Anatoli's Spellbook

Anatoli Bridgewrecker

Change Self; Color Spray; Read Illusionist Magic; Plant Force; Hypnotism; Wall of Fog; Spook; Chromatic Orb; Darkness; Detect Illusion; Audible Glamer; Phantom Armor; Gaze Reflection;Anatoli’s Image Preserver
Improved Phantasmal Force; Mirror Image; Blur; Blindness; Deafness; Invisibility; Magic Mouth; Neverfood Fight; Bottle Rockets
Spectral Force; Wraithform; Rope Trick; Suggestion; Non-Detection; Paralyzation; Halluc Terrain; Dagger Swarm; Gnomish Guise; Penultimate People Patternizer; Phantom Steed; Illusionary Script
Improved Invis; Vacancy; Dispel Magic; Prestidigitation; Boom Tube; Solid Fog; Shadow Monsters; Phantasmal Killer; Shadow Meld;Illusionist Extension; Shadow Mole; Rainbow Pattern; Emotion; Massmorph; Dispel Exhaustion; Minor Creation; Confusion; Bungee Skin
Demi-Shadow Monsters; Major Creation; Maze; Art Appreciation; Projected Image; Chaos; Shadow Door; Dream; Tinkerer’s Palace; Morphin Fun; Purple Planar People Patternizer; Advanced Illusion; Tempus Fugit; Pattern Designate
Permanent Illusion; Veil; Programmed Illusion; Conjure Animals; DemiShadow Magic; Death Fog; Max’s True Sight; Mirage Arcane; Shades
Alter Reality(1); Prismatic Spray; Prismatic Wall

(1) Anatoli now uses a material component with Alter Reality, a mix of herbs from Amedio Jungle to help focus the mind while casting this spell

Personal Spell Details
Penultimate People Patternizer – Level 3
Range 1" Components V, S, M
Duration – Instant Casting Time – 1 round/ 1″×1″ square
AOE – 4″×4″+1"x1"/lvl Saving Throw None
Limited to the same plane (Details under Pattern Connection Spells below)

Purple Planar People Patternizer – Level 5
Range 1" Components V, S, M
Duration – Instant Casting Time – 1 round/ 1″×1″ square + 1 round per plane removed
AOE – 4″×4″+1"x1"/lvl Saving Throw None
Transports across planes (Details under Pattern Connection Spells below)

Pattern Connection
Theory: Heavily uses mathematical spell theory based on the research of Navier and Stokes. Bends the universe so that the two points become the same point for a brief instant to provide instant one-way transportation. Relies on identical patterns on both the sending and receiving ends. The caster uses a XX (X-dimensional calculator) to compute all of the variables necessary to solve the equation.

Connecting the pattern relies on 4 aspects: (the complicated nature of establishing all 4 aspects is meant to lower the level of the spell)
1) A permanent, generic, simple pattern needs to be present and the same on both ends. Examples could be a tile floor, a set of stones in the ground, etc. The object to be transported must fit completely within the simple pattern. This pattern does need to be infused via a special spell below.
2) The caster needs to be holding a special item that is a part of the destination (See Mirage Arcane for a similar example of an item from a place helping the illusionist make something more real). This piece could be as simple as a pebble from the stream in the middle of the village or a piece of wood from a representative tree. This item is designated and infused when the pattern designate spell below is cast.
3) The caster must use the x-dimensional calculator to solve the equation in order to know where and how to fold the universe with the minimal energy.
4) The equation solving process is dependent on both the size of the items to be transported and their mass. The more area occupied or the more mass, the longer that the spell requires to cast. More time is required to compute variables, and most of the actual time is spent using the x-dimensional calculator. Note however, that mass transported is not limited, as long as it fits within the pattern area.

The specific, detailed part of the pattern is provided via illusion. The caster calls forth an illusion of the place to be transported to as part of the spell, building that on top of the generic simple pattern mentioned above. This illusion of the place to be transported to interacts, and the physical item held by the caster then allows him to instantaneously make the two locations one.

The lower-level version of this spell is limited to the same plane.
The higher version variant transports across planes.

Pattern Designate – Level 5
Range 0" Components V, S, M
Duration – Permanent Casting Time – 1 round
AOE – Special Saving Throw None
High-level spell required to imprint the pattern. When the spell is cast, the representative key item must be present. Multiple key items can be imprinted during the same casting. The spell can be re-cast to imprint additional key items if more are needed, but this must be done at the imprinting location.
(Also as a side effect, this allows the caster to view magical patterns without setting them off, because this spell is used to work with magical patterns.)

