Psychic Scroll


While sitting around watching too much Dr. Who, and since Al is helping Anatoli thought of an interesting idea for Al and would need Anatoli’s help to create: A Psychic Scroll. It’s like psychic paper from Dr. Who in that it shows the viewer what they need to see when we present “credentials” Being high level is one thing but it doesn’t make you the Emperor of Tusmit or necessarily get you an audience. Something for Al to have fun with every once in a while.

Basically, high grade velum is attached to fine leather, that’s been reinforced with dissolved dragon jelly for reinforcement and durability. The ink is made from a combo of giant squid and mind flayer blood. Do we have some Nystal’s Pigments floating around? Might be worth putting a couple of drops of that in the ink mixture as well. Using Enchant an Item we’d cast Suggestion (I tell them why I’m presenting the “credentials”), ESP (so the scroll will get key info like names, dates, locations, etc relevant to the ruse since that will be foremost on their mind), and Programmed Illusion from Anatoli which binds it all together and create what the person needs to see. I also plan to add Eyebite (charm) since it’s a high level spell to make the person feel disposed to helping me, and Geas which, while being held, will help force the person to see what they need to see to make the documents plausible to them and no matter what always forces them to hand it back to me intact and undamaged. I originally thought about Limited Wish or Alter Reality for that but when I reread Geas I figured that would be more than enough.

Some other thoughts. It wouldn’t work on non-intelligent creatures, deities, or creatures with an int above Al’s (>21), magic resistance still applies (16th lvl), and to Al and Anatoli it always appears blank parchment.

Psychic Scroll

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