Legendary warrior and former member of the Citadel of Eight


Lord Robilar
Marshall of the Bright Lands
Warden of the Brass Hills
20th level Fighter
AC -4
MV 12
hp: 89

Str 18/78
Int 11
Wis 16
Dex 16
Con 18
Chr 16

Magical Items:
metal destrier
blade of black ice
plate armor +3
shield +3
+1 bow
flying carpet
ring of spell turning
ring of invisibility
horn of blasting
girdle of storm giant strength


Robilar began his career as an adventurer, seeking his fortune in the company of such Greyhawk luminaries as Mordenkainen, Bigby, Serten, and from time to time, Rary the Mage. Although his alignment slowly changed from neutral to evil over the years. Robilar remained trustworthy and friendly, if somewhat gruff. In those days it was said that his three greatest loves were adventuring, magic, and information.

Robilar reached the pinnacle of his career when he was named a Lord of Greyhawk, but by this time he had begun to grow weary of his old friends, especially those mages who had formed the Circle of Eight. Feeling that all the others had grown soft and weak as a result of their prestigious positions, Robilar maintained friendly relations only with Rary. When Rary approached him with his scheme for grabbing power, Robilar embraced it wholeheartedly.

Lord Robilar, Rary’s companion and military commander, is a grim, black-haired, saturnine man with a brooding countenance, deep-set eyes, and a short goatee. In battle, he wields the Blade of Black Ice, a sword said to have been forged by Iuz himself. Seemingly made of ice, the blade inflicts 1d10+3 pts of damage as well as acting as a sword +3, frost brand. The bonus against fire-based creatures is therefore +6. With this sword, Robilar suffers no ill effects for wearing his armor in the desert.

Robilar also fights while wearing his girdle of giant strength which gives him an effective strength of 24(+6, +12) in addition to his other bonuses), and allows him to hurl rocks for 1d12 damage.

Robilar spends most of his time leading Rary’s armies against recalcitrant nomads or centaur tricbes. He rides the desert on his enchanted steed, a mechanical destrier created by Rary.

When Robilar’s troops sacked Otiluke’s and Tenser’s citadels, they carried off several of the dead mage’s magical items, including Otiluke’s horn of blasting, which Robilar now carriers.


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