Turrosh Mak

Half Brother to Sym the Slayer, this powerful half-orc has united the orcs under one banner


High Level Fighter. Adeptly proficient with battle axe, broad sword, spear and shield. Known to have exceptional strength and possibly giant class strength. Wears hide armor and hard leather boots. Occasionally uses a large shield that is crusted with the jawbones of various humanoid creatures. He claims that the shield is his trophy case of the enemies that he has personally slain.


This exceptionally charismatic half-orc is also half-hill giant, thus accounting for his massive size compared to omost half-orcs. He stands a full 6 foot 6 inches with a broad and powerful body to go with the height. Turrosh has fully embraced his orcish heritage and is a devote followed of Gruumsh. He opposes everything that Sy’m stood for in that he thinks humans are weak and unreasonable. Turrosh did respect Sym’s attempts to retake the Shield lands and in a simliar mind, TUrrosh seeks to establish the Pomarj once and for all as a homeland for Orcs. He believes the only way to do this is to unite the orcs and wage war against the other demi-humans and humans.

Turrosh Mak

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