Ground Zero

Treasure picks from Hellgate Keep

Off of “Ardric” Body
Robe of Blending
Wand of Illumination (30)
Bracers of Regeneration (as per ring)
Dagger +1, +4 vs. enchanted creatures
Traveller’s spellbook (15th level)
Medallion of Life Trapping

Necklace of prayer beads: 1 karma bead (eyes, fingers)
Scroll of (Blade Barrier, Slay Living, Spike Growth) 14th level
Canbion’s Bracers (cursed)

Crown of Tizantharium. Gain +1 level/5 levels you have already gained)
You must speak the chant. Be one with yourself and your frailties. Have belief in something greater than oneself

2 glyps of level drain – 16th level. drains 1d4 levels
girdle of stone giant strength (ranking 20)
ring of protection from turning
ring of spell turning
wand of fireballs
hat of difference
Dagger of venom (full of poison)

Morningfire – Elven BattleAxe +2, desire to destroy humanoids
detect good/evil in radius
3xday double damage for 2 handed hit
for Chaotic Good wielder, 2d8 weapon for 2handed strikes
special power: 1/month disintegrate (fight for truty and justice)

dagger, thief blade – cuts anything but leather ignores magical armor
2 black & silver blowpipes (+1 protective magic)
pouch w/ 5 marbles. Save vs spells or be plane shifted randomly
obsidian ring – protection from chaos/good/teleport
bone wand – undead creation (skeletons)
club – wall shatterer, +3 on hit, opponent save or be stunned 1d4 rounds

scarab – protection from non-standard golems such as rope/straw
20 charges. 1 charge to be immune to golem special attacks
wearer does not need magic weapons to hit golem

brooch of platinum rose petals – perfumed
leather armor +2

Brooch of Elestria (good drow elven goddes of moon/night). wearer increases figher level by +5 for one turn

Kubrick’s Dwarven Ring Mail +1. protection from all normal missles in an AoE, Shield as per spell in 360 degrees

Dwarven dagger +1
3 +1 shorbow
2 +1 long sword
1 +1 bardiche
1 +1 khopesh

Maxar’s headband – see invisible at night
4x Maxar’s dagger 2/3 vs. large creatures.
Maxar’s phylactary of long years
Maxar boots – striding and springing
Maxar bracers – AC 4, protection from non-magical missles
Maxar leather armor, +3
Maxar ring – does not detect magic, ruby with wizard mark. Can be set to amputate fingers.
Maxar wand of gem detection – detect gems < 1000 gp in 10 ft radius
Marsenna – crown of Wisdom and Memory – for Marsenna onlly allows her to remember anything that she has experienced
Marco and Marcenna Volo’s travel guides
Earth’s Blood – rock from lowest level of Castle Greyhawk
Working Quadruple Crossbow
Twin Blades Alight – Battle Axe
Marsenna’s pendant – detect planar anomalies/entry to other planes and pulses warmly
Boneclub +1
Bone wand – undead animation (10 charges) create 1d10 skeletons per charge
Bone spear +1
Scroll of flesh to silver
Tome/scrolls to create silver golems
Crest of a Knight of Holy Shielding
Silver amulet – brooch of shield ( 10 charges )

huge spool of bloodsilver; poisonous, normally malleable, becomes hard when
dunked in water.

hundreds of hardened blood silver needles (i.e. Taemavril)
book – “Construction and Machinery” by Augustus
Kubrik’s Medallion – “I believe, therefore death is defeated”
Recipe for the best tasting Strawberry Tart ever
Kubrik’s plate/arrowhead/spearhead/hammerhead


Dharm Coppervein of Clan Coppervein has gotten her father, Stoneheart Coppervein, the patriarch of Clan Coppervein, to agree to fundTarl Ironrock’s expedition to found another Dwarven city in the lands controlled by Greyhawk near the Bright Dessert.

Current Global Rumors

[General] -—————————————————————————————————-

Broken Circle?

The Circle of Eight is divided. The more Lawful and good aligned members
think tha the vast amount of evil and chaotic forces that have taken over
several kingdoms must be pushed back at all cost, even though things are
currently balanced in power. Most notably Tenser is leading the LG faction
along with Bibgy,

Mordenkainen is noticeably absent from this and refuses to take sides on
this matter, preferring to instead focus on issues that both groups already
agree on.

None of the members of the Circle of Eight can find Bigby. Since his
resurrection, He has become a total recluse and bordering on paranoia. He
trusts no one, not even his close friends in the Circle and refuses to see
anyone. Even his most favored henchman has not heard from him in quite some
time. Supposedly, Bigby has a hidden retreat that no one else knows about
and that is where he is hiding.

Dark Storm Rising!

To the south of Greyhawk, an Orc claiming to be the brother of S’ym the
Slayer has succeeded in conquering the neighboring states to the Pomarj.
Current reports state that the humanoids of that region have rallied and
are nearly unstoppable. The area is seeking help from any and all that will
provide it. The orc’s name is Turrosh Mak, son of Golgoth Mak.

