Former member of the Circle of Eight, Tenser the archmage fights for justice and order in the Flanaess


Tenser the Archmage
Human Male
21st level Magic-User

Size Medium 5’10"

Alignment: Lawful Good


Tenser is a medium-sized man, with brown hair and prominent nose. He is polite, quick-witted, and outgoing. He enjoys socializing when not on an adventure. He believes in the cause of Law and Good. To the point where he will enforce his will on others. To the others, he is something of an alarmist, always decrying the threat of evil in this quarter or that. Fond of using charm-type spells like geas to force others to take quests. Tenser also likes divination and combative spells. He rarely uses necromancy. Tenser is known to be proficient in dagger and quarterstaff.

Tenser is 60 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall and about 160 pounds. He is in good health but not muscular. His once dark-brown hair is streaked gray; he has dark-brown eyes and a prominent aquiline nose. Tenser loves the color blue and always wears it. Even his possessions and his castle are blue. His robes always have the design of a thin scimitar, as this is part of his coat of arms.

Tenser does not discuss his origins, but he seems to have been born in 525 CY, probably in the city of Fax. In his adventurous youth, he traveled the Flanaess and beyond and met Mordenkainen, Riggby, Merlynd (now the quasi-deity Murlynd), Robilar, Bigby, and other now-famous personages. In the course of one of these adventures, he earned Iuz’ enmity.

Just before the Greyhawk Wars, Tenser and the rest of the Circle of Eight were all slain, but all were restored to life by “clone” spells.

Tenser is on good terms with Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight, though he often disagrees with them on matters of policy and he is frustrated with their caution when acting against evil. Tenser has many allies that include court contacts in Furyondy, the Urnst states and Nyrond; ranger and clerics; demihuman communities and noble houses; so-called monsters such as firbolg, centaurs, sirines, nixies, werebears, bronies, sprites and galeb duhr. The contacts in his intelligence network can soon be reassembled.

Outgoing, generally polite and witty, Tenser is a passionate advocate of law and goodness, demanding that individual desires be abrogated to the greater common good of civilization in the Flanaess — even to the extent of occasionally infringing on individual rights. He may magically force others to do his bidding if he feels the cause is important. His passion can be seen as bullying and even dangerous by potential allies, but his devotion to lawful-good principles endears him to his followers.


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