Ground Zero

The Marriage of Destiny and Fate



After our meeting with Despair, we knew that Fate was in the Land of Black Ice. So we head there. Jet tries Commune with Nature and gets hit with a 300 hp lightning bolt, also known as a clue-by-four. So we head to Haven (Bubbleworld) to recuperate.

The chimp bartender, Bobo, is talkative and sociable and asking for a girlfriend. Since he never spoke before, we are shocked. Anatoli figures out that Bobo’s new personality is somehow related to Bobo’s have acquired an aspect of Mitchifer. We convince Bobo to leave Bubbleworld and go to the World Serpent Inn.

We don’t see Bobo at the World Serpent’s Inn, we don’t see Bobo. Instead we do see that the Inn has been rearranged into seating areas. Each of us is drawn to a different table with the people we would most like to talk to, thus effectively splitting the party.

We do see Mitchifer, who tells us he has just gotten back from his bachelor party. He is planning to marry.

Maximus is drawn to a table of Sith, including Antarcus (the anti-ranger), some Tharziduun khelmane, and a ink-black human priest of Tharziduun. Jet was reminded of the inkstone that Maxximilien B. Thornblade’s mother used to make those eerie drawings. Maximus vents about his horrible life and how mistreated he is. The Sith are understanding and take his side.

Anatoli decides to lighten the mood by slapping Maximus with a towel. (Slapstick comedy. Haha.) This just makes Maximus angrier. He ignores Anatoli, and the Sith question why he puts up with this abuse. The gnome continues to antagonize. Eventually Maximus uses Telekinesis to body slam Anatoli. Anatoli continues to slap Maximus. Maximus draws his sword and attack, wounding the gnome.

Aldeberon attacks Maximus with Orion Missile. (Al has now spilled blood on the ground at the Inn.) Maximus’s return blow removes Al’s Diamond Skin. Al attacks Maximus again with Magic Missile. Maximus’s next blow removes Al’s Contingency Diamond Skin.

Tarl thinks that the fight might be instigated by something at the Sith table, so he tries to cast Dispel Evil through his Mace of
Disruption, striking at the Sith’s table. This has no apparent effect. Samshi goes under the table to see what might be there, and then decides that is the safest place to stay.

The next round, Maximus attacks Tarl. Anatoli smacks Maximus again.

Next round, Tarl says he won’t attack a comrade. Aldeberon casts Power Word Stun against Maximus, which succeeds.

Next round. Al puts up Walls of Force to separate the combatants. The ink-black guy takes the Walls of Force down. Since Maximus is stunned, Tarl tries to Plane Shift Maximus away to Haven. However, Maximus actually ends up at Angela’s orphanage.

While all this is going on, Jet is out of temporal phase talking to Anita the Red.

Next everyone in the room gets ready to celebrate the wedding of Mitchifer and his bride — who turns out to be Fate. Anatoli is the ring-bearer. He looks at the bride’s ring, and notices that it has an onyx gem, full of endless possibilities. (editorial comment – perhaps an octych?)

They ask if anyone has just cause to protest this union. The ink-black guy protests, and is overruled.

Anatoli summons Zagyg, who shows up and zips his mouth closed, Beetlejuice-style.

Mitchifer says his vows, and his bride puts the ring on Mitchifer’s finger. The bride says her vows, and instead of Anatoli handing Mitchifer the ring, Anatoli gives the ring to ink-guy. The ink guy puts it on, and says thank you. Then ink-guy throws the ring at the bride. The ring is now inert.

The ink guy says to the couple, “You have 24 hours to enjoy the honeymoon.” He leaves.

Now the group starts to brainstorm. Anatoli communes with the guards who have bound Jumper to the Suelese Scepter. Anatoli wants to release Jumper to help thwart the oncoming Armageddon. The guards point out the Jumper would not cooperate with thwarting Armageddon.

We think that we might be able to use the octich that belongs to Maximus. We look for him and Aldeberon finds him at Angela’s. Maximus sees him and slams the door in his face. Al knocks again, and Maximus slams the door in his face again.

Samshi leaves a message with Angela telling Maximus what happened since he left.

The Search for Delirium
Slave Lords Part 2

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, we were following a Windship. The Windship had brought money and supplies to the mine and seemingly had taken the the “mined product” away. Anatoli (still in deep cover as the thief Corwen) had noticed that the supply ship had twice the normal amount of delivery and twice the normal amount of pickup.

Anatoli goes down into the deep mine to talk with the head of mining, a human with oddly short legs named Kobold. Kobold makes him wear an air filter, and takes him deeper into the mine. In the deep mine, Anatoli’s skin fluoresces. Kobold says that is the mark of an “upper”, someone from the upper world. Kobold talks to him about the effects of being underground. Kobold takes “Corwen” down to the site of current mining activity. Apparently, the miners broke through a quartz wall into what seems to be a derro house. Anatoli sees a slave come out with saddlebags for of the processed octagonal crystals. Another slave comes out with saddlebags of unprocessed crystals. Kobold says Corwen was not supposed to be on the boat. However, since the mine is producing more crystal now, Kobold needs more supplies. Kobold gives Anatoli/Corwen a single octagonal crystal and tells him to stay on the boat and take notes.

Tarl suggests that the derro savants had ways of identifying upperworlders and poisoning them.

Corwen/Anatoli gets back on the ship. He is playing cards with some guys when suddently they unlash some chests and batten down others. As soon as they finish, a 50 foot Scorpion King (man’s head and torso, on a giant scorpion body) erupts from the sand. The unlashed chests are sucked into the sand. From the insertion point rises two dozen giant scorpions with the faces of anguished men.

The captain of the Windship, Captain Siptah, climbs a mast and throws his scimitar to attack a scorpion. Next round he leaps down for a backstab. Maxximus sneaks in close enough to use a Sash of Charisma. He tells the Scorpion King to “Go home.” The Scorpion King starts to sink into the ground. The hole created in the sand starts to suck in the Windship. Aldeberan Shape Changes into sand to keep the ship from sinking.

When the dust settles, Captain Siptah has kkilledills many of the scorpion things. He pulls out a holy symbol of Celestian, and blesses the dead sailors. He says this was unusual. Normally, he would expect some purple worms in this area. He also says that three of the sailors who died in the attack and whose bodies are now missing were close friends. Anatoli/Corwent recalls that one of the missing men was involved in loosening the ropes of the now missing chests.

Aldeberan investigates and finds a fist sized ruby in the sand where the Scorpion King disappeared. Anatoli/Corwen collects the poison glands from the dead scorpion things. The sailors work for several hours to pull the ship out of the sand.Then the ship proceeds on to t e next delivery point.

Al uses his Shape Change to become an Earth Elemental and transport Maxximus, Samshee and Jet ahead to where the delivery was supposed to be. Samshee feels the heartbeat of a huge creature below the sand. Coming out of the sand is a man on a metal horse. It looks like Robilar. The horse bears the standard of Robilar, a red flag with a circle of lightning bolts and a white R. We remember earlier seeing a caravan of 5 ships with a white flag, a circle of lightning bolts, and a red R. “Robilar” waits for a while and then leaves.

About an hour later, two dozen scorpion things arise from the sand and
the heartbeat fades away as if leaving. A hooded guy shows up, on a
marble slab. The slab has the same type of navigation symbols on it
as the earlier one that transported Anatoli/Corwen to the mine. The
hooded guy looks around, then taps the stone and disappears.

When the Windship finally arrives, the captain says that the normal
pickup is a guy on a magical horse. Since he is not there, the
captain decides to go on to the Oasis.

In the Oasis, Anatoli heads towards the drinks tent. He is told he can
buy beer but water is free. He meets with Robilar? Bilaro?(we suspect
this is the mirror Bilaro from the Castle Greyhawk adventure, but we
never get his name). Bilaro seems to be willing to pick up the
crystals/dweornite. Anatoli plies him with beer. After 10 drinks,
Anatoli put-pockets a ring of weakness onto Bilaro. Then Samshee
sashays in and lures him back to his room with the intention of

Bilaro is so drunk that he ignores the presence of Maxximus in his
room. Samshee helps Bilaro disrobe. Bilaro then falls unconscious.
Anatoli’s True Sight reveals that this guy is a mirror image of
Robilar. Samshee steals all his stuff, including magic gauntlets,
magic girdle, magic armor and magic broadsword. Note: the name of the
sword is Black Ice.

In the center of the Oasis, Anatoli sees with True Sight a water
elemental trapped between plans and crying. Its tears are the water
source for this oasis. Anatoli sees shackles on the elemental lady’s
feet, binding her to an odd looking rock.

We bring in Tarl, who casts Slow Poison on Bilaro to reduce the
effects of alcohold poisoning. Maxximus starts to interrogate Bilaro.
Bilaro smiles and disappears. The rest of us notice a scrying attempt
in the room. Aldeberan casts Dispel Magic on the scrying point and it
goes away.

Back in the drinks tent, Captain Siptah comes in and wonders where
their contact is. Anatoli says he met the guy, and he wandered away
with a dancing girl in veils. Anatoli points out where the metal horse
used to be. The tracks lead to the fountain and then out into the

Eventually a person in a brown hooded cloak with a staff shows up. He
taps the chests and they disappear. He hands a small leather chest to
Anatoli and a pouch of gems to Siptah. Anatoli put-pockets a bit of
Anatoli’s fingernail onto the hooded man. The hooded man asks if
Corwen/Anatoli is ready. Anatoli is confused and the man gets
suspicious. Anatoli acts drunk and pitiful because of his horrible
day. The man smiles and gives him money for a meal and a room for the
night, and a scroll of transportation that will get him to the
rendezvous the next morning.

