Bucknard's Gnomish Pouch



The original pouch created by the Archmage Bucknard’s Sister for him.

For a non-gnome wearer the following is accessible:
Acts as an Everful Purse producing the following each day:

  • 25 sp
  • 25 ep
  • 25 gp
    (175 each per week)

For a gnome wearer, the wearer can access:
4 foot x 4 foot extradminesional storage space
When fed a gem, the bag grants the following:

  • 10 gp Blur
  • 25 gp Ventriloquism
  • 50 gp Invis 10’ Radius
  • 100 gp Vacancy
  • 200 Minor Creation
  • 500 Projected Image
    Smaller gems fed to it are almost like little demon dog treats; Large powerful gems appear to give it “constipation”

For Anatoli, following a quest to save Bucknard, Bucknard opened up access to the following:

  • The bag consists of several (at least 9) partitions
  • One partition contains the items left behind by the Lich Alistat who inhabited the bag a long time ago (when Anatoli fed his soul gem to it). That partition has not been explored.
  • The partitions each appear to be the size of a room (size?). The person organizing the partition can choose to organize it how they wish.

Created from the skin of a demon dog and inhabited by a demonic spirit, Anatoli is still in the process of fully exploring the nature of this bag.

Anatoli obtained this early in his career. He stole it from a ship captain. What he did not know was that the ship captain had been Maximilian Thornblade, who had previously “acquired” it from Bucknard. It seems that it was fated to come to Anatoli.

The bag’s name is “Phydeaux”. The spelling is important as its the name of the demon who’s skin was used to create the bag.

Phydeaux was a lesser demon that existed in the shape of a two headed dog with a snake with a scorpion’s tail. He served a cambion for hundreds of years until that Cambion challenged a demon prince and lost. All of the cambion’s servants were flayed alive, include Phydeaux. Breccia found the flayed skin during one of her excursions with her brother Bucknard and used it to create the first “Bucknard’s Everfull Purse”

The purse has many powers and abilities, most similar to demonic influence.

The purses strings cannot be cut. That is not to say that they are indestructible, just that they cannot be sliced by a sharp object. It would be interested to find out if Codexkiller can cut it (it can by the way). The purse is one simple bag with 4 “side bags”. Each side bag when pulled towards the simple takes over the complete bag and then THAT bag has 4 side walls. Thus you have an infinite number of compartments. Each compartment can be any size up to 20′ × 20′ and can have shelves inside of the bag that cannot be removed. You think the shelves are made of bone but haven’t examined too carefully. When you need money and reach inside, each of the base 4 side pouches have coins in them of the appropriate type. Only the owner of the bag can call forth items from the bag without searching. Anyone else will take (20 – INT) rounds to find anything other than coins in the base 4 side pouches which are generated magically.

The object is technically NOT an extradimensional area. Its the body of a demon that simply obeys different rules than normal bodies. Placing items in the bag will NOT protect them from scrying or prevent their curses or beneficial effects from being applied. It does however move things physically away so that if you put an item in the bag in a 20′ × 20′ area on the bottom shelf, it would be 20 feet away from the caster. So area of effect items can be thwarted in this way.

Bucknard's Gnomish Pouch

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