Defenders of the Realm

Paired staff and longsword dedicated to protection the lands of Geoff

weapon (melee)

All abilities are at 15th level.

The Sword of the Realm (Nova) is Chaotics Good in alignment, made of mithril, and has the following abilities when grasped, usable 3/day

  1. Detect Enemy
  2. Detect Secret Doors
  3. Detect Metal
  4. Shocking Weapon (15th level)

It has a special purpose. Once per day it can Defeat Evil. upon a successful strike, it will do 3X damage

The Staff of the Realm (Nebula) is Neutral Good in alignment and was made out of the core of a living ebony tree. It can shrink down to the size of a wand for easy storage. It has 5 buttons on it labeled 0-4. Each represents how many charges are used for the ability. The staff has 25 charges and is rechargeable.
0. Protection from Evil
1. Death’s Door
2. Wyvern Watch
3. Blade Barrier
4. Wall of Stone

The following are combined abilities:
When tapped together and someone says, “In defense of the Realm” a hit-point pool is formed from the current wielders of both items. Hit points are combined and damage taking by either wielder affects the pool, as well as healing. If it goes to zero, both wielders fall. When done, hit points return based on the ratio of hit points contributed.

When both are being used in combat each can create an Aldeberon Disk to ride on.

The combined special ability 1/day, when both are set to +4 hit/damage, both wielders say, “For the Realm!” and attack a single target. To determine the special attack, count only the +4 from the weapons. If they both hit, a disintegrate spell goes off and the target has -4 on the save. If not disintegrated or they hit but don’t activate the special attack, normal damage is calculated.


A sword and staff, enchanted over several months while Aldeberon and his wife Crysannia camped at the intersection of 3 magic leylines. They represent the penultimate achievement of Al and Crysannia. Both are +4 Defenders

Defenders of the Realm

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