House Rules

We are here to tell a good story

The rules are there so that everybody has to play fairly. It keeps any one person from totally dominating the game at all the time. Everybody should have their time in the sun and be the center of attention. That being said, we practice “collective storytelling”. Sometimes things will happen that appear to break the rules. If its done so and allowed by the GM, then it was because it REALLY made for a great story. As Brandon Sanderson says, “Always err on the side of awesome.”

Time waits for no one.

When you are doing down time making spells, potions, doing research, training for levels, etc. The world continues right on progressing through time. Thus, if you decide to take 9 months out and have a baby, the bad guys do not conveniently do nothing and wait for you to finish. You aren’t the only heroes in play.

Level limits are for wimps

We have pretty much ignored level limits. Every race has a favored class and they are unlimited in level advancement in that class. For classes that are not favored, they pay an extra 10% (or was it higher) to gain levels. However, spell progression is still based on ability scores from the Unearthed Arcana.

Crossbows Rule

Crossbows are more deadly in this game and basically do more damage than what is listed in the book. Their Rate of Fire doesn’t change though. Hand crossbows are more common in that you can get them. However they are considered an assassins weapon so folks look down on them. Even more so because the Drow use them a lot and everybody hates the Drow.

Item S/M L
-———————- -———- -——-
Heavy quarrel 1d10 1d12
Light quarrel 1d8 1d8
Hand quarrel 1d4 1d4-1
Sheaf arrow 1d8 1d8
Flight arrow 1d6 1d6

The God Must Be Crazy!

If you are a cleric and above 9th level then the Gods talk to you a LOT. Basically they feel that they have a hot line into your head for you to do their bidding. Also, because spells 5th level or above are given to you directly from your God. If you are going to be pestering him every 24 hours for spells then its only fair that he can pester you back.

Oerth is BIG and so is the Universe

We have divided the sphere into octants and each of those has its own “flavor”. Different spheres are essentially different planets. Gods may or may not exist on all spheres just like they may or may not exist on all planes. Spelljamming lets you move to different planets but not different planes.

Alternative Primes break all the rules

Alternate primes are essentially different universes. The only thing that is consistent is that Gods are unique across all primes (i.e. there are not two separate Odins across the worlds or the planes). But not all Gods choose to manifest in all primes or all planes. The different version of Oerth are in different primes and possibly different spheres as well.

Combat extremes

A natural roll of 1 always misses a combat “to hit”.
A natural roll of 1 always fails a saving throw.
A natural roll of 20 always makes a saving throw.
A natural roll of 20 does NOT always hits for a combat “to hit” roll. There are several creatures that need a natural 20 AND additional bonuses to be struck in combat. This reflects them being just that badass.

There are more things in heaven and earth,Than are dreamt of in our philosophy.

We allow many more multi-classes for demi-humans than are normal. Specifically we use the additional ones that are introduced in the Unearted Arcana and some more that were published in Dragon magazine. Basically, if a race can be that as a single class, then they can multi-class it as wel.

House Rules

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