Archer's Buckler

Quick deployment shield for archers


Buckler of Archery
Usable: Any class capable of using a bow (including crossbow)

In Acheron, archers are a very important part of any fighting force. However, a dedicated force of archers is hard to maintain and even worse, easily wiped out if you can manage to get enough of the right forces in their midst. As such, the archers of this plain have adapted their gear to better allow them to be both competent archers as well as competent melee opponents.

The buckler of archery is similar to the forearm bracer guards traditionally worn by small archers however, it is sturdier and has metal plates on top of the supple leather underside. Despite its construction, the item is virtually weightless and does not impede upon on archers ability to hold either his bow. Traditionally the bracer is worn on the arm that the archer holds his bow. When it is donned in such a manner, its dweomer is revealed.

Any bow which the archer carries can be willed to “fold” itself up until it it appears to be a bundle of wooden dowels. The dowels resemble a pan flute to some extent. In addition, the bow is treated as if it were made of hard metal regardless of its physical material construction if it is made of less resistant components.

When the bow is “folded”, it is nearly weightless. Most archers choose to have specially made side pouches either attached to their quivers or attached to their thighs where the bow can be stored.

Addtionally, after six months of usage, the wearer is able to shrink the bow smaller and smaller. Initially a long bow folds down to a size of 12" long dowels. The length reduces by one inche each month worn to a mininum size of six inches. The width is consisten at 3 inches no matter how the length.

Finally, the buckler gives a bonus of 1 to the wearers armor class as long as physical armor is worn (i.e. leather, chain or plate vs. just bracers and/or rings).


Archer's Buckler

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