Shui Jing Lung

Crystal Golem with a psychic link to Jet


Shui appears as a slim 5’5 Chinese girl wearing flowing robes similar to a monk. She wields a scimitar or a naginata.

Can Shapechange unlimited times a day between 2 primary forms

1) Human
All physical stats of 10. Fights as an 8HD creature. #attacks: 1 or 2. Damage 3D6 or 1D8/1D8
Immunte to charm, mind control, electricity, cold, etc. (c.f. undead)

2) Dragon Ship (with an external view ranging from submarine to blimp to wagon)
Movement: Ground 6", Flying 14", Digging 9", Swimming 12"
#Attack: 3. Damage 1d10/1d10/1d20 plus breath weapons (3xday. Damage = 5 structural points or 25 HP)


Beneath the dwarven mining city of Bloodhaven (founded by Tarl), lies an ancient derro city, inhabited now only by undead. When we investigated it, we found a crystal house, which responded to Jet’s psionic query.

The house was called Crystalos. She asked us to find her missing derro master, a crystal savant magic user named Ulathor. Ulathor had been missing for many (50?) years. Crystalos drained spell energy from our party to teleport us to Ulathor’s last known location.

We located Ulathor, who had been a slave in an illithid military camp. The illithids were apparently engaged in a war with the drow over mining rights. After a blitzkrieg attack, we freed the slaves and left with Ulathor and his derro friends.

After clearing the city of undead, killing the derro responsible, and destroying the items he had used to create the undead, we decide to leave. Ulathor decides to leave with us. He orders the house to disintegrate, and gives Jet a piece of the crystal.

Jet thinks that the house was probably a spell jammer helm. Remembering Aramath’s experience with the Silver Swan, Jet commands the crystal to reintegrate. When the crystal asks for a form, Jet envisions a crystal Chinese earth dragon. She had just summoned one that day (Soo Li) when she had summoned an earth elemental to help Ground Zero find a way into the derro city.

Jet names the crystal dragon Shui Jing Lung. Shui has a crystal dragon form and a Chinese girl form. After sparring, Jet learns that both forms are very tough.

Shui Jing Lung

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