Rod of the Magister

This slender rod hosts potent magics as well as being a deadly weapon


This highly magical rod boasts several magical abilities as well as being a potent melee weapon.

When held in the wielders main hand, it does damage as a jo stick. Expending a charge makes it a magic weapon of that bonus (at 3 charges it is a +3 weapon) for that round of combat. No more than 3 charges can be used for this function in one round.

Held in the off-hand it acts as a +2 shield, no charges are expended for this.

The Rod contains 50 charges and is recharged based on the number of elves in the area. In Celene it is always charged, in the Sea of Dust, it charges very slowly.

It has the following magical abilities, each costing 1 charge:

Strike – Magic Missile as per wand. ( 2 missles per charge. Max of 3 charges in one round)
Smite – Flame Strike as per spell (6D6 Damage)
Defend – Mirror Image as per spell at 12th level usage
Dispel – Dispel Magic as per spell at 12th level usage


This is a slender rod that is approximately 3 feet long. It is made of wood, steel and silver with delicate engravings of flowers and trees along its length. the top is a simple rounded oval resembling a gem but made of purest silver. Despite its small size, its an effective weapon when wielded.

The rod is named “Ilfariel” which means “Beloved of Ilfaren”. Ilfaren is one of the noble houses in Celene. This rod belonged to the Othlien, youngest son of House Ilfaren. He died while performing a task for the Royal Family. He was an adventurer as well. His classes were Fighter/MagicUser. however he refused to use bladed weapons out of respect for his mother who was a priest
of Correlon.

Othlien rarely had the patience for spell research so spent a lot of time thinking of ways to use existing spells to accomplish his tasks.

Rod of the Magister

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