Business genius and the brain behind the Roughriders


Cousin to Anatoli Bridgewrecker

Sven and Anatoli while cousins grew up virtually as brothers. However, Sven is as different from Anatoli as possible. Serious and sometimes dour, Sven embodies the stay-in-your-burrow gnomish spirit. A definite homebody.
Still, Sven is exceptional in his own regard. He’s a genius at business. Starting out as the accountant for the Roughriders when Anatoli first formed them, Sven has been the business presence who has grown them into a force across the Flannaess.

Events over the last couple of years have seen Sven, Uncle Rasputin, and the Roughriders corrupted by Hexxus and influence by a Deck of Many Things which Anatoli pulled from. This resulted in an infection of invisible parasites (starios) by Hexxus which took over a large amount of the Roughriders and Sven. Sven started directing research in some very interesting directions, resulting in a gnomish air force, submarine force, and mechanical armor. There was also an enmity placed between Sven and Anatoli as a result of the Deck. Both of these issues were resolved (we believe) via a couple of adventures with the assistance of Ground Zero, cleaning out the parasites and the enmity as part of the Oerth’s Blood arc ( Oerth’s Blood Part 2).

Anatoli has since made it a point to spend more time with Sven. Sven is now officially the co-leader of the guild with Anatoli. Things have since returned much more to normal, but Sven is very busy. He’s still re-ordering things since Anatoli ordered a sale of all guild assets, funding the war on The Master at the Floating City where a huge number of gnomes had been enslaved.


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