Maxximillian B. Thornblade

Stereotypical good-for-nothing rougish scoundrel.


12th level Cleric/ 12 level Magic-User/ 15th level Thief
75 year old Half-Elf. 5’7", 190 lbs.
HP: 66 AC: -9 THACO 14

Physical Stats
Str 9 (19)
Int 16
Wis 18
Dex 19
Con 16
Chr 10
Com 13

Saving Throws
Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic 5
Petrication Polymorph 8
rod, staff, wand 7
breath weapon 11
spell 8

Combat proficiences: broadsword, dagger, dart, shortword
Non-weapons proficiences: swimming, musician (flute)

Bracers of Defense AC 2
Boots of Striding and Springing (-2 to AC when moving)
Ring of Protection 3
Cloak of Protection +2
Bic, Flametongue (disenchanted)
Girdle of Giant Strength, Hill (“Inspiration”)
Darth of homing
Pearl of Wisdom
Dagger of Venom
Wand of Magic Missiles (30 charges)
+3 dagger of throwing
+1 dagger
Broadsword of Wounding
Blessed Bow of Asgard (free proficiency in use and all arrows do one die size higher in damage)
Glasssteeled Dagger (
1 damage due to keen edge)

Custom Magic User spells
1st: Thornbolt
2nd: Shield motes
3rd: uncontrollable sense shock, missle multiplication
4th: maxx’s magic mirror, nevermissing missle, thornwall, spellmotes
5th: thorn golem, mage manacles, rock/paper/scissors
6th: Greater Spellmotes, spectacular spell catch, chaotic energy touch
7th: Free by Chaos

Custopm Cleric Spells
1st: Striking
2nd: Locate holy symbol
5th: Faerie Protection, Faerie Curse
6th: Curse of the Thorny Death, Thornblade



Maxximillian looks like a typical male half-elf: 5’7", slender build, brown hair and brown eyes. He wears his facial hair in a van dyke style trimmed neatly while he allows his normal locks to grow to shoulder length to cover his ears that betray his elven heritage. He sometimes he braids his hair into a single pony tail to keep it out of the way when performing activities where it might interfere. Despite being moderately handsome, his personality comes off as a deceptive and disingenuous which often counteracts any positive impression posed by his good looks.

Maxx is a multi-classed cleric/Magic-user/thief: a rare combination that is usually found only in the followers of the Elven god Erevan Ilesere which Maxx claims as his patron.

Maxximillian is the stereotypical good-for-nothing rougish scoundrel. He specializes in “procuring” gems as he considers them a very efficient way of carrying wealth and one of the few manifestations of wealth that can become more valuable by the application of time and dexterity: both of which he belives he has in abundance.
Maxx is quite possibly the luckiest half-elf in Oerth in that his God has taken a personal interest in him from nearly the day he was born. Maxx’s luck waxes and wanes like the moon but not nearly so predictably. Maxx seems to reinvent himself faily often, sometimes as a noble merchant and other times as a despicable necromancer. Each incarnation is different and yet somehow the core of Maxx is identifiable and strangely likeable although not remotely trustable. Maxx is the epitome of Chaotic Neutral and holds nothing but disdain for most laws, seeing them as simple a method for those in power to rationalize their actions and stay in power.


Maximillian has numerous custom spells of both divine and arcane nature that he has been granted or researched over the years. His magic user spells have a “thorn” motif and use them in their material components. Many of his spells are quite direct in simply causing damage but most of them operate in a defensive mode to provide shields and protection over a long period of time. This suits a thief’s needs as spell casting draws attention. Being able cast a spell earlier and have its effects continue is highly desired. His divine spells tend to focus around the spheres of influence of Erevan: chaos and nature. Maxx also functions as a high priest for various neutral and evil woodland beings although this relationship is tenuous as best and he often finds himself running for his life from his own congregation. Such is the chaotic nature of his life.

Maxx functions as the primary “canary” for GroundZero in that he is often willing to go into highly dangerous situations to neutralize a trap or to investigate some passageway that requires an individual go alone. His ability to cast both arcane and divine spells as well as his natural luck with staying alive serves him well in this capacity.

Maxx is a skilled cartographer. He is usually able to construct a map almost entirely from memory even days after he has visited an area. Even in very low light. Additionally, his keen elven eyesight allows him to notice details that most others would miss. He rarely sells his maps and always includes an incorrect section on them so that if they are stolen he can easily identify them.

Maxx is a horrible hand to hand combatant. His very low strength means that in any battle of strength he is almost certain to be beaten. He makes up for this with an unusual agility and dexterty that is higher than even most pure elves. Maxx is fond of throwing weapons to distract opponent as well as to damage them. Several of his spells further enhance his skill with thrown weapons such that he can actually be more effective throwing weapons rather than using a devce to propel them.
Maxx is much more competent when equipped with weapons. He fights in a strange florentine style with a broadsword in his primary hand and a dagger or short sword in its other.

Maxximillian B. Thornblade

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