Prestidigitation – Level 4
Range 0" Components V, S, M
Duration – Instant Casting Time – 1 round
AOE – Cloth (as big as the Cloth); Saving Throw Neg (living only)
Illusionists have a long-established tradition of making things disappear and re-appear behind or under pieces of cloth (sheets, curtains, etc.). Most people assume that illusionists are only playing visual tricks or turning something invisible. Most are…but not all. Some can actually make these things move. This spell requires two pieces of cloth infused with identical patterns of some type (see Pattern Designate). Put something under one cloth. Presto! It shifts to under the other cloth. Cast the spell again. Presto, the item under the distant cloth moves to the original cloth. The cloth used does not have to be of any special quality or cost.

Art Appreciation – Level 5
Range 0" Components S, M
Duration – 1 round Casting Time – 5 segments
AOE – Caster + 1 person/lvl Saving Throw None
Two special paintings are created at the same time. The pattern can be hidden by overlaying illusions over the main image. The materials used are quite expensive. When created, a Pattern Designate creates the same resonating pattern between the two. They then become only mildly magical, average paintings.

When casting the activation spell, the caster and a certain number of individuals with him go into the painting on one end. They appear to climb into the painting. Nobody’s quite sure how they got in. It’s very strange. In the same round they journey through the scene in the painting and begin to emerge on the other end. The caster has the option of taking the originating painting with him (which happens somehow nobody is quite sure of) or leaving it behind.

Boom Tube – Level 4
Range 6"+1"/lvl Components V, S, M
Duration – Instant Casting Time – 4 seg
AOE – 10’ radius Saving Throw Neg (living only)
Limited to the same plane
Spell forms a pattern in the air. This connects to the equivalent pattern on the other end, forming a wormhole connection to the location where a previous Pattern Designate has been cast. The wormhole instantly makes a connection to a previously designated pattern. The wormhole sucks whatever sits on top of the pattern through. Living items get a save to resist being sucked through. The caster designates the orientation of the exit wormhole. The wormhole expels the items with an audible boom and with a significant force.

Anatoli’s Bungee Skin – Level 4
Range Touch; Components V, S, M
Duration – 2 rounds/lvl; Casting Time – 1 segment
AOE one creature; Saving Throw: None
This spell makes one creature and all things held extremely pliable and resistant to physical harm. The creature can bend in directions not normally physically possible. Fall from heights of up to 100 feet cause no damage; up to 200 feet cause 2d6 damage, and every 10 feet above that causes an additional 1d6. Note that creatures landing in such a fashion will bounce up to 3/4 as high as they originally fell from.
Also, this spell reduces physical damage dealt. Blunt weapons do 1/4; Slashing weapons do 1/2; Piercing weapons do 3/4. The damaged creature is also knocked backwards 2 feet for every hit point of damage he or she does take.
The material component is 1 ounce of “silly putty” (a mix of plant gums produced at 5 gp/ounce).
There is a 5% chance that the recipient will also turn totally pink (gear and all) for the spell duration.

Anatoli’s Image Preserver – Level 1
Range 3"; Components V, S, M
Duration – Instant; Casting Time – ?
AOE 1 foot globe; Saving Throw: Special
Upon casting, the caster chooses to locate a 1’ glowing blue sphere within 30 feet. The caster also dictates which way the globe faces. The scene in that direction (as seen with normal vision) is printed in color on the vellum sheet held by the caster. The caster must make a saving throw vs spell. Success indicates a perfect copy. Failure indicates that the quality of the image is (caster’s level x 5) + 25% close to perfect.
At the caster’s option the globe can emit the equivalent of a light spell as a flash.
The captured pictures last for 1d6 days. If the vellum is dipped in lacquer before the image fades, it becomes permanent (with a save vs magic by the caster).

Bottle Rockets – Level 2
Range 30 feet; Components M
Duration – 5 rounds; Casting Time – 2 segments
AOE special 5′×5′ area; Saving Throw: Special
Creates 1d6 scintillating missiles that streak toward their target. Each missile strikes unerringly in an area (but not a person) and explode for 1d2 damage each. Each creature in area must make a save per missile in the area or be at a penalty of -1 on initiative the following round.

