Kodagnome Original Photo Log of Anatoli

Anatoli Bridgewrecker


Hellgate Keep

  • Tahlia talking with Kubrik
  • Museum
  • Sarcophagus with Marcena Volo’s body
  • Mural of Paladins in Hell

Star Cairn #1

  • Pirate Ship Before/After
  • Hardby Royal Navy Ship Weapons
  • Star Cairn #1: Rescue
  • Suelise Ceiling Mural
  • Last room with Rod

Star Cairn #2

  • Zombies on Cairn
  • Ceiling Painting & L rune
  • Glowing runes – 2nd floor

Star Cairn #3

  • Tarl and Hill Giant Bodies
  • Derro fighting Wraith
  • L rune with Palm
  • Tapestry – City in Mountains
  • Mural – Wizard Battle

Aldeberon’s Wedding

  • Elemental Earth – Symbol of Elemental Evil

Suloise Crystal

  • Holograph of Facet Sphere Network
  • Formula on Facet Ceiling
  • Suloise Holy Symbols (both old and new)


  • Anatoli on a dead Green Dragon snout
  • Ground Zero with rulers of the Western Realms

Tarl’s Bane

  • Ground Zero with a Steel Predator on the steps to the Temple of Boccob in Greyhawk


  • Beodar’s Contact Other Plane Drawing of Tunnels under Gorna and Greyhawk

Castle Greyhawk

  • Picture with Zagyg in the Tower of Zagyg
  • Army Plans on Blackboard
  • Photo of Ground Zero with our Figurines
  • Photo of Zagyg’s Sanctum – Mage’s Guild – Greyhawk
  • Photo of The Druid in Dragonform
  • The Ziggurat – Isle of the Ape
  • Battle between T-rex and Ape

Meezles Corpses & Alchemy Lab
Tharizdun “Wisdom Trees”


  • Restoration of the 9 Gods by Aramath

Drow Mushroom Statue (was feeding green slime)
HUGE Red Dragon destroying a Village in Ket

Iuz Tubes in the Howling Hills

Kodagnome Original Photo Log of Anatoli

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