Staff of Meta Magic


Maximum of 25 charges

This magical staff allows the wielder to modify the normal magical properties of a spell in flight. These properties are:

Cost of 1 charge:
Extend (duration) as if 5 levels higher
Enlargement (Area of Effect) as if 5 levels higher
Far reach (Range) as if 5 levels higher

Cost of 2 charges:
Silent (component)
Stronger (saving throws) -1 on saving throw
Quicken (casting time) -1 segments casting time

Cost of 3 charges:
Maximize (spell effect). Variable effects are as if 5 levels higher.
Mastery (spell level) Spell is 1 level higher or lower for the caster

The staff can be only be recharged using the 4 gems set in a tetrahedral pattern. Certain types of spells cast into the pattern will be captured and slowly absorbed.


This item was found at the center of the remnant of the infernal engine located in the Garden of Graves.

Staff of Meta Magic

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