Our Timeline

At The Dawn of Time

Evil (Tharzidun) and Chaos (Tiamat) fought Law (Bahamut) and Good (Gaia). Good died to imprison Evil and Chaos. Evil then killed Chaos to shatter his prison. The largest shards became the Crystalline Spheres, the Planes, and the Demi-Planes. The shards of the prison cut many of the gods, creating the Bloodright connection between gods, mortals, and the lands.

400 Years Ago in the Sphere Oerth, on the continent Greyhawk

Wild Ones bind the Darkness in Aerdy

King Bord of Aerda makes a deal with unknown Powers for his son to be a powerful warrior: Ivid the 1st. He is lactose intolerant.

Ivid the 1st creates te Great Kingdom

Great Druid Rasputin tells Grand Druid Taki that his group is succeeding from the council.

Wild Ones throw Rasputin in the hole and he becomes undead (or something similar)

100 Years Ago
(ed. Zagig Yagren builds Castle Greyhawk, imprisons 7 gods, and the cambion Iuz in the God Trap. Zagig uses their power to ascend to godhood, but goes insane.)

Boneheart attacked Aramath and the Silver Guard.

Queen of Celene is Captured. She is returned on the condition they the kingdom remain neutral in the coming Iuz war.

Nikon (head of the Camera Guild) is captured.

Some key members of the Greater Boneheard are killed. Members of the Lesser Boneheart are promoted to fill their slots. This was in an epic battle at Embry Meadows where the high priest of Iuz, Patch, was horribly wounded and thought dead.

Kizerien and Bubka are killed in an attempt to take out the leadership of the Mage’s Guild in Greyhawk. Unknown who the assailants were.

Ravel is severely weakened by a very highly level and powerful scrying spell.

THe Horned Society captures Mordenkainen and Taki.

Scarlet Brotherhood and Greyhawk signed a peace treaty.

10 Years Ago
Jet, Maxx, Sym imprision Iuz in a psychic crystal prison.

8 years ago
Iuz is released from the crystal prison by Patch, his high priest.

h.2. 7 years ago

We imprison Iuz on the plane of concordant opposition

Vecna is released

Iuz released by Jet at the request of Jebedia to fight Vecna

Iuz wins and ascends to lesser god status

The Great Expansion of the Lands of Iuz occurs

Maxx works for the lands of Iuz as leader of the FearMasters with Sym, Tzilla, and Izek.

Use codex of the infinite planes to close the gate in Dorakaa. Results in the destruction of the High Temple of Iuz in Dorakaa.

While Iuzbane are lost in etherspace, the countries fighitng Iuz sign a pact with the Empire of Iuz ceeding conquered lands in exchange for a cease in hostilities.

Iuzbane are forbidden to enter the conquered areas of Iuz by the treaty Jet, Sym, Tarl, Anatoli, Kymballah, Aldebaron, Eljay, Flame, and Malachi

After the treaty Anatoli starts the Rough Ryders

Doc and Logan go disappearing. All of us go through Castle Greyhawk looking for them.

DragonCon: Face the boneheart and Tarl permanently kills Althea, one of the current high priestess of Iuz

Chaos Monster gates show up all over Greyhawk. We close them and become heroes of Greyhawk. Awarded small chateau’s in the Greyhawk High Quarter.

Jet gives birth to twins: Alexander Sinclair and Alexis Xanadu

Mordenkainen is dead. We get sent after The Resurrection Stone which is composed of two pieces: Fleshshaper and Soundbender. Anatoli gets nickname of the Butt Stabbing gnome

Visit the Focus to enchant items.

Agromopheles shows up and we get cursed by the Shimmering Wrath.

We use the resuurectino stone to bring back Mordenkainen. Mordenkainen summons Dwarmij who wishes us to not remember the focus.

Aramath disbands Silver Guard and becomes Captain of the Greyhawk City Guard. Doc reforms the Silver Guard as the new Captain.

Rod of Seven Parts – Used by the Queen of Chaos. Created by the Law Dukes

Mirth kills Miska with the RoSP and MAxx says that if we do a restoration with rod while it has Miskas bood on it then it will destroy the rod. Maxx kills himself and we restore him the rod. Max is alive. and the rod crumbles.

Wind Dukes grants us favors:
Anatoli gets reveal truth
Aldebaron gets his whirlwinds
Aramath got a law dog
Jet got Aramath’s memories back
Tarl got a wish to be usd later
Kym got a level limit raised
Mirth got flight
Maxx and Solian don’t reveal their gifts.

Jet enlist the guild of the mild and the astral wandered to restore the mind of Mace of the Silver Guard who turns out to be the exiled Prince Stephon of the Shield Lands.

Insert Druid discovering the Truth about Aramath’s lineage.

Thor is kidnapped and Ragnarok starts. Positive interaction with the Nordic Pantheon.

Turrosh Mak rallies the orcs and takes over part of the Pomarj

Elven QUeen Yolande close the borders of Celene.

