The Retreat

A home away from home for Ground Zero


The Retreat

Island with a central bay surrounded by high walls of cliffs. On one side of the island an impossibly tall thin mountain raises up (island stretches from the bay to the mountain. A sandy beach along the shores of the bay really is the center.

Along the sandy shore is the center of the island, a low white beach club set among the palms. Little beach cottages dot the shore as guest quarters. Just up the shore 100 yards or so a stone quay runs out into the bay, flanked by a couple dozen buildings which make up the tiny town of Port Royal. A single street of dilapidated shops and bars stretch down to the dock. (The club and port are general parts of the island; the “Common Area”)

Within the bay, a single large stone outcrop rises 150 feet above the bay, covered with jungle on top. Island stretches from beach and jungle up through rolling hills, up to the mountain.

Each of our areas has the “feel” of home, but may not exactly look the same, if that makes sense. This includes

- A representation of Tarl’s Hold
- A form of Silver Mansion and the Druid’s Grove
- Aldeberon’s Castle and Tower
- The Inn from Maximus’ Forest
- Beodar’s Stone Redoubt/Workshop overlooking and guarding the bay


- The Retreat can only be accessed (teleport, phase shift, worm hole, pattern transport, etc) in normal mode by one of us (we’re linked to the Retreat via the patterns near our homes, our participation in the rituals, and hopefully the use of our blood on the stars). All other attempts to shift to this space deflect off randomly somewhere else.
- Ethereal and Astral are likewise guarded
- Basically nobody comes in. Filter is one-way. Those inside the Retreat can depart via normal means.
- In Lock Down mode (mentioned below) even we can only access the Retreat if we have our Badges; Also on Lock Down, only we (with or without badges) can transport out.
- The Badges have one other extra power. Once per month, one of us can use it (only by standing on the patterned spot near our homes) to activate a People Patternizer to transport us (and others in the area) to our personal areas on the Retreat. (This is both an emergency evac to bring our families as well as a way to access it for any non-transport spell casters…aka Maximus).

Lock-Down mode
Simple. Behind the bar in the beach club is a big red button in a glass box, Break In Case of Emergency in large red letters.
Anyone who places a Badge on the button and presses it turns on Lock Down mode. Pressing it again with a badge releases Lock Down. (sometimes the best things are hidden in plain sight….and who can resist a big red button)



Spells/Steps Used

- Learn the spell Mirage Arcane (Il 6th)

- Cast Dream to be lucky in his endeavors that week

- Travel to each of the group’s home locales establishing a Pattern Designated spot (also performing a ceremony to Zagyg at the same time)

- Rock garden at Tarl’s Hold (already have a pattern designated there)
- River bank near the Druid’s Grove
- Courtyard garden attached to Al’s house
- Back keg room of Maximus’ favor tavern (closest he has to a home as far as I can figure)
- Balcony attached to Beodar’s quarters in Celene as cavalier (might require a formal invite to get there…but the dancing naked in the moonlight wouldn’t be nearly as inconspicuous among the elves)
- Lastly, at the site of the old bridge over the Selintan…where the Bridgewreckers obtained their name

- Find a tropical coral atoll where a Ley Line crosses

- Cast Pattern Designate at the atoll, placing one of each token obtained from the group’s locales at the major points in the atol

- Cast Alter Reality #1 to use a wormhole to blow and expand a Prime Material bubble anchored to the associated patterns of Ground Zero’s homes

- Pattern Transports into the bubble

- Wanders the bubble for several days casting Mirage Arcane to create building blocks for each of our areas (with the other tokens brought Pattern Designated from everyones homes to give additional reality per Mirage Arcane)

- Casts Alter Reality #2 and spends the day wandering the island merging the Mirage Arcanes into the Alter Reality

- Holds dedication feast at the Druid’s grove

- Asks Tarl to cast Bless

- Transforms the Pattern items into badges via Major Creation (later turned into tattoos if they wish)

- Requests a drop of blood from each on the badges

- Casts Pattern Designate to link to the pattern of the Retreat

- Casts Alter Reality #3 to put in place the calculations on protections and finalize the badges

- Re-enters the Retreat and Casts Alter Reality #4 to…make things interesting…(this part proprietary GM stuff) (grin)

The Retreat

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