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  • Sym the Slayer

    Born Firasa deVa Sian, S'ym had as hard a life as you can imagine for a half-orc. His mother, a mage, was kidnapped and held prisoner for years by an Orcish warlord. S'ym is the by product of that internment. S'ym started out life as a Fighter/assassin …

  • Izek

    Izek was a member of the [[The Fearmasters | The Fearmasters]] and died in their last encounter against GroundZero (aka [[The Iuzbane | The Iuzbane]] )

  • Tzilla

    Tzilla was revived from her sleep in the tomb of her sister, Tzilla, the last of the Mud Sorcerors. She harbored undying hatred towards Aldeberon Orion for slights made against her and her sister during that adventurer. Tzilla was a member of the [[The …

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