Tahlia Terrorkin

Pintsize Warrior who loves to tinker!


Physical Stats:

Strength 18/50
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 17
Charism 13
Comeliness 13

Tahlia is known to be proficient in morningstar, spear, mace, short sword, dagger, and

Common Gear:
Bracers of Defense AC3
+5 leather armor
ring of Protection +3
Girdle of Many Pouches
light crossbow of speed
6 +3 bolts
12 +2 bolts
+3 dagger
2 applications of Keoghtom’s ointment
scrolls of protection from: paralyzation and undead
brooch of shielding (25 charges left)


Tahlia carries a specially commissioned Rod of Lordly Might. It has all the functions of
the normal device and also gives a +2 to all morale checks to anyone fighting with her
that is in within eyesight. This ability only functions within the lands of Urnst.

Tahlia displays an unusualy high skill in tinkered items and has several which are always
amongst her gear:

Flask Flinger: This small device resembles a hand crossbow. It can launch a potion flask
up to 30 feet. It uses a small spring mechanims which must be wound to get the proper
tension and therefore determine how far to launch the flask. It takes a full round to
properly judge the weight of the flask and the tension of the spring if you want to do
things like arch flasks over walls and such. In these cases, it can only be fired once
every other round like a heavy crossbow. Otherise, However, it can fire once every round.
Occaisonally the device will jam. When this occurs it sometimes breaks the flask.

Flinger Box: This small 4 inch by 4 inch by 6 inch box can be filled with small objects
and it will scatter them in an area up to 10 feet by 10 feet by 12 feet high. It has a
timer as well and can be set up so as to not do so until up to 5 rounds later or as little
as 1 segment later (6 seconds). Known items that you can put in them are caltrops, oils,
marbles, flasks and a small bag of mirrored paper.


Tahlia has an automaton created by herself and given life via the Three_Pieces_of_Power from HellGate Keep. Gurg seems to be self aware and sentient. He has 8 legs but uses two of the front ones to create grips for Tahli for the occasion in which she uses him as a steed. He has a movement rate of 12" on foot and can produce his own webbing which he can move through at the same speed. others treat the substance as the Magic User Web spell. Gurg eats gems and seems to turn them into some sort of fuel for spawning. Gurg has literally hundreds of small spider like children that respond to Gurg’s mental commands. They also
appear to have different abilities than Gurg. Not all of which seem to have been discovered.


Tahlia Terrorkin is an attractive female gnomish fighter from the southern regions of Urnst. She has blue eyes and blond hair which she wears right above shoulder length, She is much taller than the average gnome, measuring in at almost three feet tall. She is very muscular by still manages to present a feminine physique. She has a charming personality and is quite witty.

Little is known about her life prior to joining Ground Zero other than she gained quite a reputation serving in the army of her homeland during the Greyhawk wars. She appears to have no formal religion but does pay homage to Garl Glittergold like many gnomsih warriors. She prefers leather or magical bracers heavy armors as they restrict her movement. Due to her skill at tinkering she can find/remove traps as a thief of half her level.

Tahlia is married but currently separated from her husband. She is unsure of his location. In her own humorous words, “One day he went out to get tobacco and never returned.” She does not appear to be worried about his disappearance and focuses instead on raising her kids. They are rambunctious like all gnome children but her son Chuck is particularly precocious and difficult to manage. Her other two sons are named Winkin and Blinkin.

After the events in the depths of Castle Greyhawk, Tahlia went on a celebratory bing of
partying in the High Quarter at her new housing. This also included a date with Anatoli
(albeit coerced with a geas from an unknown source). A few week afterwards she took
her children and returned to Urnst.

Tahlia Terrorkin

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