Detailed List of Anatoli's Items

Self (w=worn)
Cloak of Prot +2 (w); Bracers AC2 (w); Bracers AC4 Prot NonMagic Missiles; Gauntlets of Ogre Power (w); Boots of Striding & Springing (w); Black Silk Clothing (w); Ring of Invis; Ring of Regeneration (w); Ring of Warmth; Ring of Prot +2 (w); Thieves Ring (garrot & wire cutter) (w); Amulet of Life Prot (?-1 charges); Amulet of Dim Door (6x/day 12th lvl, 36" range) (w); Bracelet of Mirror (Anatoli, Jet, Al, Beodar, Maximus, Eljay, Tarl) (w)

Short Sword+4; Dagger+4; True Strike Dagger (x5 on 20); Thieves Dagger (ignores leather armor); Thief Dagger “Codex Killer” cuts everything but leather; 2 Daggers Cold Obsidian (recharged) +1 hits anything (both hit x2 damage no Str + save vs petr or die); 4 knives Suloise expanding (in boot); Bandolier of 9 darts (illusioned); Bandolier of 9 darts (silver war); 19 double injection darts from Uncle

Candle; Tinderbox, Gloves (spare)
Dagger; Spellbook, Stick of the Order; Decanter of Endless Water; Bag of 1000 Gems (-88); Helm of Hallucinatory Terrain (1/day); Crystal Ball (party item) “Eye of Thera” 6 studs/ 1 red; Zagyg’s Coin (party item)

Bucknard’s Gnomish Pouch “Phydeaux”

  • Desert & Winter Clothing
  • Rug of Flying
  • 2 spare House models (see spell)
  • Potion Undead Control (ghast); platinum ring (1000gp)
  • Prototype Kodagnome
  • Beginners Guide to Dragon Chess (in gnomish) from Grisbane
  • Sheet 8′×8′ (illusioned with leaves one side, black on the other)
  • Long Sword ‘Frenzy’ (cursed)
  • Ultravision Lantern
  • Drow Hand X-Bow (12 quarrels with programmed illusions)

Small Belt Pouch 1

  • 6 pp 23 gp (mixed realms)
  • Gems – 10gp – 17; 20 gp – 12; 25 gp – 3; 50 gp – 8; 100gp – 2; 200g – 2; 500gp – 0

Small Belt Pouch 2

  • Anatoli’s Golem; Spritzer with Pepper Spray; Nolzur’s Pigments (-7 uses);Deck of Illusions; Amedio Herb Packs for Alter Reality

Small Belt Pouch 3

  • Ring of Weakness

Wand Case

  • Wand of Illum (3 charges); Wand of Magic Missiles (9); Wand of Wonderment (-7 charges)

Large Belt Pouch

  • Collapsing 10’ pole
  • Cont. Light Stone; 6 Cont Light Stones in Mud;
  • Jet’s Dust of Itching and Choking (10 doses)
  • 4 Beads (??)
  • 1 pouch golf ball size magnesium shavings
  • 4 Bottles of Whoop-ass
  • 5 magic mouth coins
  • Rock with Programmed Illusion of Battlement
  • Lead Potion Box – 2 Pot of Extra Healing; 1 Bottle of Whoop-Ass; 1 vial from Acheron Alchemist for use on Master, 1 empty slot

Detailed List of Anatoli's Items

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