We follow the metal horse’s hoof prints out to the desert, to the
point where they disappear into a spiral in the sand. A giant ant
lion shows and and we kill it.

Al identifies the huge tear drop ruby. It gives its wearer protection
from fire.

Al uses the Eye of Thera to find the origin of the Tears of Delirium.
He sees a lady in a tavern having a terrific time. Off in the corner,
a manacled lady is crying. Occasionally someone comes by to collect
the tears. It appears to be in the Great Kingdom, in the far eastern
area in an abandoned fort. An Augury reveals that the Tavern entrance
is in Veluna, nowhere near the Great Kingdom.

Anatoli, accompanied by Jet the Safety Rat, uses the teleport scroll.
Al watches him, using the Eye of Thera. For a moment, Al sees
Beyodar, and then the Eye focuses on Anatoli. Anatoli/Corwen and Jet
show up in a barracks, with two soldiers playing cards. He sees
Trelane, a mage and a lieutenant in Veluna, who delivered the Tears of
Delirium to Corwen. Trelane asks if he has been successful in
infiltrating the Iuz Bane. Anatoli/Corwen says he has had some
success. Trelane of Veluna seems to be trying to find the money behind
the Slave Lords.

The rest of the party go to Veluna. While headed toward the Mage’s
Guild, we see the entrance to the tavern that we believe to be holding
Despair. We enter the bar and Maxximus asks Despair why she is there.
She says that is where she last saw her sister, Delight. Once she
leaves, she will only be able to remember her sister as Delirium.

The other people in the bar are Despair’s khelmane. Maxximus asks where Fate is. Despair says, “She is currently in the Land of Black

Maxximus and Anatoli explain that Despair’s tears are being used to create drugs that enslave people. Despair gets mad. The City
Comptroller comes in to collect the tears. Despair focuses on the Comptroller and his guards. They begin to die – aging, asphixiation,
heart attack, suicide.

Anatoli tells Despair these people are only pawns. Maxximus asks Despair to help us find her mother. Despair says, “50 miles east of
the Castle of Fire and Ice, in the Land of Black Ice, North of the Kingdoms of Iuz.”

Despair and her khelmane retinue leave. On her way out, she curses the comptroller, “You will never know happiness again.” Anatoli
performs a mercy killing on the comptroller.

The bartender does not recall Despair being there.

The Search for Delirium
Enter the Slave Lords

General knowledge. The encampment of Tharziduun worshippers is getting a lot of traffic. Many of new Critwall’s ‘undesirables’ have
left for Greyhawk and Dyvers. Law enforcement in New Critwall has become very lawful neutral and the officers have the power of summary execution for endangering the city.

Maximus and Jet each receive a note, “Heard you were looking for the Lady. Might have a lead. Meet you in Dyvers, at the Leaping Frog
Inn.” We know that bar. It is run by Pollywog, a short guy with almost no neck who is a retired adventurer. He makes people who start
fights in his bar have to eat a frog from his collection of frogs.

Samshee and Al leave early for the Leaping Frog in disguise. Anatoli surreptitiously keeps watch on the outside of the bar. Maximus and Jet walk in and chat with Pollywog. We drink to absent companions. He tells us that our contact is in his office. We check our link and are surprised that Tarl checks in.

In Pollywog’s office, we meet a thin, young man who introduces himself as Mister Corwen of Five Oaks. He heard that we were looking for the Lady Fate. He tells about an instantly addictive drug being sold in the Bright Desert. It is made from the tears of a woman, and is called Delirium. The drug is keeping the slaves in the mines of the Bright Desert in line. It is being distributed from the Great Marsh. The head of the distribution network is named Thule. Thule uses dessert svirfneblin and their underground railroad to deliver his goods in the desert. Corwen said he heard Thule say, “This will be the best con in the world as long as the Iuz Bane don’t find out.” Corwen knows of Jet, since her first grove was near Five Oaks. He says his mother spoke highly of Jet. Corwen says he walked away from his job, because he could not stand the way the drug destroyed the ‘soul’ (will?) of the addicts. He
expects Thule to be after him.

Anatoli sneaks into Pollywog’s office and talks to Corwen for a while to get a sense of his accent and some basic information. Anatoli also asks what Corwen would have done if we had not shown up. Corwen said he regularly spends time with a prostitute (elven? half-elven?) in the city. He would have gone there. Anatoli wants to go undercover in Thule’s organization as Corwen. Anatoli switches clothes with Corwen and sees that Corwen has a Wizard Mark on his shoulder. This is very odd since Wizard Marks can only be placed on objects.

Anatoli uses Nolzur’s Pigments to create the Mark on his own body. True Sight reveals that Corwen is a 13th level thief. The Wizard Mark belongs to Emirikol the Chaotic of The Greyhawk Wizard Guild. True Sight also shows that Corwen regularly uses potions. Corwen says it is a potion of ESP. He is also wearing a holy symbol of Istus.

We put Corwen to sleep with Jet’s sleep dust and put Corwen in Anatoli’s bag. Jet asks Anatoli to look over Corwen’s note for a
hidden message, now that we know Corwen is a thief. There is a message in Assassin’s cant. “Thule is seeking to overthrow the King of

Out in the bar, Samshee and Al note that a guy dressed all in gray has finished his dinner. He talks in Pollywog for a bit and gives him a
frog from Down Under for Pollywog’s collection. Pollywog refers to him as Gray. Anatoli, now disguised as Corwen, goes out and sits at the bar. Gray comes up and sits next to Anatoli. Anatoli insults Gray’s wine. They converse in Thieves Cant. Gray walks away.

Maximus and Jet leave to check into a nearby hotel. Al follows us in disguise to see who follows us. Samshee stays behind to back up

A red-headed dandy in brightly colored clothes and a rapier and main gauche ignores us but starts to follow Al. Al’s ESP gives no thoughts from the dandy, a condition true of undead but also occurs with psionic protections and non-detection. The dandy bumps into Al. The dandy reeks of perfume so Al casts Freshen. The spell bounces. The guy challenges Aldebaron to a duel. Al tries to walk away, but the dandy says, “Are you walking away from a fight, Aldeberon Orion?”

Since Al is in disguise, Al is really surprised. He comes back. The guy says he is looking for revenge. Al killed him during that period
of insanity when Al had been making potions and made one incorrectly. Al had paid for all the people he killed to be raised from the dead. Unfortunately, this guy stayed alive only for one week and died again. This started a pattern of living for a week, dying, and reviving. His wife had buried him, and he had not been able to get out of his grave for a year. His wife had remarried and now sees him as a monster. The dandy says Al can call him Grundy. Grundy asks after Al’s wife.

Grundy draws his weapons and offers Al first strike. Al attacks with a sword and sees that Grundy bleeds red. Then Al encloses Grundy in a hemispherical Wall of Force. Grundy says he will do nothing to harm Al if Al lets him leave. Al drops the Wall of Force, tosses in a spell stone with a Fireball on it, and raises the Sphere of Force again. Al then triggers the Fireball. The guy burns to death over several rounds. People come out into the street and the city guard arrive. Jet and Maximus distract the guards while Al casts Disintegrate on the corpse. A death wail (like a Banshee Wail) is heard. We survive but all the guards and innocent bystanders die, perhaps 20 people.

We go back to Sanctuary and ask Tarl to cast Augury to see if using a wish to keep the people from dying of the Death Wail would benefit or harm the party. The Augury says benefit. Al uses the meta magic staff to cast Wish so that the people who died from the Death Wail instead made their save.

In the meantime, back in the bar… Anatoli acts scared like Gray has made him and runs out of the bar as if to leave through the back. Gray leaves from the front. Three guys follow Gray. Samshee follows the three guys. Three other guys come in through the back door. Anatoli distracts these guys by throwing something in a far corner and slips out the back door.

Just outside the door, Anatoli bumps into a short, invisible guy. The invisible guy says he is there to help, but he wants to know why
Corwen left. Anatoli said it just got to him. He needed two days. The guy says it is about that girl, isn’t it? He (Corwen) has two
days, but Corwen knows what will happen if Corwen doesn’t come back after that.

We all regroup in Sanctuary. Corwen had a token which needs to be taken to a particular shaman. The Shaman takes the token and uses a wand and a stone with an inscribed circle to transport Anatoli to a mine in the desert.

Anatoli (still posing as Corwen) tells us over the link that the entrance to the mine looks like a sand lion pit – which makes exit
very, very difficult. Over the next two weeks, Anatoli discovers that there are several mines, connected by the svirfneblin railroad. Only
the slaves in the lowest mines receive the drug Delirium, because 1) the drug destroys intelligence but 2) the drug protects again the
gases found in that part of the mine. That part of the mine appears to be a source of dweornite, the raw material of an untemplated ioun stone.

Aldeberon looks into the Wizard Guild records to learn more about Emirikol. Apparently, he kept trying experiments that the Wizard Guild would learn about and then have to ban. (Who knew that the Guild needed to have a ban against grafting tentacles onto living people? Who knew that the Guild needed to have a ban against vivisection? Now they know.) Emirikol was an Oeridian with red skin, long black hair, a thin mustache, and tended to wear breeches and sleeveless shirts. He is rumored to live in a castle surrounded by whirling air carrying chunks of rock and metal.

During his duties as a courier, Anatoli determines that the pattern of the teleport stones appears to use the symbols of celestial navigation to indicate the destination. They are carved into marble slabs. The marble slabs are moved around to allow different entry points.