The Wild Coast is in great danger due to the rising from the Pomarj from
the South. It is the only buffer for Greyhawk and the Directorate has
authorized the formation of a southern army to control that area and keep
it fortified. They have asked Tigran Gellner to lead these troops and he
has accepted.

Rumor has it that the Scarlet Brotherhood is amassing an army and will be
attacking soon. It would be most advantageous if a group of adventurers
would scout into their lands and bring back information on their plans.

Axis and Allies
Rumor has it that a high ranking priest of the Theocracy of the Pale is
currently in the Tenh. There are differing opions as to why the priest is
there. Some say it is standard missionary work. Other say that it is a
final chance at redemption for a fallen priest. Others say that he is seeking
new recurits and helping organize a rebellion against the yoke of Iuz.

The Great Kingdom seems to be stabilzing itself. Since the reports of the undead ruling it have come through, no futher reports of unrest have occurred. Furthermore, the Great Kingdom has issued an edict offering amnesty to all of its former provinces if they swear allegiance to Ivid the Undying. This is basically any kingdom in the Flanaess.

Rumors of an underground liberation movement in Bissel have been circulating. Supposedly some local adventurers want to retake Bissel but this time to be a vassal state to no one. There is no local support from at the grass roots level but the upper nobility agree. it is thought that they think they would be new rulers and that is why the go along.

Iuz has sent an Ambassador to Greyhawk as a sign of good faith. And has offered to reciprocate by allowing Ambassadors to their lands from Any Kingdom that so chooses to send them.

The end of Narcissus

Here’s a summary of what happened. We learned from the ring that Jax wore that Narcissus was somewhere in the Howling Hills which is a sort of Bermuda Triangle kinda place in the lands now occupied by Iuz. We went there with another NPC called Grunt. Grunt is a Half-orc fighter who is Firasa’s 2nd in command. Very tought fighter. 10th level. 112 hit points. and 18/00 strength and 19 constitution. Max donated us the use of Grunt since he and Firasa couldn’t go with us to handle Narciuss. Grunt took front line without a question.

First thing we ran into was an area that appeared to the druid that the life had been drained out of it. We investiaged the area because the ring indicated that Narcissus was in there somewhere and we were surprised by some undead-type creatures that rose from the ground. It appears that they were not undead or special undead because turning them had no affect at all and they appeared to attack just like they did in their previous lives. The gropu turned out to be a high level guard to an entrance in the Hills. Something had attacked and killed them all. The group was very formidable and took some time for us to wipe out. You ended up using some of your giant strenght in the combat. When we finished we located a chasm that the ring indicated led to Black Narcissu (I’m going to abbreviate that Narc from now on). Using your boots, you scouted out and found a tunnedl leading off underground aout 30 yard down into the cavern, using ropes and such we lowered everybody in there. We discovered that Grunt was wearing extremely heavy platemal then. 5 times the normal weight. It gave him incredible protection against missle weapons as well as better AC in melee. However, he had practically no dex. Down in the tunnels we discovered some crystals that seemed similar to the crysmalite but radiated magic of necromantic type. You and Aldebaron deduced that the life energy from the area above was stored in these crystals but you didn’t know how it got there or how to get it back out. We then heard a scream and we investigaed. We came upon A Really Big Mezzodaemon that was completely ripping a drow party apart. It appeared that he had already slain about 7 drow and was killing a female priest when we ran onto him. Tarl decided that he had to help and engaged. We all then engaged and the daemon died fairly quickly. (I had forgotten how damaging you could be to large sized monsters. I also forgot that Grunt got 4 attacks a round. It wasn’t pretty) We discoverd that the drow party was looking for Narcissus and was led by a noble that had been kidnapped. We healed the drow mildly and was going to leave her there but she heard us talk about killing Narcissus and she joined us. She even helped us out.

Anyway, we found made entirely out of crystal. A faint aura of magic was here but that’s all we could tell. We also found about crystals that were bout 6 feel tall that seemed to have shriveled up humanoid shapes inside of them. We couldn’t tell exactly what but Tarl did a detect alignment and found that they did have some type of live essense attached to them. We tried to shatter them but they were indestructible. In the meanwhile, Jax had discovered a section of the wall had been collapsed and a tunnel that led ` off ofit. Just as we prepared to follow, a mist started emanating from the crystal wall. We left in haste and it did not follow.

