Cold Obsidian Mace of Tharizdun

This mace made of darkest obsidian radiates cold and can destroy magic with a touch.


The entirely of this mace is constructed from obsidian yet is extremely sturdy. It does damage as a Footman’s Mace and has no pluses on combat rolls to hit or damage. However, it appears that contact with the mace will often disrupt any magics present on items that they come in contact with.


Therzidun was imprisoned ages ago by a coalition of deities to prevent the destruction of existence itself. Even while he sleeps he is still feared. He is the God of Eternal Darkness, Decay, Entropy, Malign Knowledge, Insanity and Cold.

Maximus thought nothing of this when he picked up two Obsidian maces in a Temple of Therzidun. To the Ranger, a mace is a mace and he was in need of a weapon for bashing. You never know when a blunt weapon will be useful.

Lo and Behold, that day came when GroundZero was fighting an enemy that drew power from a stone obelisk. Maximus attacked the tower and discovered that the Cold Obsidian interrupted the flow of the magic. The maces proved themselves as extremely useful and GroundZero was victorious.

Very little is known about the Cold Obsidian maces. They are cold to the touch and their magic must be recharged. Maximus is content to use his swords, but when a magic dependent enemy steps up, that’s when the maces come out.

Those who are close to the Ranger realize that he suffers from anger issues. Most don’t know that this was a seed planted and cultivated by the Drow when Maximus was a prisoner of war. Maximus has been known to rage while in combat (similar to a barbarian). He doesn’t gain any bonuses for his rage, but he becomes a ruthless combatant and will only stop when his enemy is destroyed. While fighting with the maces, our hero discovered that the angrier he got, the more effective the maces became at disrupting magic. If he pumped enough anger into his attack, the maces acted a full Rods of Cancellation. Suddenly his anger had a voice.

Events in recent adventures have led Maximus to investigate the maces and their attachment to Therzidun, if any…

Cold Obsidian Mace of Tharizdun

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