Dangling Plotlines

The alternative versions of us, which have apparently been connected to this dimension by Anatoli’s use of Alter Reality to bring
alternative versions of our destroyed stuff to us. (Fate warned Anatoli about the danger of him “borrowing stuff”)

Samshee is related to Sym on his human side. But does it go any further than that?

The buildup of power in the Po Marj, among the orcs, as an apparent ploy by Grummush to hijack the status and followers of Sym. T

Who is the Ace of Spades? We have run into some strong necromantic energy twice now and its possible that they are related.

Speaking of Infernal Devices, there is one in the World Serpent’s Inn (masquerading as Fate’s Loom) and one in the Garden of Graves/Elves. We were going to go looking for the creator of those devices. As I recall, the energy from the Garden of Graves/Elves was being channeled somewhere else, to be used for who knows what?
Addendum: Fate’s room in the World Serpent Inn is gone. What happened to the Infernal device that was there?

Iuz’ son, the demigod of pollution, Hexxus, and what is he up to now?
When Samshee went investigating in the DMZ, the weapons of patrol people are stained black, cold forged by someone ?cursed?, stamped with a symbol of chaos. We suspect Hexxus’ involvement.

And of course we have some really, really old ones:
King Ivid the IVth of the Great Kingdom and the Animuses, Living
Undead, based on the Blood Rites, involving the Hextor, Cuthbert, Pholltus, and Orcus

Drow Army @ Geoff
Ivid the Undying

Dangling Plotlines

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