The Boneheart

Originally organized into a Greater and Lesser subdivisions, since the fall of Iuz, they have simply consolidated into one group in an attempt to keep power in the lands.

Their current known membership is:

Halga, 18th Cleric
Marynnek, 14th Cleric
Xenvelen, 14th level Cleric
Null, 18th Magic-User
Jumper (aka Seymour), 19th Illusionist
Panshazek, 16th Magic-User
Cranzer of Riftcrag, 14th level Magic-User

Former members:
Ormuz, slain during the greyhawk wars
Patch, High Priest of Iuz (lost his faith)
Althea, slain by Tarl during DragonCon
Vayne, demoted due to performance in Greyhawk wars
Kermin Mindbender, 18th Magic-User (left to serve his own ends)

The Boneheart

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