Jet asks her earth element assistant, Rockon, if there is a place where rock and metal whirl around in a circle around a castle. (Note:
Stonedar is still recovering from moving all the dragon bone back to the Elemental Plane of Earth.) Rockon comes back having found some dust devils who have been hanging out at just such a location.

Anatoli has discovered 12 mines where dweornite is being dug up (and therefore 12 locations where Delirium is being administered). There are at least 40 mines on the svirfneblin railroad. The railroad worker sverfnibblen all have necklaces of enchanted stones. The
non-slave overseers are paid with gold minted in Urnst. The gold is delivered by sandship, manned by the desert people.

When next Anatoli is selected to pick up the Delirium, he plans to ‘put pocket’ a bit of his fingernail on the delivery guy. We plan to
track where that goes.

We decide to follow the money until Anatoli goes to pick up the Delirium. Jet asks the desert buzzards to find the mine with a sand
lion funnel type entrance. They do so. We intend to shadow those guys to learn more about the operation. However, we do not intend to engage. Our primary focus is finding out about the Delirium.

Empress to the Orc Nation! or not.

Prologue: Encounter with the Hooded Ones

We are at the World Serpent’s Inn. Maxximus is returning to our table after a visit with Struva. In front of him are a bunch of 5 of Tharziduun’s khelmane and a 6th person hidden in a hood. Maxximus feels a faint awareness that there is someone nearby — like the “buzz” in Highlander.

The five khelmane and the hooded guy sit at a table. An adventuring group lead by a cleric of Pholtus head toward that table. The cleric tells the khelmane to leave. Strega, the former Valkyrie who now runs the bar, warns everyone that fighting is not permitted in. The cleric
pulls the hood back from the hooded guy and then stumbles back in horror. The now unhooded man says “You will never sleep again.” and rehoods himself. The Pholtus cleric’s group leaves the bar area. Then a hooded female shows up in the bar and the khelmane and the hooded man leave with her.

As a bit of background: Only gods originally ascended from the Prime Material Plane can have their holy warriors (khelmane) show up on the Prime Material Plane. At least that was true when Fate was living in the World Serpent Inn. Who knows if that is true now? The gods we
know of that ascended from the Prime include Iuz, Sym, Hexus and various members of the Company of Seven such as Zagig, Keoghtom, Murlynd, Nolzur, Tasha/Iggwilv, Quaal, and Heward.

The Orcish Empire:

When Maxximus and Samshee investigated the Pomarj before, they found that Turosh Mak (a half orc) was having astonishing, unprecedented success uniting the tribes of orcs and half orcs and other humanoids. Turosh Mam’s two lieutenants are G’nort (half orc, half hill giant)
and G’rowl (half orc, half gnoll). The priests that surround Turosh Mac are priests of Lugrash. In the orcish pantheon, Grummsh is the chief and Lugrash is Grummsh’s strategist.

We ask Vijay what he might know about Samshee and her history that might explain why she had khelmane chasing her on the Prime Material Plane. Vijay thinks that Turosh Mak is Samshee’s father. Someone learned this fact and was trying to capture Samshee to use in a plot involving Turosh Mak.

Samshee thinks she can do best by revealing her kinship directly to Turosh Mak and the fact that someone was trying to capture her probably to use her against him. We think we might be able to get an audience with Turosh Mak by impersonating a hogoblin leader. We go to
Highport, near the Pomarj, and Anatoli makes us look like a hobgoblin caravan. We ride into hobgoblin territory with a wagon of beer laced with a mild sleep poison. We make our way to the camp of Ulan, and give out “free samples” of the beer we are trying to sell. The hobgoblins have a party. Maxximus has fun drinking and wenching. Some fall asleep from the beer. Aldeberon’s Sleep spell takes out some more. Samshee’s sap knocks out Ulan, the leader of this group. We pop the 12 highest ranked members of the group into Anatoli’s bag
(Bucknard’s Purse). Aldeberon Shapechanges into Ulan, and we walk out, looking like Ulan and his lieutenants. He tells anyone who asks that he is going for more beer and he will be back when he is ready.

Jet takes a Malta’s Carpet and Walks Through Trees to get near Turosh Mak’s court. The rest of the party Malta to join her. Anatoli makes us look like the 12 highest ranked members of Ulan’s clan. Al, of course, still looks like Ulan. We make our way into camp and G’rowl eventually finds us and asks our business. Al says we are there to discuss an alliance with Turosh Mac. G’rowl will only let a “few” of us in. Anatoli stays out in the outer area to maintain the illusion of the large entourage. The rest of us go in.

Al (as Ulan) negotiates a treaty with Turosh Mac – Turosh’s support against the other hobgoblins and recognition of Ulan’s territory as covering all territory held by other hobgoblins in exchange for Ulan’s support in Turosh’s campaigns. Ulan also agrees to pay taxes.

When the agreement is reached, Al gets close enough to whisper to Turosh that he has a secret to share. Turosh and Al and Samshee and G’rowl go into a private room and Al reveals that Samshee is Turosh’s daughter. Turosh is impressed because he knows Al is not Ulan, and he thinks Samshee manipulated Al into setting this up. Samshee describes the khelmane who were chasing her in Greyhawk. Turosh identifies the symbol on those khelmane as Clabash, a tribal insignia of orcs loyal to Sym. Turosh suggests that Samshee publically announce her lineage in front of the orcs. That would give her the protection of his name.
He also suggests that she could stay there and spend time with her people.

Back in the main room, Maxximus gets into a brawl with 15 or so orcs. He easily defeats them and goes back to drinking and wenching.

Turosh sends Al back out to the main room to have some private time with Samshee. He congratulates Samshee on her successful manipulation of “Ulan”. He knows that the real Ulan would never have dared to come here after sending Turosh’s envoys back with their eyes gouged out. Turosh offers Samshee a bone necklace with the symbol of House Mak. He
promises to tell his agents to leave Samshee alone.

Turosh offers us the hospitality of his camp. We go to a tent. Anatoli checks the bone necklace with True Sight. It appears to be a holy item of Grummsh.

Al uses Shapechange to investigate the camp as dog, orc, bat, and invisible stalker. He sees nothing unusual except Turosh’s magic spear.

Maxximus also takes a look around. His Detect Magic reveals that all twelve of Turosh’s generals have some kind of magic effect. Also, the generals’ tents all have some magic wards. G’rowl’s tent has a much stronger ward than the generals – the ward of a 9th level cleric.
Talking to the generals, Maxximus finds that each general was defeated by Turosh using a magic spear. The wound that each got from that spear has never healed.

Jet tries Commune with Nature. Nature asks permission to establish an orcish druid, since no other race stays in the area. Jet remembers her own long-ago decision to expel the orcs from her after Sym’s death directly from Grummsh’s hands. She decides she should demonstrate
that she does accept the orcs now as fully equal to the other sentient races and agrees to permit orcish druids.

Turosh invites Samshee back to his tent to discuss family matters. Jet tells Samshee that she will keep a surreptitious (shape-changed) eye on their meeting as a safety net to ensure nothing happens against Samshee’s will. Samshee goes over to Turosh’s tent. He pours her
some wine, pays her somecompliments. She asks about his spear. He says is is the Tear of Grummsh. It formed when Grummsh’s eye was destroyed by Corellon. It will kill any elf it touches. He says he also has another spear, which he hints is kept hidden by his brothers.
She asks how he came to be so powerful. He cuts his palm with a stone knife and drips his blood into a goblet. He adds some wine and offers her the blood-laced drink. He tells her it is addictive. She drinks. She does not remember what happens next.

When she wakes up a few hours later, she is naked and euphoric. She has a few cuts and bites. Turosh is sitting some distance away, clothed, staring at her. He says he is impressed by her strength and resiliency. He offers her a 1000 orcs bowing down. She says she is
not excited by that. He asks her what she wants and she feels some pressure in her head. He invites her to stay in his camp until she figures out what she wants. He says that the blood drink proved she was of the blood of the tribe Mac, since she did not die. He knows
she is not his daughter, because the pull is too strong. However, he thinks this is an advantage.

Samshee asks Turosh Mac for more of his blood to feed her wailing club. He leaves her a small vial of blood and tells her to talk to G’rowl who would be delighted to bless and seal her club.

She goes to visit G’rowl to ask for help with her club. G’rowl says she needs a high priest of Grummsh, and he is not a high priest of Grummsh. He still has both eyes, even though he wears an eyepatch that he pulls down to examine the club.

G’rowl tells G’nort that Samshee is family. G’nort hugs her. G’rowl promises to find her a high priest of Grummsh.

Samshee rejoins our group. Jet reports on what happened while she spied on the meeting of Samshee and Turosh. After drinking the blood, Samshee’s eyes turned red black and she attacked him ferociously with feet and teeth. He defended himself. She then kissed him and started to take her clothes off. He started to move toward the bed. She collapsed unconscious. After a little while, she woke up and attacked him again. Again he defended. Again, she kissed him. He started to respond and she went unconscious again. This happened one more time. He seemed to be waiting for something dramatic to happen, but it
didn’t. Its worth nothing that during their encounter Samshee bit Turosh’s right arm deeply enough to leave a wou**nd. She also at some point bit her own arm. She was slightly bezerk at times.