Melf and Kymballah work together to change Queen Yolande’s mind.

Get introduced to gnomish warrior Tahlia Terrorkin.

Invited to Ostohar by Dharma Coppervein. On the way, Maxx is cursed by Nerull.

City of Ghouls. Maxx breaks staff of shadows in the room of shadows.

Zero Hour

Al goes Insane.

You Only Live Twice – Bring Out Your Dead

First Meeting of Tyroc Banebuster

First hear about Aerdy having problems with Ivid the 4th.

Hellgate’s keep. DIscover the crown of tizantharium.

Run into the first representatives of Tharzidun.

Found the first creations of the Gods. Hammer head, Stone Fragment, Chisle and Circle/Plate

Maxx got crown of Tizantharium. Uses it to raise his Magic User levels.

Found the anti-life equation. Universe Blinked out when we did ritual to free souls.

Priest of Tharizdun shows up and says “so it begins”. after we perform the ceremony.

Jet becomes Grand Druid: Trial by Destiny against Taki.

Sym joins Turrosh Mak in the Pomarj.

Introduced to guys from the Spelljammer. Have an expedition

Sym dies of old age due to magical aging and Maxx keeps the body.

Anatoli obtains Oerth’s Blood. Tenser takes it away from him :)

Jebediah retires and moves to Five Oaks.

Thaddeus buys 111 Greyhawk Lane, the old mansion lived in by Jebediah.

Jebediah introduces Garven. Mirth leaves.

Find four Mirth Geldwyns. When trying to restore MIrth, we discover the twin Goddesses of the Suelize/Baklunish pantheon.
Fixed Mirth’s clonage

Fixed Maxx’s curse of Nerull.

Found Royal Jelly.

Mirth is an agent of Lyzandred the Mad Arch Lich.

Mirth Locks Lyzandred in his own pocket dimension

Aldebaron marries the a Drae (offshoot of the Drow that still live above ground and are VERY tall). Her name is Crysania.

Aldebaron reconciles with his brother and family.

5 minutes to armageddon. 500 years into the future.

Maxx rescues Al from the Codex and puts the book in his bedroom.

Intro to the Great Kingdom. 5 years ago, all the druid were summoned to a central location and had not been seen since. Disover that nobility have been replaced by animus.

Last great Druid of the Great Kingdom was Rasputin

Vladimir Kovalic was last druid there. Gave up drudism to be an artist.

Meet Nimui the monk who is being wooed by Xavier Warchild, high Priest of Hextor.

Find out about Animuses

Diplomacy mission in the Duchy of Geoff and into to cult of the dragon

Maxx and Kim go on a date and Kim is assassinated in front of Maxx.

Maxx sees Shaitan WArchild do the killing of Kym using the white dagger of Tharizdun.

Gideon Oakthorn introduces us to Maximus Elrod that helps us since Kym is not here anymore.

We decide to clean out the old temple of Heironemous in Rauxes that is being used by Shaitan. Adam is the leader of the temple. We help liberate it against mercenaries including Warduke, Atlas, and a druid from another Octant.

Go down the hole to the Darkness. Meet Rasputin. Can’t kill Rasputin. Liquify Rasputin in a coffin of milk and cut off his head and tossed in sweetwater and still did not kill him. Called Tenser. Put coffin into a sphere of annihilation. Find mausoleum of imprisoned druids.

Rasputin was trying to cure them. 3 druid were still alive. Took them to the college of the mind. They could not help them.

Shaitan resurrects Kym as Shalamar.

Anatoli kills Kym/Shalamar with contact poison.

Couldn’t resurrect her. Soul is held by Hextor. Bury Kymballah.

DIscover the disc that eventually becomes the Silver Swan spelljamming vessel.

Vladimir Kovalic is confirmed as a 14th level druid.

Maxx becomes chief of security for the ambassador of celene, Miralae Moonflower of House Moonflower.

Maxx gathers a coaliation of clerics to bring Kymballah back. Maxx uses the Resurrection Stone to do so. Something goes wrong.

Melf gets a cleric and finishes the raising of Kymballah. But she has the powers of the priest of Iuz.

Analtoly and Maxx set up a drug smuggling cartel to the Pomarj.

Navier and Stokes, two gnomish inventors that work for Anatolis, build the Inifinite Vision Telescope.

Find Kym in Shaitan’s camp. Go after her. Al casts a “preempt possession” and Splits into Althea and Kym. Anatoli kills Althea.

Maxx Restored Kym by doing a raise dead. Kym goes back to Melf.

Aramath builds castle in Northern Kingdom of Aerdy

[inserrt 7th Sea Campaign]

Jebediah gets invited to join the Circle of Eight.

Jet goes on the quest of the King of Swords and discovers the secret of the Company of Seven.

