The Roughriders

The Roughriders, loved by some, banned by others, are known far and wide across the Flannaess.

Almost exclusively gnomes, they can usually be identified by their distinctive wide-brimmed leather hats with one side pinned up (Aussie-style). They are frequent sights in roadside inns from one end of the continent to the other.

They have grown to be widely known (at least in business circles) as being experts at getting cargo from Point A to Point B…no matter how far or how dangerous Point A or Point B may be. For a price, that is.
That reputation is usually tempered by an even larger penchant for somehow finding any good party, no matter if they’ve been invited or not.

Guiding a caravan into the back country of Veluna? Yep, Roughriders have been there.
Need a weapons shipment delivered to defenders outside Old Critwall during the war with Iuz? Yep, Roughriders.
Trade routes into the Underdark to supply some Svirfneblin? Uh huh
Delivery of rare items for melting by drow up on the Moon for some nefarious scheme? Ahem, let’s not mention that one…

Mainly consisting of gnomish thieves (who aren’t above liberating an item or two on their travels), the Roughriders also have a fairly decent number of spell casters in their ranks. Some are multi-classed Il/Th, but a few straight Illusionists have snuck in. Over the years the group has managed to attract a smattering of Fighter types or multi-classed F/Th. Hey, you soon discover why you need some muscle in this business…

While the home office is in Grossetgrottel outside of Greyhawk, branches of The Roughriders have sprung up in some mainly gnomish communities including:
- The Stark Mounds
- The Floating City In the Nyr Dyv

The Roughriders have some notably different methods of delivering/trading/exploring:
- The Roughrider Air Force – Consisting of a number of dirigibles
- The Roughrider Navy – Think contained elementals in a large tube that runs under the water with a bunch of gnomes. What could go wrong?!
- Mining Division – Located in Grossetgrottel, mining gems. The division for those few stay-at-home types in the Roughriders who just like to PARTY

Founder: Anatoli Bridgewrecker
Headquarters: Grossetgrottel
Co-Leader and Business Manager: Cousin Sven Bridgewrecker (Sven)
Other Notables:

- Bob Kneeknocker – A relatively rare gnomish Fighter (F5) in the ranks, Bob’s a fervent defender who came through in a pinch when Hexxus had corrupted many of the Roughriders in Grossetgrottel.

- Admiral Ami – Another gnomish Fighter, she commands the Roughrider Navy, currently at 12 Submarines. Ami was key to getting Ground Zero into the Floating City to help break the city from the grip of the Master.

- Cyrus Diamonduster (F5/T7) – Long ago in the guild anals it is recorded that he won a contest to obtain a matched pair S Sword 2 and Dagger +1/2 vs Mansize direct from Anatoli’s stash.

- Reginald Crumpucker Reginald Crumpucker (Il11/T8) – Arbiter of the Roughriders. Reginald assisted Ground Zero to solve [[Who killed Anatoli Bridgewrecker? | Who killed Anatoli Bridgewrecker?]]

The Roughriders

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