with. They are lead by a charismatic magic named Simon Kincaid. The group operates on the west side of the continent of Oerik but has been seen as far as Aerdy. They seem to oppose the greater forces of darkness such as Iuz but also can be purchased to handle more mundane tasks such as guarding caravans or escorting nobility.

The known membership is:

Simon Kincaid, human Magic-User. At least 12th level. Standard tactics are to use his magical staff to rain down death and destruction on opponents. Is a master of thrown sharp objects.

Ka’tar Stanstalin, drow Fighter/Magic-User of at least 12th level in each. Standard tactic is to disable as many melee types as possible to prevent pursuit. Tries not to kill unless necessary.

Hawkeye. Male High Elf. Unknown level and class. Master archer. Standard tactic is to concentrate on spell casters to prevent them from casting spells.

Christian Milan, male Fighter of at least 9th level. Brutal warrior that wields a bastard sword to deadly effect in combat. Standard tactic is to pick the closest opponent and hack it to pieces.

Jenna LeFey, female High elf cleric/Magic-user of at least 12th level each. Standard tactic is to hang back and offer support magics to her teammates via healing and other magics. Will defend herself with magic spells or weaponry if necessary.

Stedon Eastwind, male High ellf Fighter/Magic user. At least 12 levels in mage and 4 levels in fighter. Standard tactic is to drop overpowering destructive magics on a single opponent until it is dead. Will defend himself with a longsword if needed.

Caldonia Adonar, Female Hill Dwarf Cleric. At least 12th level. Standard tactics include casting protective magics on herself and her teammates and then wading into battle with her axe.

Nathan Deepburrow, Male Halfing, Druid of at least 9th level. Standard tactics are to use his spells to immobilize or distract opponents while his teammates finish them off.

Shania Deepburrow, female halfling, Fighter/Thief. At least 7th level in both. Standard tactics is to pepper casters with her sling to prevent them from successfully casting spells.

The Unsung

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