Ring of Force Walls

creates walls of force and force sculptures


A “simple” ring of 25 charges. Using 1 charge the wearer can create a wall of force. Using 2 the wearer can create a Force Sculpture. Both as per the spell. The wearer can also dispel them at anytime. To activate the ring make a fist, point it in the direction you want the wall to form and for the wall the command phrase is “In brightest day” followed by either “wall” or “dome”. To activate the force sculpture the phrase is “In darkest night” and then you describe what you want.


Creating the Ring:
Take a platinum ring and place it in a crystal bowl. Cover the ring in diamond dust. Then place the bowl inside of a crystal box, sprinkle the box with diamond dust. Let sit until Enchant an Item informs item is ready. Cast a Wall of Force on one side of the room. The cast Force Sculpture, shaping it into a wheeled vehicle with a holder out front for the box. Run the vehicle into the wall of force, smashing all of the crystal. Using bare hands, sift through the shards for the ring. Cast Wall of Force and Force Sculpture until they have been cast 25 times each. Place in a new crystal box and let sit overnight.

Ring of Force Walls

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