Sym the Slayer

Half-Orc swordsman that fought to reclaim the Shield Lands


15th level Fighter
HP: 131
Alignment: True Neutral
#Attacks: 5/2
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 200 lbs

Str 18/75
Int 13
Wis 14
Dex 17
Con 20
Chr 14
Com 8

Double specialized in Longsword,
Weapn Proficiencies: Long sword (double specialized), short sword, dagger, club, mace, short bow

+4 chain mail
+3 Shield
+3 longsword, “The Equalizer”, +4 vs Extreme Alignments plus save vs breath weapon or take double blade damage
+3 club
+1 short bow
Minor Quivor of Holding (can hold 100 arrows)
24 arrows, armor piercing
12 arrows, distance
24 arrows, silver
24 arrows, cold/wrought iron
4 arrows slaing extreme alignments (one of each)
Amulet of Exchange
Figurine of Wonderous power: Onyx Fly

Glasssteeled Dagger (+1 damage due to keen edge)


Born Firasa deVa Sian, S’ym had as hard a life as you can imagine for a half-orc. His mother, a mage, was kidnapped and held prisoner for years by an Orcish warlord. S’ym is the by product of that internment.

S’ym started out life as a Fighter/assassin. His first adventuring group was strongly displeased with his choices and eventually, he felt that he did not have to choose the path of an assassin. Instead he became an expert swordsman with the long sword. He adventured as a member of the Iuzbane and was present at all their most famour conflicts with Iuz including his final fight to the death. Iuz however did have his revenge by using his spittle attack to strike S’ym in the face and withering him to death.

Firasa Deva Sian is an Incredible large-forces combat tactician and swordsman. Has three levels of Assassin that he no longer advances in but is still capable of using. Had a strong dislike for orcs in his youth but has since overcome that hatred. He leads the rebel force army in the Shield Lands near Amundfort and was mostly responsible for the Shield Lands resisting subjugation by the forces of Iuz. He was supported via surreptitious means by the Oligarchy of Greyhawk. Additionally, the head of the Camera Guild in Greyhawk, Eljay, is a long-time friend sent personal monies and equpment via a Malta’s Teleport Pattern.

S’ym is a master chessplayer and extremely intelligent.

S’ym’s best friend and confident used to be Maxximillian Thornblade. After his first reincarnation, Sym partnered with a team lead by Maxx of dubious nature called the Fear Masters. They worked for the forces of Iuz as mercenaries but mainly worked for themselves.

Sym the Slayer

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