This archmage serves as the director of the Circle of Eight


Mordenkainen is an extremely powerful archmage who appears middle-aged but is much older. He has a shaven head, brown eyes, and a black beard streaked with silver. A brilliant thinker, Mordenkainen feels responsible for the Flanaess and manipulates political and military events to suit his vision of what the Flanaess should be.

Mordenkainen serves as a director for the Circle of Eight. Mordenkainen lives in his Obsidian Citadel in the Yatils, but he also travels disguised as a merchant to learn facts on his own. The Citadel houses Mordenkainens unequalled library which is said to contain spell books of every known spell (except those designed by individual wizards), intelligence reports from across the continent, and a detailed and continually updated history of the Flanaess. Only Bigby and Tenser know of his home’s precise location.


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