Ground Zero

From nothing, everything

Yet another potential origin of Oerth

In the beginning there was nothing, and it was satisfied. And as the Nothing knew satisfaction, it became. And in becoming, was no longer nothing. And so possibility existed. That is, that nothing could become something. And there was a point where the Nothing, now something, recalled being simply nothing, an ordering and placing of things was mandated. And thus the three were. That is, nothing, possibility and regulation.

The nothing, desiring again to be nothing as it had been, set forth to return all to that state. But, being entropy, and being un-inclined to do, the part of itself that desired such had to separate and become. And as this separation was possible, and was within the limits of regulation, it came to pass. And this force of destruction and decay was called Tharizdun. The nothing rested awaiting the success of its child to return it to its previous state.

Possibility and regulation began to conspire to save themselves from this new force of entropy and thus four more beings sprang to existence in the cosmos, Earth, Air, Fire and Water took to the empty spaces and began to create on their own. Possibility and regulation were sated with their creations and rested.

As the elements came together they left traces of creation. As time passed for them it became less imperative to direct their creations and so they took to longer and longer rest, trusting their projects and plans to their first-born. They chose Oerth as a haven and stronghold.

Born of primal elements, Oerth was barren and cold, ravaged by the very
elements of its creation. Elementals roamed the surface and battled each other incessantly, warring because they hated their opponents. Fire raged against Water, Earth warred against Air.


VernardMartin VernardMartin

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