Anatoli's Circus Network in Furyondy

During the great war with Iuz, the Iuzbane were forbidden from crossing into his lands by the Treaty of Greyhawk.

Furyondy bore the brunt of the fighting in the war, and the land was at risk of falling. Morale was low among the common folk.
While Furyondy was usually way too goody-goody for him, Anatoli still felt an obligation to help, as Iuz taking over would have been worse (maybe).

Anatoli secretly funded a series of traveling circuses who went through Furyondy in even the hardest of times trying to bolster morale. As a side note many of the acrobats were members of the Roughriders, and they would keep their eyes out on their travels either for information or for promising recruits.

The circuses operated for many years on a minimal budget. Anatoli likes to think they helped in some small way to keep Furyondy around. With the defeat of Iuz and the lessening of raids across the DMZ, the circuses have since been disbanded.

Anatoli's Circus Network in Furyondy

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