Anatoli’s Neverfood Fight – Level 2
Range 0; Components V, S
Duration – 1 round/lvl; Casting Time – 1 segment
AOE 1″×1″ per level; Saving Throw: Special
A gnome’s delight. This spell creates an area where any intelligent creature (Int>5) can create and throw Neverfood (multicolored goop like melted sherbert). Beings other than the caster must make a successful Int check/2 in order to initially figure out how to summon the Neverfood. Neverfood may be thrown up to 40 feet, at a rate of two shots per round. The Neverfood does remain when the spell expires. Neverfood striking a spellcaster while casting will disturb concentration unless a save vs spell is made. The verbal component of the spel are the words “Food Fight!”
A dispel magic will always cause any Neverfood to disappear once it has left the area of effect or the spell has expired.

Anatoli’s Dagger Swarm – Level 3
Range 3"; Components V, S, M
Duration – Instant; Casting Time – 1 segment
AOE one creature; Saving Throw: None
Material component is a dagger which is not consumed in the casting. The caster throws the dagger while casting this spell. Images of several identical daggers appear in flight. The caster must roll to hit on the original dagger. If it hits, the target takes damage as if all of the dagger images hit (unless the target actively disbelieves). The number of images are random 1d12 (which reflects the believability of the illusion when it is cast since there is no save).

Anatoli’s Gnomish Guise – Level 3
Range Touch; Components V, S
Duration – 6 turns/lvl; Casting Time – 3 segments
AOE one person; Saving Throw: Neg
The caster touches the recipient and changes the appearance of the recipient to the image the caster envisions within the restrictions of the Change Self spell. The recipient must be under 4 feet tall.

Anatoli’s Shadow Mole – Level 4
Range N/A; Components V, S
Duration – N/A; Casting Time – 1 round
AOE N/A; Saving Throw: N/A
This spell creates a semi-real phantasm of a 1 foot tall dark mole. The creature acts as a courier. The caster visualizes the recipient, which he must have seen previously, and casts the spell. The caster then hands the package, which must be less than 2 lbs, to the mole. The mole then travels through the Plane of Shadow, re-emerging within 10 feet of the recipient. Note: Recipient must be on the same plane as the caster. Also, for the purpose of combat the mole is AC 4 HD 1 HP5

Anatoli’s Morphin Fun – Level 5
Range 0"; Components S, M
Duration – 3 turns/lvl; Casting Time – Special
AOE Caster; Saving Throw: None
This spell alters the caster in some desired fashion similar to Alter Self. This is a quasi-real change that enables the caster to change size by 100% of normal. This form however does not have to stay bipedal. No extra attacks are gained, unless the character is used to this form. Gills, wings, etcetera are all possible with this spell. The caster may alter his appearance up to 3 times during the spell duration. These three alterations must be specified at the time of casting.
Casting time is determined by the amount of body size to be changed. For each 10% change in body size between the original and most different form, 1 round must be spent casting. All changes are instantaneous/ The material component is a mask of clay. the caster must shape the clay into the most different form while casting the spell.

Anatoli’s Shadow Meld – Level 4
Range 0; Components S
Duration – (Level/2) Turns; Casting Time – 4 segments
AOE Caster; Saving Throw: None
The caster is transported to the border between the Prime Material and the Plane of Shadow (per the 7th lvl spell Shadow Walk). However, he may not move from the spot. The caster may return at any time to the Prime, but is forced to return at the end of the spell. The caster may not be detected by spells detecting invisibility but only those which stretch to other planes. There is a 5% chance that the caster will encounter a denizen of the plane of shadow.

Anatoli’s Tinkerer’s Palace – Level 5
Range 1"; Components V, S, M
Duration – 1 Week/Level; Casting Time – 2 hours
AOE 10′ × 20′; Saving Throw: None
Upon casting this spell the caster brings into existence a temporary structure ideally suited for performing spell research (at least for a certain Gnome Ill/Th). The structure mirrors the material component, a 3″×6″ replica of precious materials (5,000 gp worth) which is not consumed in the casting. Features normally included in the replica are running water, a cold refrigerator, and a constant gentle breeze for circulation. With all doors and windows closed no sounds from outside can be heard inside. The walls of the palace, no matter their appearance, are as hard as granite. Items that are part of the interior will wink out of existence if taken outside of the spell area.

Anatoli's Spellbook

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