Former Players

The original players were Byron Jeff, Jeanette Allen, Hillary Jordan, John Tamplin and myself, Vernard Martin. I tended to be the GM but others in the group would occasionally take up the mantle as well. Only Jeanette and I remain of the original players with myself as the the primary GM.

A list of some the former players:

Byron Jeff played Eljay Oakthorn, a Ranger/Magic-User with a penchant for casting fireballs at ground zero on the party. Byron brought a sort of child like curiosity to his character who was fascinated by magic and the ability to create anything out of raw energy.

John Tamplin briefly Thyvar, a Cleric/Fighter-MagicUser for a few runs and then decided that our style of play wasn’t his thing and he had better uses for his time. A bit of a munchkin but absolutely brilliant at solving problems and having fun with the game.

Steve Arnold played Flamdwyn (aka Flame), a female monk with a penchant for neutralizing the biggest threats in combat. Steve had a hard time remembering the rules for the game but absolutely loved the roleplaying aspects. He eventually left to spend more time finishing up his PhD. Anyone that has worked on one will completely understand that logic.

Mark Manlapas, who revived Eljay Oakthorn 15 years later and showed him to be much more competent and dangerous. Mark was only with us briefly before moving on to more interesting gaming elsewhere as was his tendency. If you are ever at DragonCon, you should definitely try to get into one of his one-shot games. I guarantee you that it will be one of the best experiences of your gaming career.

Kimberly Arrendale-Martin, who played Tahliah Terrorkin. A gnomish warrior with a penchant for tinkering. This was Kim’s first foray into a well established gaming world. It took her a while to get caught up on the mechanics of the game but took to the roleplay aspects immediately. She left the game after divorcing from Vernard Martin and deciding that she would be uncomfortable staying in the game after that.

John “JD” Forinash played Garven. An honest to goodness Barbarian in a group full of spellcasters. He had an interesting backstory of having gone out on the traditional “proof-of-manhood” puberty quest and coming back with a sword that spoke. Except only he could hear it. His tribe kicked him out and since then he had been trying to make his way in the world. More ranger than anything else, he didn’t fear magic as much as he didn’t understand it. But he realized quickly that he was going to have to get over that if he was to unlock the secret of the sword. We never quite decided if he was crazy or if the sword really was magical. But it was an amazing character plot device.

Former Players

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