Taball-Lorg, The Staff of Storms


Taball-Lorg, The Staff of Storms
25 charges

This staff has many potent effects. The wielder can choose any one of them each round to activiate.

The item can also become a _mark_of_power whereby it transfers to a tattoo on the Druids hand. It is a move-equivalent action.

The wielder can use the staff to create a charged area centered on the staff up to 240 feet in diameter that mimics the conditions necessary for a Call_Lightning spell to be cast. This occurs even if there is no storms in the area or the staff is underground. If a spell is to be cast then it needs a turn to do this. if invoke_lighting is used from the staff then only 1 round is needed. The charged area will last until you wielder dissipates it. The effect can dispelled as a 16th level casting.

1 charge
At the cost of one charge, the wielder can choose to set up a passively radiating electrical field on their person. This field causes any one touching it with a conductive melee attack weapon to suffer 1d8 + 12 hit points of electrical damage. Multiple hits in one round will cause damage per hit. 1 segment to activate or deactivate. Any electrical based attack not initiated by the wielder that occurs in that area will have a 25% of backfiring and a 75% and striking the staff and grounding.

Grant Protection from Lightning to a single creature This lasts for 8 hours. This is half the strength of a normal Druidic call lightning as if it were cast upon a druid. This means that it will absorb any lightning or electrical attacks up to 72 points.

2 charges
Creates an electrical cage moving with the caster up to 20 feet on a side. Creatures passing through the cage take 6d8 damage with no saving throw. Electrical based attacks passing through the cage are dissapated by the cage and do not pass through.

If the conditions are present for a Call Lightning spell, the wielder can choose to Invoke Lightning. This summons electrical energy stored in the staff rather than from the sky. Bolts are discharged directly from the staff to a target (range and area of effect similar to call lightning spell).

If the staff ever reaches zero charges, it becomes inert and immediately transforms itself into the tatoo on the hand. It returns to normal functioning by either being struck with natural lightning or absorbing Call Lightning spells on one of the four main celebratory events of the Druidic calendar (samhain, etc).


Taball-Lorg, The Staff of Storms

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