We head out. We drop the hobgoblins back at their own camp. Samshee put a couple of drops of Turosh’s blood on her club. A blood line forms. She talks to Fuqua (Sym’s orc shaman) and he senses something different about her. He tells her to keep her club nearby because she is now irresistable to orcs. He thinks a priest blessed her. She tells him about drinking Turosh’s blood. He tells her this is an orcish ritual to share the power in the blood. He also tells her that if she gets a priest to bless her club, she should afterwards bash
that priests head in. She gives her club to Fuqua and he chants over it. She thinks the club now feels good in her hands. He says he has to do some research, but he thinks he could seal the club, but it would be slower than if a priest of Grummsh did it.

Tharzidun Has Arisen:

Maxximus notices his Cold Obsidian rods need recharging from Tharzidun’s Obelisk. He last charged them at the Obelisk at the tom of Maxximilian Thornblade’s Mother, Ehlyssa Ironblade. We go there to find an encampment of khelmane around the Obelisk. The khelmane have apparently disassembled Alyssa’s house and used the parts to build the camp.

The khelmane explain that Tharzidun awoke a few months ago. He has risen to establish the balance. They explain that Tharzidun has been misunderstood because he originally allied with evil powers to take out the good powers who were ascendant. When evil became in
ascendence, he started taking out evil powers. All he wanted to do was just maintain the balance.

Jet suspects that the time of the awakening of all these old sleeping god corresponds to Fate leaving the World Serpent Inn.

Maxximus goes into the room with the Obelisk. It is very cold, so he puts on his robes from Tharzidun’s temple. He touches his rods to the Obelisk and they are recharged. He kneels and meditates on the words of the priests. The supplicants around the obelisk are praying and he recognizes that all the worshipers have an overpowering hatred of something and want redress for the injustice that they have suffered. All worshipers have a rod of Cold Obsidian in front of them, but none of the rods are charged. In one corner, a diaper-clad old man in a huge metal horned helmet mumbles that the dark lord has returned. Dark incense is being burned in this room.

A priest tells us that Ehlyssa Ironblade’s grave has been moved. We know that Alyssa Ironblade had one son (Maximilien B. Thornblade) by her elven lover (Gideon Oakthorn) and another son (Oyo) by her human lover (Malachi). Malachi was a priest of Tharzidun, who sacrified Oyo to attempt to resurrect Tharzidun. Alyssa now has a massive mausoleum decorated with Alyssa’s art and filled with the smoke of more dark incense. The inscription on her tomb now reads, “Here lies the Holy Mother, Alyssa Ironblade, who bore both sons of Tharzidun.” Maxximus feels that the tomb is warm in the otherwise freezing mausoleum.

A hooded priest shows up. He gives Maxx the same “buzz” of awareness as the hooded guy in the World Serpent Inn. He lifts his hood. It is Antarcus, the anti-ranger whose previous appears drove Maxximus to homicidal fury. Now, Maxximus does not feel that rage. Antarcus greets Maxximus pleasantly. Maxximus asks Antarcus for his story. Antarcus says he lost his goddess’ favor because he murdered a man to get that man’s wife. Antarcus’ goddess (Beory) refused to allow Antarcus to atone. Antarcus no longer hates other rangers. Now he hates Beory. When Tharzidun manifests, Tharzidun will teach Antarcus (and the other knights of the Asitheri) how to kill gods. Tharzidun will have justice for his millenia of imprisonment. (Note: The foes of the Asitheri are the J’dai. Yes, gentle readers, this is a Sith vs Jedi grudge match.)

We head back to the World Serpent’s Inn. We take a look at the wall of gods. In the area of the sleeping gods, Tharzidun’s “picture” has disappeared. In a different area, a new unlabeled picture of a faceless swordsman has appeared.

Eight khelmane have a table in the Inn. On the table is more burning dark incense. Samshee goes over there, and at first feels the cold. However, one of the khelmane says she is balanced, and the cold sensation disappears. Samshee sits and talks to them for a long time.
Jet is astonished because khelmane have never before had personalities, individualized appearances, or casual conversations. Jet finds this to be beyond strange.

The Meta Magic Staff

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, Al was using the Metamagic Staff to cast 9th level spells as 8th level spells. Using the staff to cast the a spell as a lower level spell took three charges. Casting any spell into the staff charged the staff with the number of charges equal to the level of the spell. By Jet’s calculation, this meant three first level Light Spells would allow Al to cast the 9th level spell Wish which he could not cast before. Because of this power imbalance, Jet thinks the staff must therefore be receiving its power from some external force. Since it was a key component in an Infernal Engine, Jet thinks it is probably connected to an Abyssal Power. ( Either that or we are still trapped inside Aldeberon’s mind )

We are sitting in the Adventurers’ Guild bar, when Al receives a telepathic message from his Simulacrum in Questor. “There is a
problem.” His Simulacrums are dissolving into snow melt. We use our Sanctuary badges and tattoos to get to Questor. The sky is dark and there is a necrotic chill in the air. Large undead of many different types (some level-draining) are everywhere. Everyone there looks shadowy like on the Plane of Shadow, but we glow. We take damage every round. Jet feels disconnected from all planes and believes she will go incurably insane in 10 rounds.

Round 1: Al’s Metamagic Staff throbs as if about to overload. He casts Orion’s Missile using the staff to eliminate casting time and feels a sense of release. (What! The! Heck! is up with that? The staff automatically charges on Negative Material energy? Warning! Warning!) Maxximus destroys undead with his Cold Obsidian Maces. Anatoli’s True Sight reveals that we are on a brand new demiplane. The center of the new plane is inside Al’s tower. The demiplane is one of undeath, where the monsters have 10 times their normal hit points. Jet brings up a Wall of Fire.

Round 2: Combat occurs. We think that the people originally at the the keep have been converted to undead. Anatoli pulls out a portrait of Al’s wedding.

Round 3: We all walk through the portrait. Inside the portrait, an imaginary wedding of Al and Crysania is taking place. Anatoli
receives a Kodagnome of the wedding from a younger version of himself. We walk out into Crysania’s study, where the matching portrait is hung. Jet’s Wall of Fire is now a fiery halo over her head.

Round 4: Ice Demons attack. Possibly they are the undead form of Al’s Simulacrums. Maxximus’ Cold Obsidian Maces and Jet’s fiery halo take them out.

Round 5: We rush to the top floor. There is a demi lich with his hands around Crysanian’s throat. The demilich says, “I want to see who was playing with my things.” Anatoli with his True Sight can see that there are five gems in a pouch around the demilich’s neck. Four gems are the ones needed to recharge the Metamagic Staff. The 5th gem appears to be the demilich’s soul gem.

Round 6: Anatoli uses Nolzur’s Pigments and his True Sight to create an exact replica of the demilich’s soul gem. Anatoli then holds the fake gem up and says, “You have something we want. We have something you want.” The demilich reflexively reaches for the gem in his pouch, releasing his hold on Crysania.

Round 7: Samshee pushes Crysania out of the way. Maxximus uses his maces and Jet throws her fire halo and the lich’s skull explodes.

Round 8: Anatoli grabs the soul gem out of the pouch and uses Codex Killer on it. It was the focus of the creation of this demiplane, so it causes the bubble of undeath energy to pop. Jet feels her connection to the other planes restored. Yeah!

Anatoli summons Tarl (Class 6 emergency) to come deal with all the undead running around Questor. Al and Tarl look at the “fake” soul gem and see that it now contains the soul of the demilich. Tarl and Crysania ritually destroy the original soul gem and the “fake” soul gem. Al Disintegrates the dust. Jet uses a spell to lay the soul to rest.

We head to the College of Rel Astra and Lo Rel Tarma to find a sage or two on sleeping gods (Wotan’s awakening raises some questions in our minds), the Ace of Spades (the previous owner of the Metamagic Staff) and the Plane of Undeath.

Maxximus visits the Martial College to investigate an odd triangular scar. They tell him a triangle of bone was cut out of his skull, and then re-inserted. The meticulous work suggests elven craftsmanship. They speculate that the drow did it and that it potentially explains his extreme violence and hatred of drow. It would be part of the process of turning him into a perfect weapon against other drow.

Another sage tells Anatoli that his dagger, Codex Killer, is actually the tooth of a Tarasque. It was taken by some member of the Company of Seven and fashioned into a holdout blade. Since then it has been regenerating. It is already a large dagger.

Jet gets a list of some notable sleeping gods. Wotan (Norse, father of Odin), Cronus (Greek Titan, father of Zeus), Yung Lao (Chinese, predecessor of the current Jade Emperor), Gilgamesh (Babylonian, poisoned by Tiamat), Bryn Warr (Celtic, follower of Morrigan), Madrirappa (Indian, opposed the Trinity of Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva), Mikko (Finnish, gave other gods their aspects) and Cthulu.

The sages consider the Plane of Undeath to be a theoretical idea. It would need a Power, and the sages suggested Vecna or one of his acolytes.

Next Jet asks us to continue to look for Beodar’s most recent incarnation. Anatoli decides to Dream a path. He wants to use one of Max’s Carpets (Malta’s Pattern for Dyvers) and something from Beodar’s keep in Sanctuary.

We go to Beodar’s keep and find it furnished inside with sumptuous elven treasures. It is being maintained by six elven shield maidens (Beory, Elanwy, Oreanna, Deanna, Ayenna, Rhianna). This keep includes a temple of Corellon and a room with the Cavalier’s sword and shield to be used in defense of the elven lands. In the room with the sword and shield, Anatoli’s True Sight reveals someone whose touch leaves a visible signature has been touching the sword and shield within the
last month. There is also an extraordinary library of all the books an Elven Cavalier would need. The same prints are found in Beodar’s library, especially on a book on Elven bards. There are no elven bards as far as we know. We check out Beodar’s bedroom in the basement (straw pallet, niche shrine to Lyra Nevasere with a lock of red hair). Someone with red hair has been sleeping on that pallet.

