Reginald Crumpucker

Trying to bring Order to the chaos...


Arbiter of the Roughriders

IL 11 / TH 8
Neutral (evil tendencies)
Arbiter, Trap-Maker, and Mathmetician

Reginald is above all a big Fan of the Roughrider ideal. However, his ethos is that he feels that structure must balance the chaos. Secretly his id feels that he is destined to lead the Roughriders to conquer.

Reginald was recently called in to assist Ground Zero while investigating [[Who killed Anatoli Bridgewrecker? | Who killed Anatoli Bridgewrecker?]]. He served quite well, and he likes to note that “He got his man”…albeit with the help of Anatoli possessing him as a Revenant!

Reginald is an accomplished spell caster, one of Anatoli’s brightest pupils. His spells tend to focus on information and manipulation rather than pure illusion. These include:
5th – Maze, Magic Mirror
4th – Emotion, Improved Invis, Rainbow Pattern
3rd – Fear, Paralyzation, Suggestion


Reginald Crumpucker

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