The tunnel led into large room (100 feet in diameter) with the perimeter being an inscribed pentagram. In addition we saw a smalled thaumaturgic circle. Narcissus and 3 other forms were also present in the room. From the distance we couldn’t see much else except that there was another man sized chunk of crystal with a dark light coming from the ceiling that entered the crstal. We engaged. The first two enemies died swiftly with one hit however at the same time, the drow Priestess betrayed us and cast a spell that instantly killed Grunt in a very dramatic and disgusting way: She caused all of the blood in his body to explode outwards through his various bodily orifices. IT wasn’t pretty. We were lucky that we was covered head to toe in plate mail or it really would have been bad. The drow priestess died under a hail of blows. Turns out that one of the folks that was with Narcissus in the room was the drow noble that the drow priestess served. In addition, she was still apparently in love with Narcissus and was aiding him. While allof this was going on, people were trying to get to Narcissus himself but he apparently had an anti-magic field up as any spell cast at him fizzled about 5 feel from him. We discovered when we had time that it was a wall of force. At the same time, Narcissus finished doing the soul drain it appeared and summoned two normal Mezzodaemons to fight us. In our weakened condition it would have been a losing fight: someone would have died. About this time, you realized this that you could teleport through the wall of force (I didn’t have you down as having memorized a t-port spell and I had forgotten that your sword could teleport). You teleported you and everybody else in the room into the wall of force so that they would be safe from the daemons. Unfortunately, we discovered that the actual wall of force was much smaller than we thought and we were all within melee distance of Narcissus. In addition, he was surrounded. When he realized this, we spit at you and told you to rot in the Abyss and then you (and a few others) cut him down. He died practically instantly. And there was no explosion this time. A few minutes later the wall of force expired and went away. We were making preparations to leave when a mist came through the tunnel and coagulated into a person, obviously a vampire. He complimented us on our victory and warned us that some members of the Bonehard were on their way here with a dozen or so of their finest warriors. Max then showed up as well and warned us that we had better leave quickly. You teleported us away. Seems he was a member of the lesser Bonehart that was allied with Maxx. Anyway, we telported back to Jeb’s place in Greyhawk. Layed low for a few hours and then went back to Briarthorn’s Retreat. There we awakened the last Narcissus to see what had happened to him. Seems that he was not alright and seemed to have some memory of what the other Narciuss clones had done. He had been in suspeneded animation for so long that his body was in very poor shape. He couldn’t even stand without help. He claimed to be innocent but said he could offer no proof and seemed to be calm about the fact that we would most likely kill him. The druid decided that he was not a threat and relinquish claim on his life. As did you. The monk on however decided that he was responsible for anything that his clones did since he created them an killed him before anyone could do anything. [DM’s note:I didn’t know what LJ would do at that point so I didn’t do anything.] Tarl and the druid were both angry with Flame but didn’t do anything at that time. They plan on going back and resurrecting him. [DM’s note, I already made the roll. The lucky bastard came back as a half-elf :-)]

Treasure picks from the Tom of the Mud Scorceror
Tzolo will vanquish her foes....but not this time.

THE ADVENTURE – The Tomb of the Mud Sorcerers

This adventure was chock-ful of fiendish puzzles, hideous monsters, and untold treasure. We had to figure out lots of tricks, messages, traps, etc. The monsters were annis, water weirds, a ghost, a naga, animated statues, a clay golem, an earth elemental, hordes of undead, and an evil Jesulin priestess. Max brought the priestess back with us and she is currently living with Jebediah. There was massive untold treasure which I list below.

Aldebaran suggested that we keep the wishes as party treasure. I don’t object, but I would like to point out that Sym does not regularly adventure with us and he has a legitimate right to benefit from the wishes. I would also like to point out that using a wish to remove the curses from the three ‘useful’ items would be very beneficial.

Untold Treasure:
Ring of Wishes (3)

Boat (named Uzrivoy)
Controlled by the wearer of a particular necklace
12 ft long
Contains two extra-dimensional spaces (dining hall 20×30, hold 20×60)
able to travel over water (7 hexes/hour)
able to travel under water (5 hexes/hour)
able to travel over land (3 hexes/hour)
able to travel under water (5 hexes/hour)
when underwater, the talisman wearer can stay on deck, but everyone
else has to go below
once a week, pass through earth 500 ft.
can’t go up inclines over 45 degrees.

Book of Infinite Spells – First page 4th level Clerical – Cloak of Fear.
Every time a spell is cast, there is a chance (based on profession)
that the page will turn. When the last page turns, the book disappears

Wand of Lightning (30)

Rod of Terror (21)
1 charge – Fear
2 charge- Hopelessness
3 charges- Death

Ioun stone – lavender – absorbs up to 4th level spells (28 charges)

Ioun stone – red – +1 dex

Scrolls – Magic User, 20th level
1) Strength
2) Gust of Wind, Disintegrate
3) Project Image, Tensor’s Transformation
4) Airy Water
5) Crystal Brittle, Monster Summoning IV

Scrolls – Clerical, 9th level
1) Stone Tell, Animate Rock, Spike Stones
2) Dust to Water, Part Water, Stone to Flesh
3) Augury, Purify Water, Purify Water
4) Water Breathing, Raise Dead Fully

Scrolls – General
1) Protection Water Elemental
1) Protection Golems

1) Extra Healing
2) Extra Healing
3) Extra Healing
4) Extra Healing
5) Speed
6) Oil of Disenchantment
7) Elixir of Madness

Cursed Items
1) Girdle – Many Pouches, Hill Giant Strength
2) Gem of Insight
3) Wand of Earth and Stone
4) Necklace of Strangulation
5) Bowl of Watery Death

Money: 36,000 gp
gems: 3 @ 5000, 5 @ 1000,


26,875 gp coins and money from Jebediah for books and Jesulyn relics

32,170 gp jewelry

(minus 5000 gp to the MU guild for identifying the items)


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