Sword of Sym

This heavily enchanted sword was used by Sym to bring balance to the world.

weapon (melee)

+4 longsword
Alignment: True neutral
Any one that grasps the hilt that does not have “neutral” in their alignment must save vs. spell or have their arm stricken numb and be forced to drop the weapon. For those partially neutral wielders, it functions as a +2 sword.

If the wielder is fully True Neutral, then the sword reveals all its abilities. on a successful strike against an opponent, the victim must save vs breath weapon or take damage as if being struck twice. This second strike excludes damage bonuses from strength but includes all other damage increasing enhancements.


Designed specificaly by Sym the Slayer to be a weapon he could use to oppose all extreme alignmnts, the Equalizer served as Sym’s primary weapon for the last half of his adventuring career. He wore it during his final encounter with Iuz and wounded the feared God with it himself. The weapon was thought lost in the following explosion which obliterated Greyhawk Castle’s Tower of Magic.

Sword of Sym

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