We also check out the Honeymoon Suite. Someone small with red hair has been sleeping above the covers in that room as well. In the Temple of Corellon, there is a stack of chants written in Common that do not have a recognizable rhyme or meter. The brazier in front of the statue of Corellon (in his Redeemer aspect) is filled with ash. Al translates the top chant to Elvish (it rhymes) and then burns the parchment containing the chant in the brazier. To Aldeberon only, the statue of Corellon briefly appears to change and say “no”.

Jet tries a Sensitivity to Psychic Impression on a chant. She sees a long haired man being taught by the shield maidens. She tries again in the honeymoon suite, and sees the Queen of Selene, except the woman has red hair.

Anatoli Dreams, wrapped in the Malta’s Carpet, and sleeping on Beodar’s pallet. He wakes up and wanders into the kitchen to get some warm milk. The shield maidens refer to him as “My lord.” A mirror shows that he looks like a long-haired human man. He wanders into the library and finds notes about a traditional bardic journey. In the Honeymoon Suite, he sees the sleeping Queen of Selene with red hair.

He wakes her and she says, “I knew you would return.” She goes back to sleep. Anatoli turns around and sees Max’s brother Oyo (who we know is dead). Oyo says, “Why do YOU get to cheat death?”

The next morning we talk about it. We think the long haired guy looks like Vijay, except about 20 years younger We visit Vijay in New Critwall. We show him the picture and one of the chants and tell him about Max and Beodar and Jet’s vision and Anatoli’s Dream. Maxximus hoods Vijay and we take him to Sanctuary into Beodar’s keep. The shield maidens recognize Vijay as their lord, and present themselves to him by name and aspect, to serve him.

Anatoli casts True Sight and reveals Vijay as a 96 year old human bard, 22nd level. His name if Valifenor Jolen. He uses Druidic Shape Change to look different ages. He is the Grand Master of the bardic college MacFurmidh

Vijay says Samshee’s father is Sym’s half-brother, Turrosh Mak. Golgoth Mak was blessed by Grummsh with long life and fertility. Every woman Golgoth Mak had sex with had his baby. Golgoth was the father of Sym and Turrosh Mak.

Vijay asks what he can do to assist Ground Zero? Maxximus shows Vijay his scar. Vijay says Maxximus was a made into a Living Weapon to be used against drow.

Al asks about getting rid of the Curse of the Codex of the Infinite Planes. Vijay says Al’s spirit is tethered to the book. He needs to research the creator of the book and its first victim – The Mad Monk Tzonk.

The Krampus

Oh my goodness, it WAS the Krampus. He is the personal “pet” of Wotan, the now sleeping father of Odin and previous All Father of The Norse Pantheon. Somehow, Wotan has been awakened and with that, the Krampus. We managed through a serious of events involving a comedy of errors or is that an error of comedies to create a new Klaus who is the other side of the coin of Krampus who has the job of successfully targeting kids for the Krampus so he only takes the bad ones and then making sure that they are returned safe after they are punished appropriately.


After dealing with the events of “Inception”. We decide to head on over to our favorite hole-in-the-wall, The Crypt, for some cheap beer and free entertainment. Upon opening the door, we immiediately recognize that there is an issue because no one yells to close the door or throws anything in our direction. After entering, it is obvious the place is mostly desserted. The arkeep, Baldrick, explains that almost everybody that is anybody is off trying to complete a quest. Apparently some kids have gone missing. A few eye witnesses say that they have been kidnapped by something called The Krampus which is a beast from Nordic lore. A priest of Freya is offering a reard. The notice is posted at the Adventurers Hall so we head over that way. once there we read the quest:

Offering 5,000 gold pieces a person for up to 5 persons who are able to locate the missing children and clear the good name of the Norse pantheon. All or\ nothing. First one successful gets the reward. We decide to investigate and \ head to visit the priest. Her name is Astrid. She explains to her that yes, it does sound like them mythical norse beast but that the beast really is just a myth and doesn’t exist. Its a story used to scare children and that is all. She thinks someone is trying to frame the norse priests and make them look bad. She gives us the location of the last few missing children and we are off.

We then remember that we know a Norse cleric and go find him. We contact Fenris, a cleric of Uller who is training some acolytes north of Greyhawk. After we gather info from him about the Krampus, he volunteers to join us on this soiree. He said that his prayers said that he should help solve this problem but that he was to wait until the mystery came to him. He thinks we
are that sign.

After a lot of investigative work in both the Artisan’s Quarter and the Thieve’s Quarter with Fenris, we managed to find some kids that have actually seen what is going on and they give us more leads. Everything seems to indicate that whomever is taking the kids, is in the sewers. We head in. We are able to track over time slow. It takes both Maximus and Fenris skills to keep the trail. We eventually find a small shrine like area with what appears to be a door. Using Fenris skills to interpret, the thieves are able to disable all the traps that were around it. We then open the door. Which appears to lead to a pocket dimension. Maybe even totally off plan. We can see large footprints leading off into deep snow. Fenris recommends that we follow so that we don’t loose the trail. After a short discussion, we head in.

Its cold. And for some of us feels very familar, like we have been here before. BUt that could just be the eerie feeling that location was exuding. In any event, we travel forward following the tracks. We noted that the tracks got larger as if the creature were getting bigger, possibly a giant class creature.

We had a random encounter. out of almost nowhere, a very large wolf. I mean GIGANTIC appeared out of the snow in front of us. Maximus only came up to the first joint in his front leg. Maximus locks eyes with him to send the message that we are predators and not prey. The creature circles us a bit and stars at Fenris and then leaves. Aftwards, Fenris seems shaken. he mentioned that he had been thinking about his namesake, The Fenris Wolf from his pantheon and wondered if he were truly real. And then the Fenris Wolf shows up! He thinks we must be careful what we think about and believe in this place because it seems to have some affect.

Eventually we start catching up to the large creature. and it is similar to a satyr the size of a fire giant. he is mostly naked below the waste and is obviously male. He has large chains woven into his hair and a large sack thrown over his shoulder and we can hear the muffles cries of children from within.

We decide parley instead of fight. We ask the Krampus to let the children go as they are not nordic. The Krampus says that they must work in the mines for their punishment for being bad. It won’t kill them. After they learn their lesson, he will let them go. We explain that he has non-norse worshipping children and they aren’t as touch and won’t survive. He ignores us. We engage. The Krampus summons harpies to help him. But they were larger than normal and much more intelligent. We remembered that most creatures in the Argardian related planes are tougher and bigger than normal and we deduce that we are somehow close to that plane. We decided the goal is to get the kids, not to fight the Krampus so while Maximus and other engage him, the thieves try to get the bag. The Krampus’s uses his hair chains to enntangle Samshee when she approaches him from behind. Anatoli cuts Samshee loose with CodexKiller but she is still engangled. Krampus also exhibits other abilities that seem to indicate that
he is a power of some sort and not something we can just kill. While engaging him we talk and he gives us info stating that his master must tell him to stop and he is just doing what his master says. He says his master is Wotan and that he and Wotan were asleep. But somehow they were awakened and that is why he is snatching kids again. We decide to go and talk to Wotan. Samshee makes sure she takes the length of Krampus chain with her.

Since Wotan is a Norse we go to the World Serpent Inn to get some info on where he is. After talking to Hilda, she tell us how to locate Wotan’s Lodge. We go there and talk to him. He insists that lots of sleeping gods are awake now. Ant that he CAN’T stop the Krampus. the Krampus can only be stopped when the Klaus shows up signifying the end of their punishment. Wotan refuses to really help us further but complains that he was sleeping well and now has an
itch that must be scratched. He tells us to go talk to his Son, Odin now. Odin is the all father and only he can summon the Klaus. Wotan also warns us that other sleeping gods are shrugging away their slumbers but that all of them would rather be asleep.

We head to Big O’s place back at the World Serpent Inn. Odin doesn’t seem too happy about us telling him that Wotan is back and he seems even less interested in helping us with the Kringle. He finally gives us a scroll and says to take that his son and have him read it and everything will ok. We then go locate Thor. Who is in the middle of a serious drinking binge. Through some fast talking, Anatoli is able to get Thor to read the scroll. which summons a Santa hat. Basically the scroll says that whoever reads it must put on the hat and become the Kringle. Thor resists. And finally after exerting all his energy to resists, Thor reaches for his hammer. At that point, Anatoli grabs the hat and slaps it on Thor’s head. A transformation happens and the new figure is a much older, slightly chubby, and much more cheerful representation called Klaus. Klaus has a sword on his back. He looks at Thor’s hammer and then tosses it into the Lost and Found and then makes a comment about it being good to be back after so long and that there was much work to do. He then leaves. Within another week, the kids all show back up safe and sound. We are rewarded by Astrid and all is well.

Be careful what you ask for.