Garven finds religion

Maxx invites us to the home of the Elven Ambassador

Tarl kidnapped and taken to Acheron. WE got after him. Maxx is recincarnated on Acheron as Beodar a Cler/MU (Maxx 2.0).
We rescue Zalatian Starfire, captain of the guards of Celestian. We also rescue Tarl. Tarl and Dharma go back to Bludhaven.

Later we are notifeid that Tarl and Dharma are engaged. FINALLY.

We are invited to the Wedding shower of Melf and Kymballah

Maximus leads Aldebaron, MAxx, and Analtoli into the vesve and they assassinate Blackhand in the Vesve.

At the shower, Antarkus and his associates attack after the High Priest of Celene announces that Melf will be the heir to the thrown upon his marriage. Maxx 1.0 shows up strangely since we think he is reincarnated as Beodar and appears to lead an attack against MElf and Aramath. Anatolis does a reveal Truth and it appears to be really Maxx 1.0. We investiagte further and discover that the reincarnate went awry and there are now two of Maxx.

Iuzbane vs. Boneheart are promoted at the World Serpent Inn.

While at the Inn, we discover: Orcus is behind the animuses in Aerdy, and not Hextor. Orcus is stronger than Nerull now.

Maxx shows up and fights Beodar. Anatoli uses an elemental device to slay them both.

Uses the wish from Zalatian to resttore them. Uses Beodar’s wish instead of Anatolis.

Maxx’ reincarnated form of Beodar is given separate existence via the wish of Zalatian.

Maxx chooses to go to help Sym in the Shield Lands. Beodar joins the Iuzbane.

Jet’s wish from Zalatian restores the Druids that were hurt in the hole. The wish cancels a ritual that was performed by Rasputin and 95 other druids forming a perfect pyramid of power in the Druidc Council. Rasputin casts a ward to hold the darkness at bay while he figures out what went wrong.

Jet restores Rasputin to the council as a fully invested 14th level druid.

Awen is promoted to the new ambassador to Greyhawk from Celene.

The Iuzbane regroup in Celene to talk to Awen. We discover that a small group of Yuan-Ti have ben terrorizing the elven farmlands. We help a small band of elves kill them.

Ravel Desander dies and Adrianna becomes the new Patriarch of Boccob as chosen by the Eye of Boccob. Adrianna however only recently achieved 9th level and was apparently chosen over several other candidates of higher level including a 14th level priest named Renard.

Anatoli cast a dream spell to discover what is wrong with Kymballah.

Tyroc Banbebuster attacks you unprovocated at the Celene Embassy. We repluse the attack. Maximus wounds Tyroc for the first time. Tyroc is attacked by Aldebaron’s Whirlwinds and he retreats.

Iuzbane go to the church of Boccob and Adrianna announced a dire premonition of dark times for Greyhawk.

Iuz Bane successfully penetrate the GodTrap and encounter a simulacrum of Iggwilv, Vayne, and the latest incarnation of the Fearmasters: General At-Ur Rehmat, Maxx, Izek and Tzilla

Maxx betrays the Fearmasters but is outnumbered. Vayne presents the Yellow Orb of Death and uses it to enact the soul-bond that gives Iuz ownership of Maxx’s soul. Maxx then fully sides with the Fearmasters and joins them in trying to slay the Iuzbane.

Anatoli attunes himself to the GodTrap and then turns it off which has never been done before. The result is that the GodTrap experiences a catastrophic failure and releases all of its prisoners. It also disintegrates all people attuned to it which is the simulacrum of Iggwilv and Anatoli.

A grand epic battle ensues. During which all of the Fearmasters are slain but so are Beodar and Aldebaron. After the end of the battle, Iuz appears. Iuz awes all present with his divine presence. He is angered over the death of Vayne and promises sweet revenge. He then swallows the Yellow Orb of Death and consumes Maxx’s soul. He then breaks Sym’s right arm with telekinesis. Negates Eljay’s Anti-Magic Shelll. He gloats that he is finally able to get revenge on the IuzBane. As he prepares to smite them, the GodTrap reactivates and the ghostly tendrils reach up and grasp Iuz form. He screams and then transforms into a frail looking old man. He seemingly teleports away. Kermin Mindbender reveals himself and states that the slate is now clean between the IuzBane and himself. He says that he will help us leave the GodTrap if we agree to slay Iuz who he says is still alive and present. When
we hesitate, he challenges Iuz and says that “He’ll give the power back if he slays the IuzBane.” Iuz appears from behind a statue and charges the Iuzbane. A quick battle ensues in which Iuz is slain. Jet casts Firestorm at ground zero which damages a lot of the IuzBane and chars Iuz’ form past regeneration.

Kermin then teleports the IuzBane and their slain companions to outside of the Tower of Zagig at the abandoned camp of Grandfather Magic. We notice that the Tower of Zagig has begun to flicker in and out of existence as if it is plane shifting elsewhere. The Tower of Magic is completely destroyed as if from an explosion underneath. Maximus uses his wish from Zalatian Starfire to
restore his fellow comrades. He does so. As Beodar is restored, he fades from existence.

Our Timeline

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