Uncle Rasputin Bridgewrecker

Artificier and overall all round Mad Scientist


Cousin to Anatoli Bridgewrecker

Uncle (as he is called) had disappeared long, long ago. Little did anyone know that he was being held as a henchman by Lyzandred the Mad. Ground Zero ran across him during the Star Cairn explorations and set him free.

Since then he has returned to Grossettgrottel working in a lab which Anatoli set up for him. There he has created all kinds of interesting items and is very much the mad scientist.

Ground Zero not too long ago also discovered that Uncle had been corrupted with Stario’s by Hexxus, who was using him to create all kinds of devices. The team cleansed him as well as most of the lab of these devices. Since then he has gone back to much more of his NORMAL crazy ways.

Uncle Rasputin Bridgewrecker

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