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  • Defenders of the Realm

    A sword and staff, enchanted over several months while Aldeberon and his wife Crysannia camped at the intersection of 3 magic leylines. They represent the penultimate achievement of Al and Crysannia. Both are +4 Defenders

  • Swords of Maximus Elrod

    The swords are custom designed by Maximus and were created by Jebediah Archangel as part of the agreement to get him to work with the adventuring group known as GroundZero.

  • Sword of Sym

    Designed specificaly by Sym the Slayer to be a weapon he could use to oppose all extreme alignmnts, the Equalizer served as Sym's primary weapon for the last half of his adventuring career. He wore it during his final encounter with Iuz and wounded the …

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