Warnes Starcoat

Current leader of the Circle of Eight, Warnes is a noted archmage and long term strategist


high level mage.


Warnes is a midle-aged man with pale skin, gray eyes, graying blond hair worn long with a bald spot and a short, neatly trimmed beard. he is tall, lean and wiry. His presence is commanding and he is a skilled speaker with a melodious voice. He is deaf in his left ear; without magical assitance, he tends to tilt his head to the right. He favors gray and purple clothing with magical belts for casual and official dress. He wears a broad-rimmed hat when out of doors, but he goes bareheaded indoors.

Warnes solves most problems quickly, but he delegates the actual labor to others. He doesn’t lose his temper, but he ignores those he does not respect, preferring to deal only with experienced, intelligent people. His peers find him touchy and suspicious, but a worthy ally.

Warnes Starcoat

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