Maximus returned from his personal errands. He comes looking for Aldebaron to help answer some questions about some missing spells of his. After doing some digging, Aldebaron discovers that a number of spells no longer seem to exist in addition to the _Wish_level magics for magic-users and illusionists. The full list is:

Magic User
1st: Unseen Servant, Shield, Tenser’s Floating Disc, Armor, Taunt
2nd: Zephyr, Rope Trick, Deeppockets, Magic Mouth, Forget
3rd: Blink, Windwall, Phantasmal Force, Material
4th: Dimension Door, Hallucinatory Terrain, Massmorph, Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer, Wizard Eye
5th: Animate Dead, Contact other Plane, Distance distortion, Fabricate, Leomunds Secret Chest, Rock to Mud
6th: Water to Dust, AntiMagic Shell, Geas, Legend Lore, Reincarnate, Stone to Flesh
7th: Limited Wish, Statue, Simulacrum, Phase Door, Mass Invisibility, Duo Dimension
8th: Clone, Trap the Soul, Sink, Permanency, Mind Blank
9th: Wish, Astral Spell, Imprisonment, Succor, Gate

All Bigby’s Spells as well. Doesn’t appear to affect all of any other “named” spells.

1st: Gaze Reflection, Spook, Light
2nd: Whispering Wind, Misdirectin, Hypnotic Pattern
3rd: Delude, Non-detection, Continual Light
4th: Emotion, confusion, phantasmal killer
5th: Tempus Fugit, Summon Shadow, Magic Mirror
6th Phantasmagoria, Mislead, Conjure Animals
7th: Astral Spell, Weird, 1st Level Magic-Use Spells

There was no easy connection between all of them but they seemed to cross divination, resurrection, reincarnation and communication. But it wasn’t consistent across MagicUsers and Illusionists.

While we are investigating the missing spells, Angela, the person that manages the orphanage in New Critwall comes and notifies Maximus (and us) that something really crazy is going on in the Lands of Iuz. There are reports that a large physical gate (that might also be magical) has appeared in the capital city of Dorakaa. Hundreds of humanoid golems have come through and are decimating the city. The golems look familiar to us as they are identical to the ones that the doppleganger to Jet sent in a while ago. These dopplegangers were full of evil squirrels but so far the golemns that have been reported have not seemed to disgorge them. Reports say that the center of Dorakaa has fallen including the physical buildings as well. Anatoli uses the Eye of Thera to scry one of the clerks in Dorakaa that he remembers from the time we rescued Angela’s daughter from there. He confirms via scying that City Hall has been razed to the ground and all individuals inside appear to have been slain.

Other information also makes its way to us. Apparently the 8 tribes of Orcs in the Pomarj have voted Turrosh Mak to be the War Leader for a great assault on the surrounding lands.

At this point, Maximus calls “shenanigans” and says that this can’t possibly be true. Its just not possible. Orcs are Chaotic Evil, not Lawful evil. The world may be screwed up magically but there is no way that all the Orcs would change since they aren’t inherently magical in that way. Anatoli suggests that perhaps we never left Al’s head.

As we began to discuss this in earnest, one of Al’s highest level simulacrums came in and acted oddly and then collapsed and turned into a pile of snow and slush. That was odd enough and then apparently, it happened again. And again and again, the exact simulacrum did the exact same movements and the exact same motions. After doing this 5 times, it stopped. This further made us indicate that the world we were in wasn’t real.

At this point, Maximus put forth the concept that the reason we are trapped in Al’s brain is that it’s the only place that he can completely control everything and be able to cast 9th level spells. Maximus posits that if Al accepts his limitatins and that there is nothing special about him that should allow him to cast 9th level spells if no other elf can do it then they will be released. It takes a while but eventually all accepts that at least the current scenario won’t work but never quite accepts that he is just another elf like all the others. Apparently this was enough to get us out of the Ego World and back into reality. Mini, the psychic warrior that had brought Maximus into the Ego World then proceeded to remove a psyhic spike from Al’s brain. She said it was the psychic remnant of a powerful Psionic entity and was most likely what was interfering with the original surgery. The scarring that it left makes it extremely unsafe to do any more psionic surgery on Al and they are lucky to have escaped as it is.

Al still cannot cast 9th level spells. However, he has discovered that the Staff of MetaMagic that we retrieved from the Elven Graves Adventure can let him cast 9th level spells as 8th level spells at the cost of some charges from the staff of meta magic. All has also determined how to recharge the staff using the gems that were also found with it. its not obvious as yet as to where the energy is coming from.

After this was over, we did some tests to verify that we were indeed outside of Als’ brain. Once we were satisfied we decided to celebrate surviving by going to one of our favoriate bars in Greyhawk: The Crypt.

insert writeup of The Krampus here

Aldebaron's Ego Trip
Everything has a cost

When last we left our intrepid adventurers…

Samshee completed her training with Mama Zuzu to learn the Dance of the Seven Veils. Mama asked her if she would like to learn pole dancing, and Samshee said yes. Samshee has visions of opening a combination strip club, gambling den and brothel. She asked Anatoli for advice on running a business.

Al wanted the additional point of intelligence to be able to cast 9th level spells. He looked into Psychic Surgery at the Guild of the Mind (the psionicists guild). The Guild of the Mind leader asks to join the\ Mage’s Guild in exchange for doing the surgery. The Mage Guild leader(Kiren) says only mages are allowed to join the mage guild. Kiren
offers Al the name of a back alley psychic surgeon, but Al decides not to go that direction.

Anatoli uses Dream to look for a way to help Al gain his ability to cast 9th level spells using food. The next day, a gnome approaches Anatoli to give him a box. Inside the box is a prickly pear and a note in Anatoli’s handwriting. The note says take this to the Guild of the Mind. Jet identifies the prickly pear as native to the area
associated with the goddess Xinye, the psionicist goddess (sister of Xanye, the monk goddess).

Anatoli goes to the Guild of the Mind leader and shakes his hand, with the prickly pear hidden in Anatoli’s gloved hand. The spikes from the pear are poisonous, and the leader collapses. Anatoli asks for his help with Aldebaron, and the leader agrees just as he goes unconscious. Jet casts Neutralize Poison on the guild leader and he

The guild leader identifies the fruit as being from Xinye’s garden. It is sometimes given as a boon for service. He calls it the Philosopher’s Stone for psionicists. Eating it will increase psionic abilities.

Anatoli asks who Xinye’s favorite servant is. The leader directs us to the laundry lady, Ratri. Ratri is a beautiful 60 year old Indian woman. She does not accept the fruit. She offers to wash our clothes. Anatoli, Al, and Samshee get their clothes washed. Ratri says she can’t wash Jet’s clothes (which are druidic vestments).

The guild leader says that Ratri can psychically remove Al’s limitation. However, he will need his comrades to fight the part of his mind that will resist being removed. The guild leader will monitor us. He gives us each a bell, to ring when we wish to leave Al’s mind.

They prepare the prickly pear as a chutney. Each of us get some chutney and get stuck with a spine. Al also gets slammed in the head with Ratri’s laundry stick.

We wake up in Al’s mind in a room that looks like the laundry room in the basement of the Guild of the mind. We look different. Anatoli is 1 foot tall with fairie wings. Samshee is 6 feet tall with laceup boots, guilded armor, and fangs. Jet has a halo, dragon wings, and a flaming tulwar. Tarl is an earth elemental version of a dwarf. Al looks like the high priest Corellon.

We head outside. We see three towers, 1 huge (id), 1 tall (super ego) and 1 more normal (ego).

Anatoli casts Faerie Protection. Al casts Teleport No Error to go to his research laboratory. All of us (except Anatoli) end up in a Force Cage in that room. Al uses his ring to absorb the Force Cage, which does release us. The six Aldeberon Simulacrum ignore us and continue working.

We look for Al’s 9th level spellbook. It is on a shelf too high for Al to reach. Samshee pulls it down for him. The chained Codex of the Infinite Planes rattles in the corner but stays chained.

We hear knocking. Al opens the door and it is Ego-Al. He is angry that we are here. Anatoli and Jet attack the Codex. Ego-Al threatens to break his Staff of the Magi, in a retributive strike. Al casts Stun at Ego-Al. Ego-Al brings up a Prismatic Sphere. Al opens the box that Ratri said to open when he had no choice. Inside is a ring (Al’s wedding ring?). Al takes his own wedding ring off and puts the ring from Ratri’s box on.

Tarl throws his hammer at Ego-Al. Samshee throws a flour dust bomb at Ego-Al, effectively keeping him from seeing us. Anatoli backstabs the Codex with Codex Killer. Jet hits the Codex with her flaming tulwar. The Codex erupts into black tentacles. Al attacks the tentacles, and they dissolve into black goo.

Tarl wades through the Prismatic Sphere, and hits Ego-Al three times. Ego-Al had Frost Shield up, so Tarl is encased in ice. Ego-Al Teleports away (Contingency, perhaps?). The touch of Jet’s flaming tulwar causes the ice on Tarl to shatter.

Al opens his 9th level spell book. A tingle runs through him. He puts the book back on the shelves, but within reach.

Tarl casts an Augury to see if Al can now cast 9th level spells. The answer is Yes. Tarl casts Divination. We learn that in order to get the best outcome, we still need to do something in all three towers, including something additional in the current tower, and repairing something.

Al looks at his newly donned ring. It is a symbol of his devotion to Zagyg.

We head down to the courtyard. On the way, the 6 Simulacrum threaten us, but they back off when Al says he just wants to talk.

In the courtyard, we are confronted by Ego-Al, Superego-Al, and Id-Al. Al points out that they had controlled the book, not the other way around. He shows them the ring of Zagyg. Al says all three of them are needed to become a full mage. Ego-Al tells Al there is always a price and the three (Ego, Superego, and Id) disappear.

The large tower becomes smaller and the more fantastic tower becomes more realistic and crisp.

