revived from her sister's tomb, this cleric of the long forgotten elemental gods of earth and water swears reveng against Aldeberon Orion


13th level Cleric
Female, Human
Neutral Evil
HP: 61
AC: -1 (-5)
MV: 9
#Att: 1(2)

Str 14
int 11
Wis 15
Dex 12
Con 14
Chr 10
Com 12

+3 chainmail
Rod of Flailing
Ring of Earth and Water Command (20 charges)
ring of Shocking Grasph
Pearl of Wisdom
Scroll of Protection from Elementals
Oil of Impact (3 applications)
Helm of True Sight
potions of : speed, extra-healing, fire resistance

Traditional spell memoriziation
1st(6): CLWx3, fear, command, bless
2nd(6): Strength, aid, chant, silence 15’ rad, withdraw, hold person
3rd(6): Lightning Rod, Dispel Magic X2, Paralyze, Curse, Prayer
4th(4): Stoneskin, Spike Stones, Spell Immunity, CSW
5th(2): CCW, Ingot Storm
6th(2): Flesh to Stone, Stony


Tzilla was revived from her sleep in the tomb of her sister, Tzilla, the last of the Mud Sorcerors. She harbored undying hatred towards Aldeberon Orion for slights made against her and her sister during that adventurer.

Tzilla was a member of the The Fearmasters and died in their last encounter against Ground Zero (aka the The Iuzbane )


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