The Iuzbane

A group of adventurers that over time gained the enmity for the demi-power, Iuz and managed to thwart his plans for total domination over the Flanaess. He was imprisoned by them on two separate occasions and finally slain by them in an epic battle in the bowels of Castle Greyhawk

The group is officially registered as “Ground Zero” with the Mercernary’s Guild.

At the end of the Greyhawk Wars, a treaty was signed that ended open conflict. Part of that treat was a stipulation that a few named individuals were considered persona non grata in the lands of Iuz. If any of these individuals entered into the disputed territories then both sides were required to send forces to extract them. If the Greyhawk side failed to do so, then the treaty was considered null and void and hostilities would resume. These individuals as per the treaty are: Jet, Sym, Aldebaron, Anatoli, Eljay, Kymballah, and Tarl. Its worth noting that they are not called the Iuzbane in the treaty. They are called The Foresworn.

Over time they added many members and their active membership fluctuates over time.

Aldebaron Orion Fighter/Magic-User Gray Elf M
Anatoli Bridgewrecker Illusionst/Thief Gnome M
Eljay Oakthorn Fighter/Magic-User Half-Elf M
Flamdwyn aka Flame Monk(Human) F
Garven Farwander Barbarian (Human) M
Jet LaForce druid Human F
Kymballa Matandra Ranger/Magic-User (Grey Elf) F
Maximus Elrod Ranger (Human) M
Maxximillian Thornblade Cleric/Magic-User/Thief Half-Elf M
Mirth Geldwyn Bard(Figher/Thief)(Human) M
Pol Detson Ranger (HUman) M
Tarl Ironrock Cleric/Fighter (Dwarf) M
Tahliah Terrorkin Fighter(Gnome) F
Zariya Savendi Cleric (Human) F

The Iuzbane

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