We return to reality. Al is unconcious. We revive him. Anatoli tries True Sight. Al is covered with black tentacles. Ratri breaks open the seed of the prickly pear and blows the dust across the tentacles. The tentacles disappear.

Anatoli sees the Codex of Infinite Planes under Al’s bed. His True Sight tells him that the number of “read” pages is counting down from 7. He waits until the number is 1, and starts to stab the book again. Ratri holds him back until the count reaches 0. Then Anatoli stabs the book. Tentacles erupt. Ratri tells the tentacles to shush, and they
go away.

We go back to Haven to get a good night’s sleep. Al dreams that he wakes up in bed with his Ego, Superego and Id. His Ego reminds him that there is always a price. When he finally wakes up, he heads to the beach and tries to cast a 9th level spell – Shape Change. He is successful.

The black soul of Tsunk, the Mad Monk, and the first reader of the Codex, shows up to warn us that we have gained the attention of interesting people.

Al checks his spellbooks. Three books have a trace of black slime on them. When he checks those books, he sees three spells have been replaced. 9th level Wish has been replaced with Temporal Stasis. 7th level Limited Wish has been replaced by Vanish. 1st level Unseen Servant has been replaced with Jump.

Al goes to the Temple of Corellon in Celene and makes a donation. He also goes to the Shrine of Hana-li in Questor to make a thank offering.

Then we head to the World Serpent Inn. Anatoli pins a Kodagnome picture of himself and the black goo of the destroyed Codex on the shadow box which represented the Codex.

Al uses a Sending spell to send a message to Mitchifer, “The bar has new management. Please come home.”

That night, Jet dreams that a squirrel in her druid’s grove asks her, “Where is the third one? Max was the first. Beyodar was the second. Where is the third?”

In the morning we head to the Loom of Fate room in the World Serpent’s Inn where the Infernal Device was. Al casts Temporal Stasis on the Infernal Device. The device stops working and we stop being able to move. We can talk to each other over the link, but nothing else. After a while the loom starts working again and we start being able to move.

Al scouts out the inside of the Infernal Device using Wizard Eye. He locates the center control area about 130 feet in. Jet goes in. When she gets to the center, Anatoli Shadow Moles her a Delayed Blast Fireball (cast by Aldeberon). Jet drops the DBF and some FireSeeds and heads out at full speed as a hummingbird. Anatoli also sends in 7
barrels of Holy Water.

Jet is not quite out of the device when she is trapped. She goes Ethereal and finds the skeleton of the Infernal Device on the near Ethereal. She tells the group over the link and Tarl Plane Shifts to her. They head for the center of the device on the Ethereal. The DBF goes off, setting off the Fire Seeds and Holy Water. Tarl takes out the skeleton sitting in the center of the device on the Ethereal with his hammer. Jet uses Lightning Strike from her staff to take out the beating heart attached to the sitting skeleton. Type IV demons start showing up.

Jet Plane Shifts herself and Tarl to the Plane of Earth. Then she Summons Rockon (the elemental assigned to her by Stonedar). Rockon arrives just as Type IV demons start to appear. Tarl uses a Dispel to break the connection between our previous location and current location. Rockon takes out the two Type IV demons.

Back in the World Serpent’s Inn, Aldeberon puts a Wall of Stone up to seal off the Loom of Fate room from the rest of the inn.

Jet tells the rest of the group about her dream, and asks the group to\ go with her to collect 20 different sticks from places meaningful to Max and Beodar. (Dyvers, Greyhawk – Jebediah’s house, Celene, Jet’s original grove, Max’s mother’s home, etc.) She wants to make Ogham rune sticks (each rune is associated with a different tree, so she
needs a stick from each of those types of trees). She locates a Celtic diviner, and they work together to create the rune sticks and divining cloth. We focus on the question, “Where should be look for the third incarnation of Max?” We get the answer, New Critwall.

Tarl asks to go first to the graveyard where Beodar was buried. He tries to Speak with Dead with Beodar and gets nothing. He tries to Resurrect Beodar, and gets nothing.

We head to New Critwall. We announce a huge party (free beer, free food – food supplied by Anatoli) at the Adventurers’ Bar to remember our absent comrades. We post the portrait of Max’s mother (Alyssa IronBlade) and Jet wears the dagger which was the symbol of Alyssa’s house. We spend 12 hours telling the stories of Sym and Max and
Beodar. Other people tell their stories as well, include One-eyed Jacks. He said that Beodar taught him that every life matters. Vijay writes down all the stories.

After the party, we are no closer to finding the 3rd incarnation than before. We decide to ask Vijay if he noticed anything.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dragon Bones Part 2
Wherein we clean up a few dangling threads

At the end of "Dem Bones, Samshee had determined where the shipment of stolen Dragon Bone sticks were going to be delivered. Tarl is taking care of the newborn twins which have yet to be named. Samshee is undercover in the Lands of Iuz,
trying to find the source of the tainted weapons. The rest of us leave for the delivery point, which is up the Retensa River, at the boundary of the Horned Society. This area was originally controlled by a lawful evil society that was rumored to worship devils. However, it was overrun by the forces of Iuz in the last war. With Iuz’ defeat, the area seems to be slowly, cautiously starting to recover.

At the delivery point, we find a small dock, at which is moored the pirate ship that Samshee identified to us. It had a manifest that listed the Dragon Bone sticks. Jet (invisible, on an Aldeberon’s Disk, in lizard form) investigates the ship hold. She finds 12 boxes that smell of the Dragon Bone. The pirates cover 8 of the 12 boxes with pitch to make them water proof and presumably odor-proof. The 8 pitched boxes are unloaded, and transferred to some mercs/soldiers guarding a wagon convoy. Anatoli investigates the convoy… 24 well-trained mercs, lead by a captain, Agamemnon. The chuck wagon has a symbol — a painted bear with silver claws.

A young, clean cut guy in new starting adventurer gear and a backpack oversees paying off the pirates and goes off to the convoy. They call him Davros.

Jet asks the rats in the pirate ship to keep an eye of the four chests left behind. She promises to check back with them regularly. She leaves an Aldeberon Coin in a rat hole to make sure that the ship is easily tracked.

Anatoli stays with the chuck wagon. The rest of us follow behind by about an hour. When they set up camp that night, an armorer sets up a table and starts repairing chain mail using a dry welding process. Anatoli casts True Sight. The armorer is an ogre magi in human form. Agamemnon is a 7th level fighter. The armorer is welding the rings together using Dragon Bone ore. Davros is a 9th level mage, without any apparent spell books or magic items, except for a scroll.

Davros tells Agamemnon that the count of the boxes is off. However, the Mistress will handle it.

Jet stakes out the pirate ship in rat form. Four days later, a short woman (approximately 5’5 height") holding a staff and floating in midair attacks the boat. Three lightning bolts handle the main mast, the pirate captain, and part of
the upper deck. Arrows from the crew apparently bounce off. She floats down and looks into the hole in the deck. She targets the four boxes and cast another lightning bolt. It apparently ignites the boxes and the ship is totally destroyed. Jet lays in the water, playing dead along with all the other dead things floating there. The woman flies straight up, chants, and disappears. Jet rejoins the rest of the party.

We follow the wagons to Molag. It is an extremely orderly but repressive society. Maximus has done some scouting in the conquered lands of Iuz since the war and he tells us how to behave. We go in disguised as normal humans in the area. Agamemnon and Davros present papers to some guards and split up. We follow Agamemnon and the wagon of Dragon
Bone. He goes to a light manufacturing area of the city, and stops at a building with an old sign, “Cobblers”. He delivers the boxes to six guards out front. Jet (in dog form) notices that all six guards have the same smell, as if they were the same person. When the door opens, Jet can smell Dragon Bone.

We backtrack to where Davros split off and Jet scent tracks Davros to City Hall, and then to the Mayor’s Office. Jet shape changes to a mouse and makes her way into the office. Davros is reporting to the Mistress, asking for guidance. She tells him to use less greedy humans next time. She says they now have enough of the materials. Apparently Iuz Bane did them a favor by shutting down the pipeline. They will have to seek a new power source, just as New Critwall will have to do.

We decide to leave Molag alone, and head for the World Serpent’s Inn. We walk into a dramatically re-organized Inn, a huge circular room with high beams, reminiscent of Valhalla. There is a circular bar in the center. A lot of adventurers are sitting around. Samshee is there with See-more (Boccob), eating fries and gravy. Some Kelmane show up and charge Samshee. She starts running, and Anatoli casts a Prismatic Wall between Samshee and the kelmane. Jet moves and casts Anti-Animal Shell to be between the khelmane and Samshee. About 4 kelmane go through the wall and disappear. the others managed to stop in time and try to go around. but they cannot penetrate the Anti-animal Shell. The new bartender, a tall woman with white hair, tells the kelmane, “Not in my bar.” One kelmane objects. She blows a puff of air and that kelmane disappears. Another kelmane objects, and the bartender puffs another one away. The remaining kelmane meekly back away and leave.

The bartender comes over to us. She is Strega, the Valkyrie that Maxximus killed and Aldeberon raised back with a potion. She tells us that Struva was dying because she lost her heart. Strega came to the bar and asked how she could save Struva. A woman with a cruel face told her she had to take on a task she would not name. Strega agreed. She started knowing things about the bar, and her hair turned white. Struva was saved, and became a full Valkyrie, but does not know what
Strega did.

Strega says there are new rules. Everyone can see invisible, astral, out of phase and ethereal. No fighting is allowed. Spell casting is difficult. Spells to do harm do not work. Healing is improved. Entry to the Inn is determined by the god who grants it.

