Taki Matumoto


Taki Matsumoto was the great druid of the Flaness for many years. He trained the druidess Jet during her rise to power. He was defeated by her in a “Trival by Vision Quest” of his own choosing. It is believed that he intentionally stayed great druid and did not rise to protect the Flaness.

Str 10
Int 15
Wis 19
Dex 12
Con 14
Chr 18
Com 12

Taki Matsumotu was one of seven adventurers from the lands of Kara-Tur. Together, they were called “Shizo Zen Kaki” which translates to “guardians of the middle kingdom”. They were essentially the Citadel of Eight for Kara-Tur.

They were active in the “Rising Sun” octant of Oerth.


the members of the “guardians of the middle kingdom”. the other six members were:
6) The Dragon Queen (Azumi Shaonami)

Taki came to the lands of Greyhawk and settled here to escape his past. He was forced to slay many of his companions who had strayed from the path of balance to become power hungry

Taki Matumoto

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