Struva comes in. She does not recognize Strega. She was told that Strega made a great sacrifice for her, but she knows nothing more. Struva says she has to go to work now, but she will find Maximus later. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Samshee reports that people’s lives are better now in the Lands of Iuz. Farmers are getting loans and work crews (enslaved kobolds, apparently) but are not allows to leave their farms. They are also getting potions to assist in reclaiming previously unfarmable land. It is unclear if the land was unfarmable due to mundane means such as salt or magical means such as curses. She also reports that Golgotha Mak (Sym’s orcish father) and Turosh Mak (Sym’s orcish half brother) are busy putting together the Orc Empire in the Po Marj. They apparently have the assistance of a third half orc/ half gnoll, who appears to be a cleric wearing the perverted holy symbol of Sym.

We head back to New Critwall to persuade the Mayor to stop using Dragon Bone. Maxximus and Aldeberon paint a vivid picture of the city being eradicated by berserker dragons and he agrees. Next we head to the Bottoms. Jet lends her Aboleth Janitor Harness to Aldeberon’s Simulacrum, and he spends the next week casting “Purify” on everything and everyone to get rid of the stench of burned Dragon Bone.

Jet asks Stonedar about moving the Dragon Bone material back to the plane from which it came. He gives it some thought and tells her that would need the permission/assistance/intervention of the Prince of Elemental Earth. She asks Stonedar to look into that.

We go talk to the dwarf (Waldorf) in charge of engineering to find out how the city was getting power before they started using Dragon Bone It seems there is a magma elemental in a chamber below the city. Every six months, Beodar would create some powder. He would summon an earth elemental to knead some clay, a water elemental to make a slurry, a fire elemental to bake the slurry, and an air elemental to winnow the dust. Jet thinks that creating a substitute will require a mage and a priest. Jet agrees to help Dharma with the twins to give Tarl a break so he can help with the investigation. Tarl eagerly agrees.

First we try whether mundane materials will work, such as powered diamond. That works but flares too hot, too quickly. Next we try a mixture of diamond dust and powdered granite, using the mundane equivalent of Beodar’s process – diamond dust and powdered granite, mixed with rainwater, heated till dry, ground down, and sifted using an air based winnowing process. The resulting mixture works, but the magma elemental shows a pattern of addiction, needing ever greater quantities to get the same effect, and having violent withdrawal when more was not forthcoming.

Next we try the same process with materials retrieved from the appropriate elemental planes by Jet’s elementals. Just a tiny amount of that has an enormous result. Finally we dial it down so that we use just a touch of elemental materials with a whole bunch of mundane materials. It works a little better than Beodar’s original formulation.

Stonedar finally returns. He has secured the agreement/intervention of the Prince of Elemental Earth. The Dragon Bone has been moved to the plane of Earth and a very dense coal has been put in its place.

Maxximus tracks down the Tiger Nomads to try to replace his cheetah fetish. He brings Goodberry Tarts to the tribe and assists in the hunt. He kills two antelope at a great distance. One night, he meets a huge mountain lion (The great cat spirit, perhaps?). She refers to him as a kitten and tells him to thrive. If he needs a rock, then he should go find a rock.

Back in camp, the matriarch of the Tiger Nomads gives him a wooden face of a mountain lion.

A Hero's Quest
There is no such thing as time travel.

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, we were investigating the chest we took from the temple in the drow keep. (We suspected that temple was also a gate to the Demon Web Pits.)

The chest was opened by tracing a sigil. Opened correctly, the chest opened into a 20′ × 20′ room. which appeared to be a temple to the entire drow pantheon. We had no idea there even was a drow pantheon.

We took the box to Al’s wife. She sent us to the Drae Matron Mother. The Matron Mother told us the room was an Augury Chamber. We visited the drow librarian who maintains the Grayhawk Mage’s Guild. He tells us it is a graveyard of dead gods. He identifies Vhaerun (god of thieves), Karath (god of war), and Ellistrae (a.k.a. Aaye, goddess of forgiveness and combat). The librarian suggests we sell the box to a collector. Jet suggests giving it to Blackmane.

We decide to go to the World Serpent’s Inn to leave Blackmane a message. While there, a guy comes running through the bar, chased by other guys with light sabers. The running man reminds us of Max. He tells us to leave immediately. The light saber wielders are from Atlantis.

We leave for Bubble World (aka The Sanctuary that Anatoli created for us), where Maximus has been drinking with determination. The running guy identifies himself as One-Eyed Jax, a former henchman of Max’s. He says we have to stop Max before he touches the Yellow Skull (the cursed artifact from the Temple of Elemental Evil, whose maleficent influence destroyed Max’s whole life). Jax had gone to Atlantis to steal a time machine, to prevent the third incarnation of Max from becoming a demon lord.

Jax tells us that 30 years in the future, he is retired. Max is an insane tyrant, Maximus is Max’s general and most of us are dead. Jax said he got a gem
called “Failsafe” that tells Jax how to get to Atlantis, steal the time machine, and kill Max before picking up the yellow skull.

As a gesture of good faith, Jax tells us how to save Tarl’s wife from dying. As
we weren’t aware that Tarl’s wife was in danger, we go to Tarl’s home. Once there, we discover that Tarls wife, Dharma Coppervein, is very sick, carrying twins (possibly conjoined). We asks Jax for the Failsafe gem. He had swallowed it. He passes it, and it is a very spiky amethyst. We immediately think of the Eye of Boccob.

Anatoli uses True Sight and sees 3 lives in Dharma’s womb, with the sick one strangling the other two with the umbilical cord. Anatoli touches the Failsafe gem. He sees a vision of Max, saying that Jax has to go back in time and prevent Max from touching the Yellow Skull. Jax says that the three components are: 1) The Rose of Celene, a rare flower only grown in the garden of the Queen of Celene 2) Hair from the mushroom men that live deep in the underdark and 3)

We split up to collect the components we need to heal Dharma. Aldeberon and Samshee head to Celene to get roses of the Queen of Celene’s garden. Al goes to House Ilfaren and asks for guidance on asking politely for the rose. Ilfaren’s steward gives advice. He goes to the Queen and pledges his loyalty. The Queen accepts and Al is adopted by House Ilfaren. The High Priest Correllon meets Al on the way out and suggests that there is more to him than Correllon thought. Al,
being Al, asks if the position of Vizier is still open. Al misses his

Anatoli and Maxximus head out to collect the mushrooms (musconoid hair). They get directions from the Rough Riders to a Musconoid camp. The Musconoids have been using crystal chips to defend their homes. Anatoli and Maxximus collect some of the crystal chips. Maxximus offers them some of his own hair in exchange for their hair. They are surprised but agree. (Anatoli also secretly pickpocks some Musconoid hair.)

Jet and Tarl go to Blackmoor to get volcanic glass from inside a volcano. She asks a fire elemental to retrieve it for her. It was very anti-climatics.

Al and Jax work on the potion with the ingredients we all retrieved. Dharma drinks it. She sleeps for 30 minutes and then goes into labor. Two healthy children are delivered. The third apparently dissolved.

We talk to Jax. He does not know why the time machine brought him to us, but he wants to continue going back in time to just before Max entered the Temple of Elemental Evil. Anatoli gives Jax Codex Killer. Then we all go visit Zarya Zavendi of Rel Astra and Lo Rel Tarma, priestess of Boccob and sage of planar travel. Her alethiometer, Anatoli’s alethiometer, and Jax’ time machine (also an alethiometer) have some interaction with each other.

Zarya cast a divinatory spell. Her eyes roll back in her head, and she apologizes to Jax. She presses a button and we (not including Zarya) travel back in time. Jax’ alethiometer start beeping. It seems to be tracking something. We follow the beeps (fast for closer, slower for further away) toward the Temple of Elemental Evil. Jax gives Anatoli the amethyst crystal.

The beeping leads us to Hamlet, a tiny village outside the Temple of Elemental Evil. Jet dons a brown cloak and Samshee uses the hat of disguise to look human. We go to the bar. There’s a ranger with a bottle of wine and his three companions. They are celebrating because Max saved the day. Max singlehandedly defeated the hill giant using a yellow skull of death which granted Poison Touch.

Jet speculates if perhaps we should embed the amethyst in Max’s eye? Perhaps that is how the fragment of the Eye of Boccob got into Max’s eye in the first place? Anatoli holds the amethyst and prays to Boccob for guidance. “What should I do next?” The spiky amethyst shatters into many shards, one of which has a fleck of white. We collect the rest of the shards into a vial.

Samshee disguises herself as a beautiful red-headed elven girl – one of Max’s known weaknesses. Max picks her up in the bar. Samshee takes the drunk Max back to his room. He passes out. Anatoli uses Dream to put the white-flecked shard of amethyst into Max’s eye.

We leave Max’s room by the door, headed for the World Serpent Inn. Mitchifer gives us drinks. Mitch offers lemonade to Anatoli, but Anatoli refuses it. Jax drinks it instead and dies painlessly.

Anatoli shakes the amethyst shards into the Lost and Found box of the bar. He also drops the Atlantean alethiometer into the Lost and Found box. Finally, he uses a communicator that Samshee stole from one of the Atlanteans to summon the Atlanteans ato the bar.

As we leave the bar, we see Boccob headed for the Lost and Found box. We go to Tarl’s to check on them. We bury Jax. We go back to the World Serpent’s Inn to meet Blackmane. She does not want th box herself, but she will pay us to deliver it to Eclavdra. We agree, and do so (with Shadow Mole, I think.)


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